Serilda: Part Two

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Let's once again indulge in the world of Serilda for one last time. Let the pain be there Let the hope come Let the love flourish Let the truth come out Let the revenge end And let the sinners pay for once and all. I had got it all. After, years of pain and suffering I had rewritten the pages of my life with happiness. I had been the first love, first priority, And first in everything. I was loved, cared for, and in my safe haven. All I saw was nothing but happiness and a content life. But sometimes what we see isn't the truth I was lost in the depth of pain and darkness in once But now in the darkness, I had found a light Illuminating the truths were never sought The deeper I dig the deeper I fell Until I realized, I had dig my grave This time I would take her down with me This is the end of me, her, and everything that began.

Romance / Mystery
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Third Person

“Hello, this is 911. State your emergency.” The person heard the distress call of a man.

“There has been an accident on the interstate between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It is just outside the highway from Los Angeles. It looks terrible. They need a doctor urgently. there is so much blood.” The man standing on the road had stopped the car seeing the car in front of him topple. He had put on the brakes hard to stop himself from colliding in the same. With the phone in his hand, he had moved to look for the driver.

“Sir, are you injured?” The emergency services asked.

“No. No, I’m alright. I just saw it happening, and there is a man and woman in the car. The man is very deeply injured. There is a lot of bleeding. There is blood on the road. I don’t know what to do.” The man was in great distress. Seeing so much blood he vomited out seeing so much blood.

“Sir, are you alright?” The emergency responder asked.

“Yes, it’s just you need to get an ambulance with a doctor down here, quick.” He told the emergency services.

“Sir the ambulance and paramedics are on their way. They had been dispatched and will be there in a short time.” The emergency responder told him.

“Thank God,” he prayed that the people in the car wouldn’t have lost their lives. Cutting the call he moved towards the car. He looked at the woman in the car. The glass was broken in the accident. The man on the other side couldn’t be taken out. He saw the hope for the woman to be saved. Getting the glass out of the way he bent down on his knees. Taking off his shirts he wrapped it around his hand to move away the rest of the glass. Checking for a pulse his hand went to her neck. He knew it was strong.

The car was upside down. He looked at the belt she was buckled in. If he released her she could fall down and hurt herself. He needed something so she won’t fall instantly. Going back to his car he looked for something until he found a cushion in the back of the car.
Taking it out he rushed towards to save someone.

Pushing it under her he tried to unbuckle the belt. However, it was stuck. Running back to his car he went in his car knowing he had a swiss knife there in his dashboard. Taking it he rushed back there and cut off the belt slowly. He was thankful the car had not burst out yet.

When the belt was cut off he gently let the woman fall on the cushion handling her. Moving away the glass he tried to gently pull her out but it was of no avail.

There was so much blood coming out from the other person that he knew there was very little hope for him. He couldn’t wait for the paramedics to arrive seeing that much blood. Inside he was sacred that he might be making the situation for the woman worse but the fear of seeing her death by standing there overruled it. Once again he pulled on her shoulders and this time he was able to get her face out of the car.

Checking her pulse again he waited until he found that she had a strong pulse before pulling on her again. There was blood coming from her head and her shoulder. It might have been from the impact. Taking her out of the car he pulled her out as much as he could.

The paramedics were arriving on the scene. It was hard to pinpoint the location but at last, they cracked it down through the last call position. When they reached the scene they saw a man trying to pull out the woman from the car. They rushed to the car with their equipment. Asking the man to move away they saw him stepping back. He was seen taking a breather.

He was glad that paramedics had arrived on the scene. There was hope for them to be saved. Putting the woman on the stretcher they put a neck supporter around her neck. she was moved to an awaiting ambulance where a doctor was waiting for her. Moving onto another side of the car they saw it was an absolute wreck.

“Get her moving to the hospital

Moving his head inside through the small place he felt a very low pulse of the man. he was bleeding. The paramedic knew that this man had very little time left and they had to do something fast.

“See if you can get him out of there.” He asked his colleague as he sat on his haunches trying to figure out how to get him out of there fast.

“No, we can’t. It’s a total wreck but we have to get him out of here soon. He is losing a lot of blood, boss.” The boss looked at the car for any sign of leakages. He knew in accidents such as this there was very little time left when the gas started to leak and a small ignition could turn into a blowout.

“Get out the biggest cutters we have got and a saw too.” He shouted to his colleague who was nearest to the van. A team of two got there running with a set of pliers and two saw.

“We have to try to cut it from here and here.” He told the others. “You both start from here,” he commanded showing him the position. Picking one of the cutters he himself started cutting.

“Jack, start to check for the leaks,” he ordered.

“Boys we need to work fast. We have got very little time to save this man.” He let others know. Breaking the sweat everyone was working out to cut out the gate and have him pulled out. After a whole ten minutes of force and cutting, they were able to get to the point to have a closer look at him. There was left a very small window to get him out but they didn’t have time.

His pulse was getting weaker. Asking the others to hold him he cut down the seat belt. With all the help he could get at the moment even from the man who had called them. They were able to pull half of him out.

“Get the stretcher here fast and the neck supporter too,” he shouted for the doctors on duty. Putting on the neck support they pulled the rest of him out just in time. Putting him on the stretcher they put on the oxygen mask.

“We need to get him to the hospital now.” The doctor shouted. He was rushed into the hospital. Too much blood was lost and the doctor knew she had to get to work urgently.

“Faster, David,” she shouted once the van was moving. She connected the machines to him. The pulse was too weak. His heart rate was low. she knew if they didn’t get there on time he wouldn’t make it. It was the timing now. He needed to get into the OR straight.

She called the hospital ahead letting them know that OR needed to be prepared. Even a second could not be lost. he was losing a lot of blood from the upper right abdomen. Even his head was bleeding. Wrapping up the gauze over it she tried to stop him from losing more blood but it was hard.

It was then when she heard the mumbling from the mask. The man was trying to speak something. She looked at him for a second before putting her ear against the mask. she couldn’t make it out what he was saying. Pulling on the mask slightly she once again tried to hear what he was saying.

“Seril..d..a,” she heard him breathing the name. “Ser...ild...a,” he breathed once again, and then were was nothing. She looked at the monitor his heart rate was dropping. Banging on the driver’s side she yelled.

“Step on the accelerator, David.” Checking the vitals again she noted them before trying to stop the bleeding from the upper abdomen. She slapped lightly on the cheek. He had slipped into unconsciousness.

“We are almost there,” David yelled as he saw the hospital right ahead. “Reaching there in five seconds,” he told the doctor in the back again.

The doctor putting pressure on the wound one last time before the gates were opened. She rushed with him to the OR explaining to others the situation. the senior surgeon was asked for as he was rushed to the hospital. The man was on his last breath but she knew he had a lot of life left in him. There was something holding him on and he was fighting his hardest to hold onto because if he hadn’t he would have been dead by now.

She knew he would survive, she had to make sure he survived.

The man battling between his life and death could only think of one person.

She will always be in her mind and soul.


She was all that mattered to him.

His every breath was hers.

All he had ever wanted was her.

All he had ever loved was her.

All he ever did was for her.

Then how come had it come to this?

How had things turned like this?

Even in his death, she will be the only woman he had loved and would love.


Here we are.....

Let’s once again indulge in the world of Serilda for one last time.

Let the pain be there

Let the hope come

Let the love flourish

Let the truth come out

Let the revenge end

And let the sinners pay for once and all.

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