Love Shape-thing

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Chapter 3

"So you are really dead?" I asked staring at the waning crescent hanging over the sea water.
"Yeppp." Jennie replied, sitting in the sand near me. "How are you taking it?"
"Like a champ." We both let out low chuckles which broke the second our eyes met.
Both of us looked back at the moon.
"If things were going that good you wouldn't be here."
"I'm here because I knew you would be here. You still haven't updated me since my social hibernation." I said giving her a little side shove with my shoulder and playful smirk on my face.
"You do realize I am just your subconciouse, right?"
"Yepp." Dragging the 'p' like she did before me.

I stood up at the sound of my growling stomach. It was now 11:56 pm and I haven't eaten since lunch. I dusted my behind. I headed to a takeaway food joint Jenni and I usually use after a night spent at this beach.
On this beach Jennie and I have shared a lot of secrets. This was our safe space during the night. If this beach could talk...


I opened the door to my room and hit the lights. I pulled out a plate and placed the fish and chips. Sat on my bed and ate in silence. I was not ready to deal with tomorrow. After eating I placed the dishes in a container and placed a dish clothe over it, I took of my shoes and laid in bed. The darkness of sleep fogged around me sooner than I had expected but it was welcomed.

It is 10:30. It is 10:30...

The electronic feminine voice was coming from my coat that found its way to the floor in the middle of the night. I dug through the coat and mined my phone out of one of the pockets.
By the time I dismissed the alarm it was 10:32 and I had less then an hour and half to do my daily routine and get to class. After my shower I sat on my bed and and disabled the airplane mode.

Immediately the phone in my hand started flicking. It was clearly overwhelmed by the notifications it has been holding back. I laughed at the thought wondering if that would be me once I unleash my emotions. I placed the phone on my pillow and headed for the clothes I had placed on the chair before I went for my shower. After dressing I packed some books and a laptop in my bag, in preparation for professor Mackenzie's lecture. By the time I was done the flickering had stopped. I retrieved the phone from the pillow.

It was better than I expected. Just 56 missed calls (12 from Mom, 8 from Dad, 14 from aunt Sam, 16 from uncle Bobo and to my surprise a whole 6 from Jaco) and 108 text messages.

I got to my lecture hall earlier than usual. Professor Mackenzie was still preparing for our lesson when I walked in.

"Ms. Miller," the short rounded man in front greeted as he fidgeted with the VGA cable, trying to adjust it to eliminate the the green tint on the projection.

"Good morning Professor," I replied, forging a smile on my face.

"I see you are early for my class today Ms. Miller."

"Yes Professor."

"You know I was starting to believe you were incapable of punctuality. I have been teaching you for nearly a year and you have never be on time for my class. What is so special about to day?" The last part he said looking up at me with a defeated expression.

"I had a little chat with Cronus Professor Mackenzie. " I replied with a small smile on my face. "Do you need help with that Professor?"

"Oh yes please. Perhaps it will cooperate with someone from the same century." He let out a laugh.
I moved to his computer and tried adjusting the cable, I tightened the nobs on the projector and on the computer. When it did not work I went to the input signal setting and switched it to auto from component and presto it was okay.

"Astonishing! Who taught you this, Abe no Seimei?" He asked with much fascination in voice.

I let out a little laugh, "No Professor. It was my friend Jennifer. She is a Computer Science major..." the smile on my face faded at the realization, "... was. She was a Computer Science major. " I say in a low voice. I felt some tingling somewhere, either behind my eyes or in my nose.

"Is it that one that carried you out of my class because you came sick? How is she by the way?" He ignorantly asked.
"Dead." I replied coldly, turning around so he wouldn't notice the tear that escaped my left eye. I went to my seat and started unpacking my books. Professor Mackenzie stood on the platform seemingly shocked. Thankfully before he could comment the hall flooded with people.

"Well, well, well. Look who's early for class today?" Another ignorant soul stated, unaware of the tension that surrounded me. It was Jackson. He planted himself at a seat next to me. With a smile drawn on his face he handed me a black book and set his arm over my shoulder. His muscles weighed down on me but I was used to it by now.

"Last week's notes?"


"There're all There?"

"When have I ever let you down? Come on let's listen to the Professor." He said with a smirk on his face, pushing my head to face the front of the hall.

Jackson has been helping me catch up with lessons after my hibernation. Him and I don't have any form of relationship outside the classroom, never mind the exchange we just had. That is just how it is.

I wasn't fully paying attention in class today but I heard the day something about Telemachus. I guess we were learning about the Trojan war. I saw people start standing seemed like class was over.

"Didn't see you take a single note today." Jackson pointed out.

"Yeah. Just feeling a little off today. I have got a lot on my plate." I replied hopping he would leave it like that and thankfully he did.


My stomach was growling so I headed to the cafeteria after class. Soon after I got out the building I felt a strong grip on my arm and a huge figure pushing me. I could not see who it was and I was too surprised to scream. They lead me to the parking lot.

'Oh well Jennie, looks like I will be joining you in the afterlife my friend. Not even death can keep us apart.' I thought to myself.
We stopped near an all black Mercedes-Benz amg gtr. (Oh, it was Jaco) I knew the car was his and his reflection from the car confirmed it.

"Get in." He commanded, unlocking the car. He let go of my arm and I could feel my blood rush to the rest of my hand. How strong was that grip? I was wearing two layers of clothes and a coat.

"What the hell Jaco!" I exclaimed, turning around to face him. He was so close to me. I could feel his breath against my forehead.

"I SAID GET IN!!" The words made me flinch and my heart race, my feet wanted to run but I stood frozen. He reach for the door behind me and opened it, " Get- In." The words sent shivers down the spine and I complied.

Jennifer has mentioned is temper before but this was on another level. I watched him go around the car to the driver's side and anger radiated from him. There was anger in the way he walked, there was anger in the way he breathed and there was anger all over is face.

He swung the car door open, threw himself in and slammed the door in one motion. The sound made me flinch once again in my seat. This time I could not open my eyes. I felt tears run down my cheeks and my hands tremble. Screw him. Screw him! Screw him! I hate him. I hate him for making me feel this way. Is this how he made my friend feel?

I felt him come over me and pulled the seat belt, clicking it on my side. My eyes remained shut, I could not face him, not with all this fear coursing through my veins. The engine roared and he drove away. The action of closing my eyes tricked my brain and I drifted to sleep.

I heard the car door close and that woke me from my nap, only it wasn't a nap... the sun was setting. I could see it from the lake with all its warm hue. The orang and yellow were captured even by the scattered clouds. Where was I? Was I even in New York? How long had I been asleep?

My gaze and my thoughts were cut by my door opening.

"Oh, you're awake. Beautiful isn't it?" He asked with a smile.

"Beautiful? What? Jaco where am I?" I asked, fury imbedded in my words.

"Come on, get out." He said leaning on the car top and open door.

"I should get out? No, you should get in and take me back to where you found me!" I snapped. I immediately noticed darkness in his eyes like that of before. Without hesitation I unbuckled the seat belt and stepped my foot out, waiting for him to move.

Once he moved he reviled a grand glass mansion. My jaws threw open when getting of the car, not taking my eyes of the elegant architecture before me.
"Where am I? " I asked under my breathe

"My family house in Hamptons."

"Huh." That is all I could let out.

Jaco lead me to his room. He said something about nobody being home. I was too taken by the house to actually hear what he was saying. The shutting sound of the door broke my daze and my sense came back to me.

"What the hell Jaco! You can't just take people where ever you want forcefully. This is kidnap!" I hissed at him.

"Well maybe if you told me about Jennifer I wouldn't have to kidnap you," he said "maybe if you picked up your calls I wouldn't have to kidnap you! MAYBE IF YOU ANSWERED YOUR TEXTS I WOULDN'T HAVE TO KIDNAP YOU!"

"Did you consider that I did not want to talk about it... with anyone including you?" I tried to deliver this with confidence and attitude but my emotions betrayed me. Instead I started sobbing lightly, turning away from Jaco. I couldn't let him see that he affected me.

"I'm sorry," I felt his hand rest on my shoulder from behind. The gesture made me twitch 'cause honestly I was still scared. But I let it sink in, he sounded really sincere.

"That was really inconsiderate of me." He said softly, "It must not be easy for you to loose a life long friend... finding her like that." He continued. More tears came flooding from my eyes and the sobbing became louder. "I will go make us some sandwiches. You stomach was growling all the way here." He chuckled. We both smiled at my predicament. "Come on. Let's go."

"No I will stay here. I need to talk with my parents, if that is alright with you?" He left the room without saying anything.

I checked my phone and I saw 27 more missed calls, from my mom, dad, aunt Sam and uncle Bobo. I now had 212 texts. I was still trying to calm down from my crying so I decided to text my parents instead of calling. I didn't need to worry them any further.

I opened the messaging app and my heart stopped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... a text from Jen... it was a voice note. Tears rushed out my eyes. Was this her goodbye? I couldn't bring myself to opening it so instead I opened Alex's.

Dear Ms. Miller

I had I wonderful time with you today. I would love to spend more time with you. Tomorrow night I would love to cook for you at my place.

'Ms. Miller,' I smiled at it. Will he ever let it go? My crying subsided. I was now taking deep breathes to further calm myself. I was about to confirm the dinner when I realised it was meant to be now and I was all the way in Hamptons.

"My mother and sister have arrived. They are downstairs preparing dinner." He handed me a tray with a plate holding two sandwiches and thick mango juice on the side. I guzzled the food like it was nothing. When I was done eating I looked up to find Jaco staring down at me.

I felt blood rushing in my cheek because of yet another embarrassing moment. "What?"

"You were really hungry. If I hadn't come any sooner I would have found majority of my bedroom devoured." He said mockingly.

"Don't judge me. I haven't eaten all day. As a matter of fact this is your fault..." I accused.

"My fault? How do the matters of your stomach concern me?"

"I don't know. Probably because you kidnapped me on my way to lunch and right about now I would be having dinner with Alex." I spit out the words, painting each one with attitude and sass.

"I see how one can blame me but then again, it is not my stomach to worry about. Come on let's go downstairs." The last part he said leaving the room, not giving me the opportunity for a come back (Now do you see why I find him annoying?).

"Jennifer?" a middle aged woman who I can only assume is Jacob's mother called out from the kitchen.

'Jennifer?' How can one mistaken me for Jennifer. We are complete opposites. She is a thin 6 ft coaction girl and I am a curvy 5,5 ft coloured girl. Jennifer had red hair which she mostly keeps straight and mid-back long and I have long black curls. Jen's face is littered with freckles and I have a beauty spot on bottom of my left eye. My point? Even from a distance no one can mistaken me for Jennifer.

"No shunkda~shuntda. This is Jordan." Jaco corrected.

"Yes shunkda~shuntda. Jennifer is dead." A woman who looked a bit older than me stated (Yeah. That too. Jennifer is dead and I am alive).

"Yes udla, meet Jennifer's best friend Jordan." He hissed, making her aware of her mistake.

"Oh, I am sorry about your friend." Ahh. This is why my phone is not available. I could feel a sting somewhere on my face, the tears were coming. Not this time. Instead I let out a smile and an nodded at the girl as to say, thank you.

"Will you be staying for dinner?" The woman asked me.

Before I could even register the question Jaco answered, "Yes."

"I thought the matters of my stomach did not concern you?"

"They don't but mine do." I was not expecting that but then, it is Jaco. "I can't drive you to the city on an empty stomach." He whispered. "This is my mother, Sadzey and my older sister, Ataksak."

"Don't just stand there, come help prepare dinner."

"I think I will entertain our guest instead."

"She can help too."

'Oh boy' I hadn't cooked in almost a year in exception the few times I visited my parents. The big Apple has spoiled me.

"You have really interesting names." I stated while washing my hands.

"Yes they are." Jaco's mother agreed. "They are Inuit. Our family prefers to use our native name."

"Beautiful. To show you are proud of who you are and where you come from?"


"My mom tried that, but her name is too difficult for people here."

"Is she Inuit too?"

"No. She is sotho." I let out a little laugh, "She would kill me if I said she is sotho. She prefer mosotho."

"What is her name? Her native name?"


"Re... Res...Re. Yep. That sure is a difficult name." Ataksak said, sounding defeated.

"So you are from Lesotho?" Sadzey questioned.

"Yes, my mother is from there. How do you know about it? Not many have heard of it."

"I did a lot of traveling in my youth."

Sadzey and Jennie would've gotten along. She loved traveling. We were planning on backpacking after graduation. Guess there is no time like the present.

The thought sculpted a sulk on my face but lucky me. A group of five men walked in the kitchen drawing all the attention to them. By the time they noticed me I had snapped out of it, keeping myself busy with the tomatoes in front of me.

"Jordan, this is Kallik, Kumaglak and Kanaaq." Sadzey introduced, " they are triplets." I assume she stated that due to the semi-confused and surprised look on my face. "This is Pana, their younger brother and Silla, my husband."

"Pleasure meeting you all." I said with a small side smile on my face.

"Pleasure meeting you Jordan." Silla said on behalf of all of them. "We are going to shower before dinner."

When the men left I looked around the room to see if anyone saw what I just did.

"Is it your first time seeing triplets?" Ataksak snickered.

"It's just that it is really cold... and they were shirtless... in mid November."

"They were in the workshop at the back. It's quite warm in the there." Jaco explained.


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