Where My Heart Belongs

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Jeannie was still tired when she opened her eyes. It was already 10am when she rolled out of bed. She felt shattered from the past exhausting 24 hours.
She quickly threw on some clothes and walked downstairs. She was alone in the house and poured herself cup of ambition when her father approached the house.
“Morning darling” Tom greeted her as he walked through the door.
He was headed for the cupboard looking for some tools he kept there.
“How did it go last night?” Jeannie wanted to know.
“Very well. Josh invited us for a BBQ on Saturday.”
Jeannie almost dropped her mug.
“Don’t sound so surprised pumpkin. The Lord has his own strange ways.”
Tom pressed a kiss on her forehead as he headed back out to the door again.
“You coming? I’m at the stable, just repairing Sookey’s box.”
Jeannie followed her dad and hoped that he would satisfy her curiosity a little more. There was so much more she wanted to ask!
“Any phone calls this morning?” Tom wondered as he was hammering the hinges into place.
“No nothing yet.” She replied disappointed.
Tom grunted as he checked his repair work.
“I guess these people take their time, uh?”
Jeannie nodded. “Don’t worry dad, that is common practice. I know it is nerve racking. But we have to stay patient and faithful”
Tom threw a dirty cloth against her face and walked over to her. “That’s the spirit. Never give up hope. OH, by the way, did I mention yet that your brother apologized to Alex?” Tom was waiting on Jeannie’s reaction when he mentioned Alex’s name.
“Really” she said calmly.
“How wonderful. Mentioning Alex, I should go see him later. I am sure he would like to hear how the trip went.”
“Well,” Tom started “you’ll have to wait for that. Josh told me that Alex is heading to Nashville today. Something to do with, ah I can’t remember, he talked quite a lot about Alex. Can you imagine that they made arrangements for a pool night?”
Alarmed, Jeannie jumped of the hay bale to her feet.
“He is leaving? Do you know when?”
Tom shook his head.
“Think some time now. Did you actually hear what I just said?”
A strong urge grabbed hold of Jeannie. Without saying a word she ran out the stables, leaving Tom standing in the box. He could only shake his head as he watched his daughter running down the yard.
“Children,” he mumbled and turned back to his work.
Panting, Jeannie stood at the front porch when she remembered that her car was still not back.
Cursing to herself she ran down the path along the creek, hoping that she could still catch Alexander before he had left.
She was desperate to see him and it pained her to think that he might already be gone.
Her legs were already burning like hell when she ran down towards the lake with the road still in her view. But she tackled on not willing to stop until she could see the cabin on the other side of the shore. She drew in deep breaths which stung like fire in her lungs when she noticed the sun reflecting in what seemed to be his car that started to move away from the cabin.
“Oh man” Jeannie moaned and plugged up her last reserves to run up to the cross road. Alex would have to come that way if he was heading for the main road. While she was running through the woods she checked every now and then if she could still see him. The car had already dangerously closed in and she feared that she would not make it when the cross road sign came in to view between branches and bushes.
With on big leap, Jeannie jumped over a de-rooted tree and came breathlessly to a sudden halt on the road. Just then Alex turned in and stopped abruptly when he recognized Jennie who stood red faced and panting in the road.
“Jeannie?! Is everything alright?” Alexander almost shouted concerned as he jumped out the car and ran towards her. With her hands on her hip, she stood catching her breath and mumbled to herself “made it”
Alexander halted in front of his car when Jeannie finally found her voice.
“When are you coming back?” her voice trembling in upset.
Taken aback Alexander curled his lips.
“Did you run all the way just to ask me this?” he replied quietly.
Jeannie stretched out her arms, realizing how childish she must have looked and repeated her question. This time a little less upset.
“Do you have to leave?”
“Sadly I do.” He kept his reply short as he waited for Jeannie to talk.
She hated how upset she felt seeing him leave and not knowing when he would be back.
“I wish you wouldn’t have to” the words poured unfiltered out of her.
“We need you. – I need you around, I can’t… I’m lost without you.”
Without saying a further word, Alexander briskly stepped forward, gently grabbed Jeannie by the hips and pulled her close.
With his head rested against hers he looked her deep in the eyes and stroked a strand of her hair behind her ear like he did the other night and shrouded his arms around her.
“I’ll always be right here” he whispered. With a trembling heart he lowered his head and finally kissed her like only he could. Jeannie put her arms under his jacket and caressed him tight while they were lost in time.
When their lips finally parted, he nestled his head against hers again.
“I’m only away for a few days” his voice, a faint whisper.
“I’ll count the hours” she replied before they kissed each other longingly one last time.
Alex had offered to drop her off but she kindly declined. The ranch was on the other side of town and she already had made him late. She did not want to be the reason for him to miss his flight.
She waited and watched his car driving off towards Lexington before she slowly made her way back to the house.

She felt so light and joyous she wanted to burst.

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