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Chapter 7

Today I woke up early so I decided to treat myself with an all bran muffin and cappuccino for breakfast. My mother would kill me if she found out this is how I eat.

When I got out of the building, there it was. A freaking –pitch-black-Mercedes-Benz-A-M-G-G-T-R. This car will ruin my life. My bruises were starting to heal and I had no intentions of getting more so today I went to the car without external protest.

"Good morning Jaco." i greeted, trying to mask my annoyance but I failed, miserably.

"Good morning, Jordan." Can you believe that this man sounded irritated. The nerve. He is the one that wanted to play chauffeur. in fact he insisted.

"I am going to the cafe for breakfast."

"Okay," Jaco said this while taking the wrong turn.

"The café is the other way."

"I know." I know he knew. He has picked up Jennifer there dozens of time. We sometimes had brunch there with him. So he knew damn right were the flipping café was.

"Then why are you going this way?" He just kept driving. Jaco just looked ahead and said nothing.

Then I started seeing it, the route was so familiar. We were going to Hamptons- again.

"Why are you doing this? Take me back. Take me now, Jaco!"

"Where were you Tuesday?"

"What?" I was honestly confused. I was telling him to take me back to the city and here he was asking me about Tuesday? I doubt even Thoth could understand him.

"Tuesday, were where you?" he repeated, as if it made any sense now. "I told you not to go anywhere without me but you did. I came for you at lunch but you were not there. I waited until the last class, you where not there! SO, WHERE WERE YOU?" To be honest, the last part got me trembling in my seat. I could feel my heart race in my chest and i was to scared to even breathe. I feared for my life at this point. Not because he was traveling at a great speed and angry, because he sounded like he wanted to kill--

and i was the closest living thing.

The past week i have seen Jaco loose his temper but there was was something this time. It wasn't just intimidating, it was petrifying coupled with something I was too scared to figure out. I was too scared to even let out one of my sassed up comments so I stayed silent and allowed the tears to roll down.

"You really love pushing my buttons." Was he really pining this on me? "You know Jordan, I am just trying to protect you?" it came out as more of a statement than a question.

"The only thing I see needing protection from is you." I mumbled under my breath. He was not meant to hear that but somehow he did. Just my luck.

"What do you mean by that?" This confirmed that he did. I might as well let it out.

"You have injured me. Twice! You have kidnapped me. Twice! And you have continuously put me under emotional distress!" Is it me or was his temper contagious. I have never been from zero to a hundred in such a short space of time. I have never even made it to at most sixty. But do you blame me? I hated who I was when I was with him. He made me feel small and that disgusted me. "Wake me up when we get where ever it is you are taking me." Thank Kratos I managed to say this firmly and confidently despite the traces of fear that still lingered within me. With my new found courage i was going to interrogate him about Jennifer's death, I still think he knows something.


"Hey wake up. We are here." We were once again at the breath taking glass mansion. It even looked better in the morning light. The sun's rays reflected on it so beautifully. Its glistering matched that of the water body near it.

"Are you coming?"Jaco asked after opening the car door for me. I did not realize i was staring at the house for so long.


"Come on. Let's get inside. It's cold out here." Jaco led me to his bedroom and left.

I took a seat in one of the corners of the sky blue room. I could see everything from here. On my right side there was a bed covered with a black stary duvet and had grey pillows. The head board looked like it was made of oak wood and had a big black cushion in the center. On the nightstand attached to the head board were lamps on each side. Looking down on my left, there was a study table with a monitor, headsets, books and stationary. When I walked in, I noticed video games stored in the compartment below. On the right side of the entrance door, on the opposite wall was a neatly packed metallic bookshelf that almost reached the ceiling. On the right side of the shelf there was a white door which I presumed lead to the bathroom.

Analyzing the room helped me settle and gather my thoughts. I needed to think clearly when confronting Jaco. I needed to know what happened to my friend. Even if it costed my own life.

The door opened and Jaco came in, holding a tray of food. It had blueberry pancakes, a bowl of raspberries another of yogurt and a glass of thick mango juice.

"Your food is served," he said smiling as he handed me the tray. I had to close my eyes and open them again to confirm what I was seeing. Jaco was smiling like a normal human being. It wasn't one of his sly smiles, his mischievous smirks or his sadistic smiles. He was actually smiling. He looked cute with his one sided dimple. I took the tray from him returning the smile only that mine was out of amazement.

"Thank you. Are you not going to eat something?"

"I already ate earlier."

"Okay." My mind was still on the mission and I was not backing down. "Soo... What do you think happened to J?"

"Jennifer killed herself," he wore and indifferent expression, like he just said something casual. That made my blood boil.

"Bullshit!" I interrupted, "You and I know that is not true--" before I could go on Jaco took the tray from me. He moved to the bed and patted a spot next to him, indicating I should sit with him. I just looked at him like he was crazy after all he was acting crazy.

"Come sit next to me princess," I'm surprised the words didn't leave a permanent cringe on my face. Of all the people to hear my dad say that. This moment here made me realize Jaco's new torture instrument. Feeling defeated I walked to the bed and sat on my reserved spot but that was not going to stop me.

"The police ruled it as a suicide but I can't... What are you doing?" I was destructed by a fork with yogurt covered pancake.

"I'm feeding you," he replied with an 'obviously' tone like this was a normal thing, anyone can anticipate it.

"I can feed myself, thank you."

"I can also feed you. Now open up."

I knew I was going to loose this battle so I decided to play along. Also, at this point I was super hungry. I hadn't eaten since the previous morning. I can't believe that I was about to have just an all bran muffin and cappuccino for breakfast.

"As I was saying..." Jaco pulled up a spoonful of yogurt to my face. By the fifth serve I noticed what he was doing. He was trying to keep me quiet by keeping my mouth full. But joke's on him, I was on to him. We shall see who the real Loki is between us. The true trickster. I was going to allow him to feed me in silence. Sooner or later we were going to run out of food. What then?

I hate to admit it but I somewhat enjoyed it, being feed. I felt loved and nurtured and there was a sense of peace in the atmosphere. Comfortable silence. He had this small side small while feeding me I don't know if he was enjoying or if he felt victorious, you know, for shutting me up. Don't get me wrong, even though I was melting on the surface I still had my mind set on the task at hand.

I looked down at the tray, breaking our eye contact. His Caribbean blue orbs had a warmth I never new them capable of. I couldn't help myself. A smile automatically tool over my face when I noticed the last raspberry in the bowl. The other dishes around it were empty.

"What are you smiling about?"

"I can speak now?

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