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( Sorry for having the same name characters I hope you don't become confused and if you are just comment and I will change the name for either or) Hello, my name should be jinxed but it's Khaliece just 15 and the world is mean and I have a tormenter who wanted to get under my skin. I accepted the challenge Will I ever be able to break my curse.

The unfortunate event at Panda

The unfortunate event at Panda Express

Hello, I am Khaliece I am 14 years old and live in California I have the worst luck ever and at this point, I’m just trying to make it through life without getting hit by a train. And I have a tormenter, Olivia Anderson, she is 15 and has black hair and green eyes, she would be pretty if she wasn’t a sadistic burnt chicken nugget.

But then there’s Felix, the apple of my eye, the sun in my sky, the cherry to my ice cream, The milk to my shake, you get the picture. He has fluffy dyed purple hair and brown eyes with an adorable line of freckles across his nose. With a beautiful voice but I mean like he’s never talked to me but I one time heard him say hi and it was angelic. Now that all the people that are in my life are spoken about let me start with the impact that came from this.

β€˜β€™ What are we eating tonight?’’ Mom asks. β€˜β€™ PANDA EXPRESS!” β€˜β€™ Okay, Panda it is. About 30 minutes later we are already eating at Panda. β€˜β€™ Khaliece! Stop eating so fast you going to choke and it’s still hot!’’ Mom yells. β€˜β€™ No I’m no-’’ My sentence gets cut by, yep you guessed it me choking. ’’ACK *cough cough” My mom just rolls her eyes while patting me on the back, β€œ Told you, honey, now look you have the whole restaurant's attention on you.

I suddenly look around and then freeze in fear. Standing there is none other than my nemesis. Olivia with her iPhone 10 pointed directly at me, recording. I quickly turned around, having got the chow mein out of my throat. I groan slamming my head on the table. β€˜Khaliece! Have you forgotten your manners sit like a lady” I sit up? Taking a sip of my sprite I push the main dish away from me, to avoid further accidents. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Olivia laughing her butt off. Great, my face will be all over the internet all over again.

Trying to cheer me up I reach for a fortune cookie. And open it trying to receive some good news. However, it said β€œ You will fail miserably in life” Looking at it shocked I got another cookie. β€œ Just kidding” Sighing in relief I wanted to see some good news for myself but ruined it by taking the fourth cookie β€œ Just kidding about just kidding you will actually fail miserably in life and have a 1% chance of succeeding in anything.’’ And that was a day of my disastrous life. The next day at school Everyone kept making choking noises at my face. Pulling my hood over my face, face down I walked right into Felix.’Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!’ He looks at me for a second, Oh my gosh he’s so gorgeous with his fluffy purple hair and freckles! β€œYou’re drooling,” he says then promptly walks away. All I could do was do the walk of shame to class.

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