Where My Heart Belongs

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The sobering silence of the morning had left everyone heavy hearted. Jeannie didn’t like the atmosphere and her father was nowhere to be seen. He had left early in the morning getting the horses moved to a different grassing spot. The sun of the past few days had burned most of the fields near the stables.
She saddled Napoleon and rode down towards to the lake. She needed to sort her restless thoughts. At her favourite spot where she had met Alexander she took a break to let her horse have drink, when she heard barking from the other side of the shore.
Knowing whom it belonged to she mounted Napoleon in one big stride and trotted along to visit Alexander.
The backdoor stood wide open as usually and was greeted by Zander as soon as she dismounted.
While Jeannie climbed up the few steps, Alexander appeared in the door, happy to see her.
“What a nice surprise. Morning honey”, Alexander said confidently and greeted her with a kiss.
From within Riley and Blake piped up in unison “Morning honey”.
“Jokers” Alexander mumbled and carried two massive cups of coffee through to the studio.
The both of them had been at work since the early morning hours despite the late night they’ve had.
Riley fashioned a geeky t-shirt as Jeannie noticed the Harry Potter quotation in faded colours. Why wasn’t she surprised.
Alexander pulled out a stool from a corner and gave Jeannie his comfy chair.
“What are you up to?” Jeannie asked, sipping on the cup Alex had just handed her.
Proudly, Blake presented some blue prints they had been working on with an outsized gesture and started to explain excitedly what they had planned.
“We are just working on a 3D simulation. I know Alex was working on something like that, but, excuse me saying this, the man is an expert when it comes to bridges, but houses…not so much. Would you like to see the process?” Blake noted.
Of course, she did!
Jeannie sat open mouthed and hardly could imagine that maybe soon, this would be a real, proper house.
Alexander noticed Jeannie’s astonishment and leaned in closer to her.
“And that’s why they are paid the big bugs.”
“Ah well. Monsieur Gauthier, you made a very good observation here. Please, leave your feedback on the link below to our boss” Riley joked.
“Are they always like this?” Jeannie wondered. Alex only pulled a face.
“You haven’t seen them in action yet.”
“Don’t give them any more coffee please” Jeannie fooled around which made them both laugh unbeknown to the two men.
Leaving the creative heads to their own devises, Alexander and Jeannie paraded down to the shoreline.
Zander jumped excitedly between their feet as they walked hand in hand to the spot they had met that Sunday morning and sat down gazing across the lake.
“Isn’t it beautiful here?” Alexander admired.
“I would have never thought I’d be that happy”
Jeannie huddled closer, his arm around her shoulders.
“I know what you mean. Just a while ago I thought I could never figure out where my place in this world would be. And now I know exactly where that is.”
Alexander looked at her in anticipation.
“And where might that be?” he wanted to know. His eyes dotingly gazed at hers.
“Right here in your arms” Jeannie said softly and felt how Alex’s grip tightened around her.
“I’m glad you say that. I know, how silly this must sound. We only have known us such a short time. But, it is as if I’ve always known you. I can’t imagine a life without you by my side Jeannie Leeland. I’d do anything for you, just to see that smile of yours. Ever since you stumbled into my arms and you looked at me with these eyes. Should I ever get lost it would only be in them. I love you.”
“Alex” Jeannie’s voice was a faint whisper as she fought back tears.
“I love you, too” Jeannie uttered before they got lost in the rush of a deep kiss. Jeannie didn’t want this moment to end. She didn’t want to think of anything else but their happiness.
They both had lost all concept of time when they finally got up to their feed again and headed back to the cabin.
Riley and Blake were still sitting at the same spot they had left them earlier.
“Jesus, guys!” Alex shouted suddenly from across the kitchen
“What on earth have you done to my kitchen! It looks as if a tornado raged through it!”
Jeannie tried to keep a straight face but failed when she looked over to Alex who desperately held up pots and dishes.
“Oh we just made some beans and stuff. You need more bread by the way” Riley said passingly.
Alex just shook his head in disbelieve and grumpily filled the sink with water when suddenly his phone rang.
As he answered his look darkened.
“Tom? What’s the matter?” Jeannie’s ears pricked up. Alexander’s startled complexion couldn’t mean any good news and had drawn in the boys attention.
“Yes, she is here. Please…Tom, what?! Calm down…Ok we’ll be right there” terror glowed in Alex’s eyes as he hung up.
Jeannie felt as if her heart stood still. Anxiety, fear, hope all feelings clashed over her as her legs started to tremble.
“Come, we have to go. Guys, look after Zander and make sure that Napoleon is not running away, okay? And no, don’t go for a ride. He’s a proper show horse!” Alex ordered while he frantically jumped through the house. Where were his keys?
“Aye, give us a ring when you have news.” Riley stood in front of Jeannie and gave her a comforting hug.
“It will be fine, I’m sure.”
Alexander grabbed his car keys and took Jeannie by the hand who was white as a sheet and tried her hardest not to lose it.
“You got to be brave”, Alexander said sternly and almost convinced himself.
Alexander drove as fast as he possibly could down the country lane. All would be alright. It must be. It had to

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