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Chapter 5

"Do you know Sorin Moldoveanue?"

"No. But I do know the surname."

"From Florica Moldoveanue?"


"Who is she to Jennifer Murphy?"

" They are roommates. They were roommate during their first year in college. They became good friends. They couldn't stand their other roommate so they decided to rent and an apartment because the school wouldn't remove them our their roommate."

"Have you spent time with Florica Moldoveanue?"

"Yes. We have movie night's once a week. We sometimes go clubbing together and shopping from time to time."

"How was her relationship with Jennifer Murphy?"

"They were really close. They were both obsessed with vampires, nymphs, werewolves and all that. It didn't help that Florica has Porphyria. Sometimes it felt like I was third wheeling."

"Did they have any disagreement before Jennifer died."

"No big one I knew of. Same old, same old. Dish duty, who takes longer in the bathroom, clothes switches, you know."

"Where was she when you found Jennifer Murphy?"

"She was out of town. Family emergency."

"How about Donald Pierce?"

"Florica's fiance."

"Aren't they too young to get married?"

"Not by law."

"David Cook?"

"Haven't heard of him."

"Henry Hopkins."

"They were classmates."

"Which class?"

"I don't know."

"Jaco Beta."

"Her boyfriend."

"How long have they been dating?"

"I am not sure exactly but it was shortly after she moved to New York nearly two years ago."

"He is in a big wealthy family. They have Inuit roots. He has been learning about the family business after graduating from Business school last year."


He would sure loose that category in a pageant. "Funny, caring, loving and protective." I took a little pause for this one because I didn't know what damage it would do but the mark on my wrist screamed otherwise. "He also... He... He has a temper. I have never seen it before until yesterday and today. Jennifer has mentioned it before but I never saw it."

"Is that how you hurt your wrist." Detective Coleman asked. He must have sèen me eyeing it when I was talking about Jaco's temper. I just simply nodded.
"Would he hurt Jennifer?"

"I don't know. She had similar markings from time to time. She said she acquired them during..." I let the sentence drag. I was to embarrassed to say it.

"Sex?" I nodded my head again. "Thank you for your time Jordan. If we have anything more questions we will contact you. And sorry for your loss." I got up and I was already making my way for the door. "Oh Jordan, if you have anything else please contact officer Harris or me."

That reminded me "Yes Detective Coleman. I got a voice note from Jennifer before she died."

"What did it say?"

"I haven't listen to it. "

"Can we listen know?"

Hey J. I know you're still on your date but I'm so excited. It is about wolves and vampires. Warlocks and witches. Get your ass here before I explode. Bring Alex if you have to. Bye love you.

By the time the recording ended the neck part of my pullover was soaked. "Why would she kill herself if she was so happy."

"Because things aren't always what they seem Jordan. It is either she killed herself because she was not as happy as she seemed to be or she was killed it just seems she did it herself. Please send me the recording when you get the chance."

"Good day detective Coleman."

I left the room and went to the waiting area where I found Alex sitting. He wrapped his around me, pulling my face into his chest. This is where I emptied all my tears for the night. He took me back to my dorm.

"Hi mom, hi dad."

"Hello princess."

"We are good baby. How are you."

"I am good. How have thing been going on there?"

"Your still coming tomorrow right baby?"

"Yes mom. My flight is in the morning."

"What time should we expect you cupcake?"

"I should be in Florida by 11:00."

"Alright hun. See you tomorrow. "

Tonight I didn't sleep as easily as other nights which is actually funny because every Tuesday I sleep like I am getting paid and this Tuesday had more events of its own.

I was too deep in thought for sleep to claim me. This trail of thought started with what Detective Coleman said about 'things aren't always what they seem.' I knew there was suspension that Jen did not commit suicide. This sounded more likely after the recording. Why would she send that saying I should get to her quickly if she was going to kill herself? She sounded awfully cheerful for someone who was ending her life. If something was really bothering her she would have told me. We made a pact to always tell each other everything. That is why my night sobbing had stopped. Why did Jaco say I would be dead without him? Why was he being so clingy and protective all of a sudden? He knows something and I am going to find out. Is he the one that did this, or is he the cause?

It is 04:15. It is 04:15. It is 04:15.

I woke up this early because I had a morning flight I could not miss. Last night was really eventful so I didn't have time to pack. It had to be done this morning. I packed a small back with a few warm clothes, toiletries and make up. In a small pocket I put my airplane, passport and wallet. I went to go get a shower then came back. I checked the bag for my passport, wallet and airplane ticket again to make sure they were there and I took a cab to the airport. Thank Horae I made it in time for check -in.

When I got to Florida I didn't have a hard time finding my parents. We met at a stall where they sell souvenirs stall where my dad bought me an I love Florida cap, for me to hide my embarrassments when my mom let out ululations. We always meet there when I come back no matter my gate.

Orlando. Home at last. When we came to our block tears started rolling of my cheek. This is where J and I grow up together. Most of our memories are on this street. And I was not ready to face aunt Sam and uncle Bobo. I was supposed to come with Jennifer today but here we are.

When my dad pulled up in the drive way I noticed them standing in front of the mansion. I had to be strong. I had to be strong for them.

"Auntie Sam, uncle Bobo!" I yelled out, hopping off the X5. I ran to them like a six year old girl and soon I was wrapped up in their arms.

"Jordan." I heard aunt Sam whisper into my hair. Jennifer got her height from her. She was an Irish model before getting married to uncle Bobo. They met during a photo shoot for what was then uncle Bobo's next book. He is a writer and has his own publishing company.

They lived here in Windermere before my parents, with there one year old daughter, Jennifer. My parents moved her after opening their fifth restaurant, my mom was pregnant with me, Jordan.

"Well, we better get inside before brunch gets called." My mom suggested giving aunt Sam a kiss on her arm (my mom was only 5,3 and I am telling you she had to be on her tiptoe to land that kiss up there).
Aunt Sam and Uncle Bobo broke the hug and we headed to the dinning room.

There was a whole buffet on the table near the right wall. The dining table was set for five.
"Mom you didn't have to do all of this." I said to her looking at all the food.

"Who says I did all of this?"

"Who else can overreact like you especially when it comes to the kitchen?"

"The kid has got you there Maria." Uncle Bobo exposed.

"Shut up Bobo or you will leave this house without having any of the the muslin."

"That's not fair. You can't use your cooking skills against us like that."

I love my life in New York but I also missed this. The house, my parents, Jennie's parents... This was home and it felt good. The only thing missing was Jen.

We grabbed plates from the dining table and had a pick at the food on display. After filling the plates we went back to the table.

"Jen told us you refused to upgrade from your simple in New York." Aunt Sam stated with her faded Irish accent.

"I don't have anything to complain about."

"Doesn't sharing a room bother you?" Uncle Bobo asked.

"I live in a single dorm."

"We have tried to convince her to live a more comfortable life." My dad said.

"Hack, we even tried to tempt her. George and I keep sending her extra money hopping she would use it for an upgrade." My mother explained.

"The girl even refuses to get a mere car. We are not saying it should be like the McLaren you left behind, just something to get you around."

"I remember Jen saying something like that. She says you prefer walking and if you can't you use the subway or cab." Why would Jen tell aunt Sam about the subway.

"Subway? Subway? Rethabile what has gotten into you?"

"It was just once mom." I defended myself.

"One too many if you ask me. George are you hearing this... oh George, you knew about this, you knew and you did not tell me about it?"

"He knew you were going to overreact. I should have known too before telling you."

"When was this?" She asked, completely ignoring uncle Bobo' s comment.

"Her first week in New York." Aunt Sam replied.

"How come I was not invited to the party?"

"Because you were banned at the club for overreacting my love." We all laugh and continued to eat in comfortable silence.

"You know, you weren't always high maintenance like Jennifer?" Aunt Sam broke the silence.

"Who are you calling high maintenance? "

"Spot on mate. That sounded just like my baby girl." We all laughed at it.

"You know Jordan, you should be scared to talk about her. It is okay... I would like to make a toast. To Jordan's safe return home." The room filled with hear hear. "To Jennifer and the time we spent together."

"Hear hear!" We all yelled, clinging our glasses together.

"We are having a memorial service for Jennifer on Saturday. Some of her friend from New York will be coming, including her boyfriend Jaco. Do you know him?" Uncle Bobo asked (Do I know him?! Do I know him?! I have got a bruise on my arm and wrist to answer that question).

"We have met a couple of times."

"Is he a good fella?"

"I guess."

"Do you have a fella of your own Jordan?" The question led my food down the wrong pipe. " Jordan told us about the cafè before your last hibernation."

"What else has that girl said about me?" I hissed.

"She told us you lost your virginity. " my dad stated.

"What? That is not true. Haven't even kissed a guy!"

"Oh thank goodness. I just shot a blank there."

"Dad!?" The old man tricked me!

"She is 20 years old George and turning 21 next week. You better get used to the idea." Aunt Sam taunted.

"Thank you very much for brunch. I am going upstairs for a shower. I will see you all later." I had to escape that brunch before I could melt into a puddle from all the embarrassment.

"You know Jen lost her when..."

"Oh god," I said running out of the room, not wanting to hear the rest of the conversation.

I walked into my room and it looked way bigger than I remember, ten of my dorms could fit in here. Can't lie, I missed the high ceiling. My first weeks of dorm life were suffocating. I stripped out of my clothes and let the cool Orlando wind coming from the open bi-fold doors brush against me. The feeling was refreshing.

Opened the door to the bathroom and there it was... My shower. Oh how I have missed it. I am not overreacting. This was my 60"×36" multiple shower. My whole bathroom in New York could fit in here. I may not be high maintenance but I do love feeling clean and this shower made me feel just that. Mhm. You know that moment when you get the water at the right temperature? That satisfaction and the feel of the water was amazing. The water pressure was amazing, I felt amazing and the best part was not having to worry about running out of warm water. I could stay in here till I was pruney.

After my shower I dried and applied lotion then walked into my wardrobe. Smelt like Olivia had been replacing the Pomander balls. It smelt like cinnamon, my favourite. Did I say this already? It is good to be home. I moved to the night clothes section and pulled out a pair of pyjamas. It was blue silk shorts and a shirt. I slipped them on and went to bed. Looking at my bed this time made me laugh. It reminded me how much I missed it during my first months at my dorm. I kept falling out of the bed because I was not used to the size. Those two months were filled with muscle ache. I threw myself on the bed and drifted to sleep.

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