Moon River

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Flor will undergo a massive change once she meets her first soulmate. Heartbroken, she will find herself lost in the woods and suddenly falling.... into a river shining as bright as the moon. What would you do if you were suddenly granted an audience with a queen? +++ If your soulmate rejects you twice... well of course the moon goddess will grant you another one. COVER ART BY SOCIETY6 NOT BELONGING TO ME, I FOUND IT ON PINTEREST

Romance / Erotica
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Madame, Monsieur Lune...

Dear Moon...

I'm just writing this stupid letter out of tradition's sake.

At 16, other girls are throwing wild birthday bashes, getting their driver’s licence, sleepovers - talking to friends, talking to boys... just talking at all.

Here I am, 16, with hysterical mutism, riddled with permanent red rings and dubbed “loser” of my grade.

Give me back my voice, give me back my power... I miss it.



Côte d'os or "The Coast of Bones", a new country emerging after the worldwide takeover.

After the worldwide takeover - where the supernatural beings exposed themselves for reasons unknown; world governments were overtaken. The most impacted being Brazil, Greece, Russia and Spain's.
Flor, a 16 year old Catalonian teenager, that through violent means witnessed the takeover firsthand causing her hysterical mutism. She's reaching the age where she could find her 'fated one', and she worries when that moment happens.
Soon, due to a spontaneous party invite, Flor will meet her first 'fated one' and all hell will break lose.
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