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Tired of being bullied David decided to make a change. A change that will complicate his life,and confuse him more than he expected to. Even if he's now confident,his past still haunts him and prevents him from making a leap of faith. The fact that he's been bullied because of his crush,hurts even now,and the memory of that moments and the following week it's imprinted in his head no matter what others tell him. What will happen now that he's no longer the freak? Will he find love,or lose it? YOU ARE BEING WARNED THAT THIS IS AN ADULT,18+.AUTHENTIC,MATURE LITERALY WORK. ALL CHARACTERS ARE ADULTS,ABOVE THE AGE OF CONSENT. THIS IS 100% MY ORIGINAL WORK,AND IS UNDER THE PROTECTION OF COPYRIGHT LAW. BY CLICKING AND READING THIS STORY,YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING THE STATEMENT ABOVE.

Romance / Erotica
Francesca Write
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Changes David Ch.1


Changes. Are not easy to make,it’s frustrating,it takes allot of hard work and determination. The feeling that you can’t do it anymore is overwhelming sometimes and you are so tired that you’re determined to quit,telling yourself that at the end of the day,it’s still you. And it’s true,but that you it’s sad,angry on yourself,on the world,on everything and everyone.

That’s how I felt,when I first started to change. Psychically and mentally exhausted. After 2 days I gave up. But thanks to my sister and my personal trainer I didn’t. Giving up happened every 2 or 3 days for 1 month straight,but every time my sister was there to wake me up at 5,send my ass to jog and continue my day.

At one point I barely moved. Every muscle,every fiber in my body hurt,I was too exhausted to sleep.

How it all started? Well,I didn’t woke up one day and decided that I want to look better,be better,be able to protect my sister and myself. No.

All this frustration has been builded in years. Years of bullying,years of being pushed around,called names,locked up in the janitors closet or God knows where. Years of feeling powerless,useless.

So,I decided that being my last year in high-school,I want to spend it in peace. No bullying. And how could I change that? Easy. Ok,not easy,but I started making research short before summer vacation. I contacted a nutritionist,hired a personal trainer,and started boxing and mixed martial arts.

I used to have a normal weight up until my parents passed away in a tragic car accident when they came home from their anniversary dinner 5 years ago. There was nobody to blame. The road was slippery and it just...happened.

After their death I started eating less and less. I wasn’t anorexic,I just couldn’t eat. Didn’t had an appetite. And,on top of that,I was always the tallest kid in class. Man would think that I would be more intimidating. But no. I was seen as a freak. Tall and skinny. I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror more than 5 seconds,so I couldn’t blame others for seeing me as a freak.

Then,I was forced to wear dental bracelet. Glasses came with,from the constant reading,my way of escaping reality.

One and a half years ago,I decided to let my hair grow and make a wig for Maria. A 10 years old little girl who is battling with leukemia since 3 years. I met her when my sister broke her leg during her drama class and I got lost as I was looking for her room in the hospital. Maria saw me and she grabbed my hand. At first I was confused,but what she told me made my heart break.

“Your hair is so pretty. I wish I had hair like yours.” Her eyes sparkled with hope,sadness and pain.

She had a hat on,but man could tell that she’s bold. Andrea came,her mother,and apologized,but there was nothing to apologize for. So,after I found my sister and made sure she’s ok,I went looking for the little girl and her mom.

We started talking and she told me that it’s hard with all the bills,that the insurance doesn’t cover her treatments and she can’t afford to buy her a wig,and because of all the stress,her own hair was falling,so she decided to shave herself as well,to make her daughter feel better. And in that moment I knew the fate of my dark brown thick hair.Meanwhile I bought both of them 2 wigs,but still decided to grow my hair for Maria,since she loves it so much.

Thanks to my parents fortune,I was able to help them financially also,even if it took a little begging,pleading and puppy eyes to convince my uncle to give me the money.

My uncle moved in with us after their death,he took care of us,and still does,only that now he’s not living with us anymore. We’re old enough to manage by ourselves and we proved that to him countless times. So,he’s living in a penthouse near the office building that belongs to me and my sister,but for now,he’s running the business. My father’s legacy,that I will take over after I finish college.

Anyway,17,long hair,dental bracelet,1,91 m,about 78 kg and glasses. The perfect target for bullying. Oh,and a nerd in their opinion. I have straigth A’s but not because I stay with my nose in the books all day long,but because I have a phenomenal visual memory. Ok,I stay with my nose in the books all day,but in novels,romance novels. Yes,I’m a romantic. I’m living my love story through others love stories.

“One more thing to do bro. Are you ready?” My sister says with enthusiasm in her voice while we put the shopping bags in the trunk of my car. Allot of them.

“I don’t know,I’m pretty exhausted.” Walking around in a mall and buy a whole new wardrobe is not an easy task,believe me.

“There’s no such thing. We have an appointment.” I sigh hard and she grabs my hand,pulling me back towards the mall,into the hair salon to cut my hair. At least I’m gonna sit. Probably take a nap.

My sister shows the picture that she chose and explained to the lady that if she can’t cut my hair exactly like that,she will cut her hair off. She can be pretty intimidating at times. She’s also tall,we got that from my father. She’s 1,75,her hair is exactlylike mom’s curly and a beautiful light brown.

“Ells,stop it and leave the lady alone.” She is 1 and a half years younger than me,but Lord knows that her mouth is bigger than Everest.

“Ok,fine. I just want to be perfect.” She says it with a pout and the lady chuckled.

“I promise that you’ll not be disappointed.” She reassured my sister who smiled.

As suspected,I did fell asleep a few times and the lady kept waking me up because she couldn’t do her job,but it’s not my fault. Besides the fact that I am exhausted from the shopping marathon,the relaxing music that plays in the salon it’s not helping at all.

“You’re done!” The lady says as she runs her fingers carefully through my hair,making sure that it’s perfect. My sister jumps from her seat and she gasps as she sees me,putting her hands over her mouth. I wasn’t allowed to look at myself until it’s over,so I don’t know if I should be panicked or not.

“Perfect!” She beams and her hazel eyes sparkle as she pulls the towel that covered the mirror in front of me.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes went wide.

“T.this” I stutter like an idiot and both my sister and the lady started laughing,while I’m frozen in shock,wondering how the Hell can a haircut change you so much. Because even before I started growing my hair,it was always until my shoulders.

The hairstyle fits my face perfectly. Short on the sides and about 10 cm long on top,that it’s styled up,but curved a little back,giving it a sense of messy,but on purpose sexy messy.

“I look good.” The sentence feels unnatural coming from my mouth,because honestly,I never thought I’ll feel this way about myself.

“Yep. You do!” My sister agreed with a huge smile on her face and the lady nodded,agreeing with both of us. Damn me!

I paid the nice lady after she taught me how to style my hair and gave me a bunch of products,explaining to me how to use each and every one of them,and then headed home.

We took all my new clothes in my room,then went downstairs in the kitchen to eat something.

“So,are you nervous about tomorrow?” She asks me as she bites from her sandwich.

“No. Not anymore. And why should I? I’m finally able to stand up for myself,the bullying it’s over.” I smile satisfied.

“Yes,but I’m pretty sure that you’ll fall into the other extreme. Now you’re hot.” I make a grimace and shake my head.

“Don’t ever say that again. It’s weird.” She laughs and I can’t help but chuckle. She has the most colorful laugh I’ve ever heard.

“You know what I mean. And I bet that nobody will recognize you,so you can start all over.”

“I doubt that,but I won’t change who I am no matter what. I am more confident,I don’t give a fuck what others think anymore because I feel good about myself,but I won’t change into some uptight narcissit asshole.”

“I know you won’t.” She smiles lovingly and we finish our sandwiches in silence.

“Well,see you tomorrow sis. I’m gonna hit the bed.” I kiss her forehead and she hugs me tight as we do every evening.


I go straight in the bathroom to take a shower,take my clothes off,but this time I stopped in front of the big mirror and examined myself. It’s like I’m looking at another person. I’m about 110 kg of muscles,and each of them is visible. I have the pecs,the abs,the biceps,back muscles,neck muscles. Damn,I look good. The bracelet is gone and my teeth are straight,white and shinny,my glasses has been replaced with lenses,my blue eyes that I inherited from my father,more prominent. I’m a new man. A new David.



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