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Loving you is finding peace

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Maj was in debt and the only way to get out of it was to get married to the boss. She had vowed never to get married, not after what happened to her mother but the offer is too tempting besides she's only in this for a year Mason needs a wife ASAP and who better than Maj. He can't stand her but she left like she owes him for saving her grandfather, easy prey. They were total opposites, besides what's a year? Twelve mouths can change a person's mind especially when they keep getting closer to each other

Romance / Drama
Pinky 🌼
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Chapter 1

Majesty knew she had to be home but she felt so bad, the emotion was now a part of her life.

She sighed, Kate a friend of a friend had promised to allow her to dance at her dance school but she changed her mind at the last minute.

"I'm so sorry" Nate said and caressed her hand lovingly "I just feel like I should be used to it by now" Maj said

Nate was her mother's best friend, she owned a small cafe down town. She is her second mother, she just knew what to do or say at all times that is why she is here and not at home yet

She did not want her grandfather to worry too much about her, he had a lot on his plate already

"Good things are coming" Nate assured Maj

" Well they are sure taking their damn time" Maj vented frustrated

Nate laughed "patience is a virtue" she said, Maj rolled her eyes "I've been patient since I was fourteen and I'm twenty- four, sometimes I just want things to go my way" she said " just for once" she added


"please not today Nate"

"Fine. So what can I get you" Nate asked, "I need to go home anyways, papa must be waiting for me" Maj sighed and took a long deep breath in

"You greet that old man for me" Nate smiled warmly, Maj nodded "sure".
Once she stepped out of the cafe, she cleared her heart of all hurt and negative.

She felt so much better as soon as she locked the door behind her, she sighed and dropped her phone, handbag and flat keys on the small table behind the front door.

She flipped her shoes off, and practically dragged her over exhausted body to her room and changed out of her work clothes

She went straight to the shower, even if the water is cold as hell. She stinks of sweat and depression and stress and long hours of work.

She is an intern as a mechanic at the very best garage company in all of Boston but the problem was she lived hours away.

A monthly paid for cab is out of question, reasoning being her grandfather had a lot of bills to take care of plus groceries not to add her school issues. The salary is good but he still barely manages.

She sighed turned off the shower and got out, she put on her pajamas and joined her grandfather in the kitchen "I made you coffee" Lei, her grandfather smiles warmly

"Thank you" Majesty smiled as well, Lei brought her a nice bowl of soup " you need to eat and rest you work too hard" he pointed out

Maj sighed and nodded "how was your day" she asked her grandfather, Lei smiled " you know me, went over to the old age home and fixed a few pipes" he said, Majesty laughed

" Hope that Mike guy did not bother you today" he asked worriedly holding her right hand, she sighed

Mike is the manager on the floor she worked, once upon a time he had really wanted to date her but she knew otherwise.

Long story short she turned him down in the nicest way possible but being turned down is not his pot of tea. He tried a few more times and now he purely hates her

He made her life hell at work, sometimes he gave her so little time to finish on a car and other times he made her work at the car wash, like today but she would keep that to herself

" Today he was in a good mood, I guess" she lied, he smiled " you were never a good lair" he informed her, she kept eating her soup " why don't you just quit" he questioned her, she sighed "I need this internship for school"

"Yes, yes. It's not like there are so many other places out there" he sarcastically commented "this company is the best, and it has a lot of branches. Garage, car wash, tool shop" she stood up and took her bowl to the kitchen

"I know honey but is it worth it, working in such a horrible environment" he frowned and followed her into the kitchen "things are not that bad, the place is very good and the people are very nice" she said and washed her bowl.

She sighed "it's just Mike" she kissed him goodnight and he knew right there, the conversation is over "good night papa" she said

"Good night Maj" he sighed

The next day she cursed herself so badly, she had been so exhausted she had fallen asleep the moment her head hit her pillow. Which meant she had forgotten to set her alarm, why she turned it off the previous morning is still a mistery.

She was so late today, she got up an hour later then usual, the water was turned off so she had to bathe at the neighbors 😩.

She missed the first and second bus to work, which meant she had to take a cab to work.

This costed her money she did not have to spend "I really need to get to work" she complained when the cab stopped mid way at a fancy hotel"and I will get you there" he said, she sighed.

A well dressed guy got in besides her, he looked very rich. "Morning" he said "morning" she and the cab driver said at once

"Q's garage company" the handsome stranger gave the address

"Lucky for you, looks like both of you are heading to the same place" the cab driver commented

"You work at the company" the stranger asked curious with the cutest frown she had ever seen, she had to give it to him. He is so very handsome, short hair, full neat clean beard, beautiful blue eyes.

"I believe I asked you a question" he gave her an innocent smile, knowing full well that she was busy admiring him

She nodded embarrassed "well, we are pretty late for work" he commented, she sighed "I don't know about you but this morning has been shitty" she complained, he frowned " tell me about it" he said. She had no idea if he really meant it or if he was just being sarcastic

But she did tell him about everything and a little bit about Mike but that was just to get a little stress off. She never really went into details with her grandfather but talking to a stranger just has it's magic

"So you're a mechanic" he asked impressed or so she thought, she nodded "I know that there aren't so many women out there working as mechanics, but it's a passion" she added, he gave her a genuine smile that reached his eyes "your parents must be proud" he said, she sighed sadly

" Well, it's just me and my grandfather and yes he is really proud"

The cab stopped before he said anything more. She quickly paid and rushed out of the cab

She was over an hour late but she rushed to the ladies changing room and put on her work clothes.

"This is low even for you" Mike said as soon as she walked into the work shop

"I'm sorry-"

" Excuses excuses" he cut her off

" Cut it out Mike and let her work" Dave said, he and Mike were not really friends. Now that she thought about it, no one really liked Mike

"No, you're late" Mike smirked "sit out" he added

" That's not fair"she complained "this is literally the first time that I've ever arrived late" she added, he yawned and looked bored which got her angry

"I don't think I care" he shrugged

"Look, I'm sorry-" "sit out or go home"he interrupted her, she frowned " you can't send me home" she said "sit out" he said annoyed. She folded her arms a crossed her chest " or what" she asked

She really was so fed up, she needed this job but this piece of crap made her days hell. Everyone gathered around them to watch the drama

"You're fired, get out of my sight" he said pissed not at her, ouhkay maybe at her but also because she finally stood up to him

"You can't fire me" she said shocked that he even just said so "pack your locker out" he said and tried to walk away from her but she held him back

" With what reason do you have to fire her" Dave questioned, " you stay out of this" Mike ordered "answer me, with what reasoning" she demanded so angry the feeling was foreign to her but she could not seem to stop herself

" You coming in late is unacceptable" he pointed a finger at her "you talking back to me is uncalled for. You not following my instructions to sit out is stupid. Now go" he practically yelled at her

" Put your finger down" someone with so much authority said from behind her and telling by Mike's reaction, it was probably someone important, because he immediately put down his finger and swallowed hard

She turned and it's the guy from the cab, is she surprised to see him? Not at all but she is surprised to know Mike is actually scared of him

"Can I talk to you Mike. Alone now" he barked and stormed out of the work shop

Mike followed him immediately without wasting anymore time "who was that" she asked curiously "Lucas Quinton" Dave Informed her. Her heart sunk Quinton as in the owner's son.

"He just arrived today" Dave said "and he is the new COO" he added

She said a silent prayer, what has she done? She had been talking on and on with her new boss, but she really had no idea who the guy was. Now she left really nervous

Is he going to fire her???

But he really looked impressed with her, but what if he had been faking it?? She paced around

"Get back to work, Maj" Seth stressed, she nodded and quickly got back to work.

She is currently helping Seth with his project because the rules had it that no intern should or could work on an engine unsupervised

She really tried to distract herself and just concentrate on the job at hand but it was really difficult. Firstly Mike is not yet back, secondly the new boss did not yet confront her and she knew it was coming. She just had no idea where or when it would happen.

"Hi Maj" Linda said as she made her way into the work shop. She is the front desk receptionist and a good friend of hers

"Hi, how are you" Maj smiled "I'll be good as soon as I have lunch. Come on, let's go" Linda said, Maj wiped her hands clean of the engine oil. She washed her hands afterwards and they went to the cafe across the road.

"Did you see the new COO" Linda whispered as soon as their food was delivered to their table. Maj nodded "I'm afraid I made a fool out of myself" she informed Linda

"What happened" Linda asked out of curiosity. Maj told her everything, from the hellish morning she had to the Mike drama

Linda laughed "I don't think all of this is funny. I could get fired for real and my internship will be over. Where will I find another job at such a late stage" Maj complained

" I'm sure, you won't get fired" linda tried to assure her. Maj rolled her eyes "by the way he is really handsome" she added "gorgeous is more like it" Maj said and they laughed it off.

After lunch they went their separate ways the moment they went back to work.

"We're going out tonight. Wanna join us" Seth asked, Maj smiled "thank you but I have other plans" she declined, he nodded " well if you do change your mind, you know just where to find us" he said walking away.

Maj had put herself to work, she did not even notice when someone approached her. She looked up and it was Mike. He looked horrible and so not like him

"I apologize for my behavior towards you. For everything, making you work the car wash sometimes when I know that is not part of your internship. For the attempt I made in regards to firing you. Please forgive me" he said and something about the way he said it made her believe he meant it, she nodded "it's really not an issue and I do apologize for coming in late today" she said, he smiled a sad smile, nodded and walked away.

She left like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder.
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