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A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget

:A Night to remember, A Night to forget:

Aimlessly, Jeannie wandered along Springwood Falls ever since her father’s outburst.
She felt so dumb and useless but most of all could she not deal with the pain she had caused for her father. She loved him so dearly it pained her that her action caused him such distress. Never in her entire life had Thomas felt the need to shout at her the way he had.
The past 24 hours had been filled with all kinds of emotions and all she seemed to manage was to hurt those who were dearest to her. She felt so restless and knew there was no turning back. What was said and done could not be taken back and she wanted nothing more! She wanted to help her dad. She wanted nothing more than to secure the ranch, her home. She wanted her father to be proud of her. She wanted to follow her instinct her dream. Last night when she sat next to Alexander everything seemed possible. It wasn’t just a silly old dream. With him together she knew she could find a way through the darkest places. And now she was alone. Restlessly aiming towards nowhere. The sun had long before set and the darkness of the night dragged her memories heavily along the chilling gusts that were spiralling around the corners.
The papers Bradley had asked her to bring over were pulling heavy on her shoulder bag, so she decided that it was time to head towards the Inn. Once this was done she had no idea what she would do. A last act of duty to her old life. A line she needed to draw even if it was just to drag out some more time to find what she was meant to do. Once inside Jeannie waited at the reception for Bradley. Cheerful as always, he greeted everyone sitting in the drawing room and beyond which helped Jeannie to see some well needed humour.
Still sorrowful she tried her utmost to appear relaxed as she handed him the papers. With a quick flick through the file Bradley occasionally looked up to Jeannie.
“Brilliant as always Miss Leeland! You rescued the mission!” he pompously proclaimed.
“Something not right?” Bradley noticed that something was off with Jeannie. She usually would have at least shown some sign of acknowledgement towards his theatrical efforts.
“Just lots going on that, is all. I could do with a stiff drink that is for sure.”
Over embellished Bradley lifted his hand before raising his voice.
“That can be arranged. Follow me.”
Both walked through to the Drawing Room in which Samantha was already seated in a huge arm chair reading a book. Bradley grabbed two glass from the commode and poured them double shots.
“To us – as a team that is” Bradley corrected his toast quickly when he saw Sam’s firing eyes across the room.
For a short while the three of them chatted about the project and what gossip she had missed during her absence. Jeannie was thankful for the plain conversation. She couldn’t have bared any form of private chit chat and enjoyed the distraction. Soon after they had emptied their second glass Jeannie apologized that she had to get some rest before tomorrow’s peril. It all of a sudden seemed so worthless. All Jeannie could see was the heartbreak and disappointment in her father’s eyes.
Bradley escorted Jeannie to the door and thanked her again for her hard work.
“I can’t thank you enough Jeannie. You are a true sport. Especially, at the moment.”
There it was. This petty look on his face combined with the whiskey made Jeannie fight with her emotions again.
“Look, if there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I owe you.” Bradley could not lie, he always had admired Jeannie and possibly had only shied away from getting too close. He enjoyed the life he was living. But seeing Jeannie obviously distressed had stirred something inside him he could not explain. After all these years he for once wanted to do the right thing.
“You don’t happen to have half a million dollar do you?”
For a moment Bradley was dumbfounded and could not figure out if she was being sarcastic or honest.
“Just joking. Thank you for your offer, I honestly appreciate this.” Jeannie rescued the situation and reached out her hand.
“Don’t be silly Jean” Bradley said without hesitation as he pulled Jeannie for a tight embrace.
“See you around Cowboy” he said before he walked back inside.
The first line was drawn under a chapter Jeannie had been more than happy to close.
As she walked down the steps she did not notice the black 4x4 that had just parked up next to the Town Hall while she had been talking to Bradley.
As the car door slammed shut Jeannie scanned the area passed the street lights and was just in time to see the back of Alexander disappearing in to the darkness.
Happy to see that he was okay she crossed light footed the street. The last preparations had been on the way with Tanner sitting exhausted on a chair next to the entrance to the dance hall.
For a moment Jeannie halted to take the scene in with awe.
Fairy lights were the only source of light and together with the flower arrangements had transformed the hall into a fairy tale castle.
Tanner noticed Jeannie’s astonishment with satisfaction.
“We’ve made it, we’ve made it” Tanner mumbled seemingly moved. As Jeannie peaked around she saw Alexander affixing the last of the lights as their eyes met.
Jeannie happily waved across but only caught a fleeting smile from Alex before he turned his attention back to the stage.
Bewildered, Jeannie retreated from the hall and made her long way home. She desperately needed to sleep and wanted to forget the whole day.
Maybe she would wake up in the morning and this had all been just a bad dream.
All the while as she walked down the road she could not forget Alexander’s look on his face and wished for nothing more than to be able to change it to those glistening emerald green eyes that had shone with so much compassion the night before.

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