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Chapter 2

The date with Alex went well, though he really didn't say much about himself. The man is full of jokes. When he wasn't telling a joke or funny story he asked a lot about me my childhood and my relationship with Jennifer. When I asked about him he changed the subject or gave half answers... what? Was he trying to be mysterious... I don't know maybe.

After the luncheon I went to Jennie' s apartment to spend the rest of the day with her. Couldn't wait to tell her about Alex. I am pretty sure she was excited about it too. Between us... Alex is my first boyfriend, well that is if he is my boyfriend.

When I got to Jennifer's apartment she didn't answer the door. I tried calling her but she didn't pick her phone either. I figured she might be with her annoying boyfriend Jaco Beta so I called him. To my surprise he answered. If he was with her he wouldn't have.

"Hi Jaco." I greeted through the phone.

"Jordan! Your awake?" He asked teasing.

"I wasn't sleeping Jaco, I was doing my school work." I reply in annoyance.

"Jen says you went hibernating and if I am not wrong it is when animals like yourself go to sleep for a really long time."

"It isn't literally hibernating and you know it and did you just call me an animal? You know what, that is not why I've called you. Is Jenniefer with you?"

"Do you think I'd have answered your call if she was here?"

"Well do you know where I can find her?"

"She told me you would be coming out of your hibernation today so she would be home waiting for you."

"Thank Jaco." I hung up the phone and placed it in my pocket.

I moved close to Jennifer's apartment door and stood on tiptoe to reach for a spare key she kept above the door frame. I unlocked the door and went in. I took of my coat because it was quite warm inside. She might not have been gone long or far otherwise the heat would be off.
I went to the kitchen to make some poped corn and took some root beer from the fridge then to the living room to watch a movie.

Half way through the movie the root beer got to me. I went to the bathroom to empty the tank and that is when I saw her.

Well her hand. It was peeping out the the shower curtain. It looked pale with a red line on the wrist and under it, on the white tiles there was a small red puddle. It was really hard for me to get into that bathroom. I could here my heart beat in my ears. My tears felt warm against my cheeks as they started rolling down, my arms were chilly and my feet were weak. I had to force them to go open the curtain to see fully what was going on. In my head I prayed it was not Jennifer. When I got close I noticed the neon nails that matched mine. 'Oh Lord, why is it not that she killed someone?' I thought to myself as I backed away didn't even bother opening the curtains to confirm it was her.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called 911 and reported the matter to the authorities. I don't know which authorities but I did.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. I called my parents to tell them about Jennie's death.

"Mom... is dad with you?" I signed into the phone. I heard her call my father on the other side of the phone.

"We are on loud speaker Hun. What is wrong? You sound stressed."

"Jennifer's dead," I cried, "Could you please be the ones to tell aunt Sam and uncle Bobo."

Aunt Sam and uncle Bobo are Jennifer's parents and they are my parent's next door neighbours. I have known Jennifer all my life.

Before my parents could say anything I hung up. I sat down on the couch with my head facing the ceiling, trying to ignore the lifeless body of my best friend in the other room. I failed miserably. Tears traced down the side of my eyes finding their way to my ears.

I heard two knocks coming from the door despite the salted pools in my ears. It was the help I called for. Two men that dressed in EMT uniform were on the other side of the door. I didn't not understand why they send paramedics when I clearly stated that Jen was dead (or did I not?).
One of them was saying something I couldn't make out. It wasn't because my ear were filled with tears. It was because my brain was too concentrated on digest all of this.

I heard the 'body' and my mind automatically carried me to the bathroom door and pointed at the hand. Paramedics gently pulled me aside. I looked in the direction of the apartment door as two policemen appeared. One was a man was was a woman.
Hmm... police I thought to myself as the police approached with energetic strides, I watched still in my numb state.

"Please don't touch the body yet!" The man in blue yelled standing in the bathroom door frame.

The woman who was walking behind him touched my arm, dragging me back to reality. The second her skin touched mine I let out a gasp (was I not breathing? I don't remember breathing. Do you ever remember breathing?)

She led me to the living room where she sat me on a couch and sat right next to me herself.

"Hi sweetheart, I am officer Harris and I with NYPD," she spoke to me like I was kid (I know I look younger than I actually am but come on lady.) " Could you please tell me your name?"

"Jordan. Jordan Miller."

"Ok Jordan Miller. Could you tell me your friend's name in there?"

"Jennifer Murphy," as I said her name a tear dropped down my cheek, onto my chin and landed on my bodysuite. This all happened as I drifted by to my numb state.

"Jordan, Jordan? Your are going to have to answer my questions sweetheart." I honestly did not hear she was speaking and by Loki's sorcery her partner was sitting next to her (when did he get here?)
I heard clicks coming from the bathroom. I stood up to go investigate, white flashed came out accompanied by the clicking. As I stood in the doorway watched the two paramedics pull Jennifer's corpse out of the red bath.

Click, click

A tall man wearing a long wool-bend coat and black formal pants took pictures of Jennifer's wet nude body with a camera he held with hands covered with blue surgical gloves. Another man stood beside him jotting down something in a note pad in his hands.

"When did these men get here?"

"What do you mean sweetheart? You watched them pass us in the living room."
When did she get here. Just like the two men and her partner, officer Harris came out of no where as if Merlin himself poofed them here. "Let's go back to the living room so you can answer some questions sweetheart." Like the first time, she led me back to the open space living room.

She asked me some question about Jen, who she was, our relationship, her background, my background, how I found her...
"Did your friend have any reason to take her life?"

"Huh," I huffed, " I was just wondering the same thing myself."

"You look tired sweetheart. Do you want to call someone to pick you up?"

"No. I can manage. Good day officers."

On my way out I grabbed my coat and through it on. It was night time already. The chilly fall breeze felt like daggers against my skin. I let my feet carry me to where ever their were taking me. I walked silently under the New York city street light, slowly being consumed by the darkness that grew inside me.
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