Love On Top (Revised)

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12. Samuel

“ I was saying, some guy had approached us while I was taking them out on a walk. To be honest, I felt a bad vibe from him the moment he approached, but I didn’t want to tell him to go away because who knows how he’ll act...” Daphne explained. Sam listened to her explain the events of her day while Dave and Cristian sat next to her on the bed as they video chatted.

“....Dave, this brave and handsome boy, sensed that something was off about him too and put himself between us. Cristian stayed by my side and just started growling at the guy because I guess these two decided that Dave was going to attack,” Daphne continued, “The guy tried to get closer, but Dave growled and was ready was to attack, which spooked him.”

“He ran away?” Sam inquired.

“Yes he did. I’m so glad that Dave was there with us because he’s like a protector for the both of us,” Daphne replied.

“He can hold his own when it comes to situations like that and I’m glad he was there too. I’m also glad that you guys are safe and that nothing happened to you,” Sam said.

“Me too. I did call the police to let them know that, that guy was lurking around the park approaching women about some kind of exclusive party,” Daphne responded.

“It’s a good thing that you did that because at least someone else won’t have to go through that same experience,” He said.

“With all these kidnappings happening, it’s important to look out for other women because they also have someone to go home to and because they don’t need to go through something like that at all,” Daphne explained, “Anyways, enough about me. How have you been these past couple of days?”

“Tired and stressed. It’s been meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting,” Sam answered.

“Aww. Poor baby,” Daphne cooed. He chuckled softly.

“Yeah it’s been pretty exhausting, but thankfully I’ll be able to leave tomorrow morning since everything has been wrapped up here,” He informed her.

“Really? That’s awesome,” Daphne smiled.

“It is. I have an early flight so I’ll be home in no time,” He said.

“Well we can’t wait to see you,” Daphne replied.

“Me too. I missed being around you guys. These older men are so boring,” Sam smiled back.

“I bet they are. Dave, Cristian, and I are the only ones that bring joy into your life,” She grinned.

“That you do,” Sam chuckled.

“Also, if you’re too tired to pick up Dave then you can leave him for one more day and rest,” Daphne added.

“You sure?” Sam asked.

“I’m positive. Plus he was supposed to stay at my house for another couple of days anyway,” Daphne assured him. The man was grateful for Daphne’s offer because jet lag was no joke. He knew that he would be too tired to do anything once he got off the plane.

“Thanks, Daphne. I’ll probably take you up on your offer,” He said.

“You’re welcome. That’s what friends are for,” She nodded.

“If you plan on going somewhere in the near future, then I’ll be happy to return the favor,” Sam said.

“Thanks, Sam. I’ll remember that,” She smiled.

“How has your week been going? Did you make your deadline?” He inquired.

“Yeah I did. It was a little hard, but I managed to push through with a little encouragement from Arabella,” She answered.

“Encouragement? What kind of encouragement?” He questioned.

“It was a text telling me to stop being a lazy ass and get back to work or else she’ll come over and supervise me,” Daphne explained.

“That sounds kind of scary,” Sam chuckled.

“It is,” Daphne shuddered slightly. Whatever it was that had happened, Sam was sure that it traumatized Daphne to the point of where she actually turned in her work on time.

“Cristian was scared of her for a week because of it,” Daphne added.

“Hm. I bet,” Sam chuckled.

“So how has your trip been?” She asked, changing the subject.

“It was the same as per usual. Like I said before, a lot of meetings and such, especially with members of the board in that branch, but it was all around good,” He informed.

“Did you have time to relax at least?” She inquired.

“Not really. It was just meetings on top of meetings, then I had some things to look over too,” He answered. He noticed how her eyebrows furrowed together in worry and he thought it was very cute.

“That’s no good. You need some time to relax,” She said.

“Today is the weekend and I’ve finished almost ninety percent of my work,” He informed.

“And the other five percent is still being completed?” She asked.

“Mhm,” He nodded.

“Well, why don’t I hang up the phone and you finish your work so you can relax,” She told him.

“I was enjoying talking to you guys,” He said.

“We know, but you also have to finish your work so you can go and relax. Make sure you bring me back something from Taiwan too,” She responded.

“Fine. I’ll go finish my work,” He chuckled.

“You better, mister,” She sternly stated before giggling.

“I’ll see you guys when I get back,” He informed.

“Okay. We’ll be waiting for you,” She smiled.

“Alright. Bye,” He smiled back.

“Bye, Sam,” She waved. The call ended and soon he was getting back to work like she told him to. He had to admit that talking to her on the phone was one of the best experiences he’s had in his life because she was just so nice to talk to. He could talk to her for hours on end about anything and would still be so hesitant to end the conversation.

After finishing his work, Sam decided to go out and meet up with some childhood friends of his for the night. He made sure to take a picture and send it to her, which she responded with a smiling emoji and ‘have fun’.

What has you smiling like that?” His friend, Caesar, asked.

Nothing. Just a friend,” Sam answered.

Bullshit. You’ve been smiling at your phone all night like a fool,” His other friend, Daniel, responded.

I bet it’s a woman this time,” Another friend, Vincent, chimed in.

Has your mom’s dreams come true? Have you finally taken an interest in one of the many women she sets you up with?” Caesar teased.

No I have not and I never will,” Sam rolled his eyes. They all laughed at his reactions. They knew how much Sam hated the fact that his mother would set him up with women she deemed fit for marriage. They also knew that he was tired of it all and wanted her to stop, which they all knew would never happen.

For your information, I met her while on a date with this woman my mom set me up with,” He said.

I didn’t take you for the type of man that would ditch your date for another woman,” Daniel said.

Maybe that gentleman thing is an act,” Vincent smirked.

Don’t place me in the same category as you scumbags,” Sam told them.

Scumbags? Sam, how cruel,” Caesar feigned shock.

Shut up,” Sam laughed.

What does she look like? We have to know,” Daniel replied. Sam was a little hesitant to show because he knew how his people, and this applies to all Asians, were towards black people all over the world. They were extremely prejudice and made it known with the many television shows mocking them with blackface and many other things. He almost felt bad for thinking so lowly of his friends, but he was just looking out for Daphne. He didn’t want to subject her to some disgusting, racist rhetoric from them.

Is she ugly or something?” Caesar asked. Another reason why he didn’t want to show them a picture of her was the fatphobia that would come as well. His own people praised being thin over being fat. It was taboo to even be fat and you weren’t treated well at all.

Far from it,” Sam answered.

Then why haven’t you shown her yet?” Vincent questioned. He took in a deep breath and went straight to Instagram. He went to her page and showed them what she looked like. It was silent for a moment and Sam could feel himself getting anxious, but he knew that whatever racist or fatphobic things they would spew were going to definitely ruin their friendship.

Whoa. She’s beautiful,” Caesar said.

She’s a step up from your last girlfriend and she was a nightmare,” Daniel remarked.

She’s beautiful, Sam. I see why you were hesitant to show her,” Vincent responded. Sam felt relief when he heard the compliments his friends were giving her. Had they not shown positive reactions, then he would have cut them off completely.

He didn’t want to have to do that, but he would do anything necessary to make sure that anybody’s negative opinions on Daphne are kept as far away from him as possible. He’s had to tell his own mom not to say anything negative about her around him quite a few times and now the older woman doesn’t speak a word.

Sam,” Caesar called out to him.

Yeah?” He looked over at him.

We asked if you two were dating,” Vincent asked.

No we’re not, but I hope we can soon,” He smiled softly.

How is your mom going to feel about that?” Daniel inquired. Sam knew his mom wouldn’t approve of him dating Daphne, but she had to realize that it’s his life to live and not hers. Not to mention that he’s a grown man and he doesn’t need his mother’s approval on who he can and cannot date.

She won’t approve,” Vincent bluntly stated.

She won’t, but I’m an adult. Not a child,” Sam responded.

You know how she is. She wants you to date a nice Taiwanese woman that will give you perfect little children,” Caesar told him.

Don’t remind me,” Sam muttered under his breath. He knew what his mom wanted and frankly he didn’t give a damn to be honest. He’s dated women that his mother had picked out for him and he wasn’t all that compatible with them. However, with Daphne he felt like they were compatible with each other and he liked how comfortable she was around him.

Dang it. I have to get back home. Emily is having some trouble getting the little one to bed,” Daniel sighed. The three men said their goodbyes to their friend.

Are you going to make the first move or are you gonna chicken out?” Vincent questioned.

Don’t know,” Sam truthfully answered.

What do you mean by that?” Caesar inquired.

I don’t want to ask her out only for her to reject me in the end. I like having her as a friend as well, but I don’t want to ruin everything, you know?” Sam explained.

In other words, he’s chickening out,” Vincent rolled his eyes.

You never know until you try, Sam. I’m sure she likes you back,” Caesar said.

She might not feel the same. I might wait a little longer,” Sam responded.

Waiting a little longer is only going to end in failure. Some other man might swoop in and take her from you,” Vincent told him. The idea of that happening irritated Sam, but they were right. If he waited any longer, then someone else might sweep her away and he didn’t want that all.

I’ll figure it out when I get back home,” Sam said, sipping his drink. His two friends groaned at that response.

Please don’t come back here in the near future drowning away your sorrows,” Caesar replied.

At least then he’ll realize that we were right in the end and that he was too big of a chicken to even ask her out,” Vincent added.

That too,” Caesar nodded in agreement. He knew that if he came back to town in the near future with news of his failure to ask her out, then they would go on a whole “I told you so” rant about it and tell him that it was his fault completely for not being courageous enough.

I’ll ask her out as soon as I go back home,” Sam said. The two men clapped and cheered loud enough for him to hear. Sam shook his head, laughing.

That’s the spirit,” Caesar patted him on the back.

We’re rooting for you,” Vincent smiled.

Thanks,” Sam replied, chuckling.

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