Love On Top (Revised)

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2. Samuel

Sometimes he wished his parents had conceived another child because at least that way he wouldn’t be harassed, or guilt tripped, every single second by his own mother to get married quickly and have children. As much as he would like to, and not love, to get married to a woman that he loved and have children with her, he’s not all that interested right now because dating isn’t all that appealing to him. It’s not that there is anything wrong with women, but it’s just that right now he does not desire anything serious at all. Of course he’s slept around here and there, but it’s not like he’s just sticking dick in every hole he can find. All he’s doing right now is just enjoying his time as a single man and focusing on his career as well.

Speaking of being harassed, his mother is “discreetly” slipping in comments here and there about the daughter of one of her socialite friends. She’s not being completely subtle at all about it, but she’s never been one for subtleties. It’s not in her nature to be subtle and him, including his father who’s known her longer than he’s been alive, have always known this about her. However, he’s not taking the bait either by even engaging with her on the matter. If he does, and then it adds fuel to the fire that is constantly roaring inside of her and he really don’t need that to happen. It’s best if he just nips this in the bud now before it continued any further. It’s exhausting having to redirect the conversation every single time.

“You do realize that no matter how many times you describe her best traits I still won’t budge, right?” He inquired. She became flustered at his statement, but it was true. She can list as many great personality traits as she can, but that still doesn’t mean he’ll just suddenly say,

Wow. She sounds neat. When do I get to meet her?”

That would just be insane of him to suddenly do after telling his parents for so long that he’s not interested in dating. That’s like him saying that he’ll just lie down and allow his parents to just run his life completely as if he’s a child, and he’s not.

But she’s just-” She started, “And you never-

She let out a huff and began to pout visibly right across from him. It was a little funny to see the woman who raised him just sit here and pout like a child. She’s always pouted right in front of him and he’s always laughed it off, even though she has cursed him out many times for doing it.

As if on cue, his dad walked in and took notice of her dampened mood. His eyes darted over to him and he just let out a sigh while shaking his head. The man could already tell from the way he was acting that he was going to have a bit of a hard time cheering up his mother so that she wouldn’t dwell on their conversation any longer. He smacked his son upside the head before grabbing what he came here for.

“Honey, please convince our son that he needs to at least consider dating someone so he can get married and give me what I want most,” She tried to appeal to him. His dad looked between the both of them back and forth for a moment before looking at her completely. He simply shook his head and continued on with his business. Even though his mom hated it when he was on his side, his dad always had his back when it came to conversations with his mother. He knew that it would be next to impossible to convince him to do anything that he did not want to do and vice versa. They both had an understanding of each other when it came to certain things.

Men are such irritating people,” She exclaimed. She stormed out of the kitchen in an annoyed huff. The room was silent again, but the sound of his mother’s heels clicking against the tiled floor angrily let them know that she was very upset. A loud groan fell from his lips and he wiped my face with his hands.

Soon, his dad’s hand was on my shoulder as he thought about what to do to make it up to her.

“You should have just sat there and let her go on and on,” He murmured. With that he left the kitchen leaving his son feeling a little more irritated than usual. Somehow his suggestion didn’t sound too bad, but like he said earlier, what’s the point in fueling the fire when he can’t even put it out?

After some careful thought about the situation and what she wanted from me, he got up from his seat and headed upstairs to his parents’ bedroom to at least try to apologize to her and find a good medium for the both of them, or more like for her rather than him. He made sure to knock because there have been times where he has that have left a permanent and deep scar on his mind.

If you’re not here to discuss your future, then please leave. I have no interest in talking to you,” She firmly stated from the other side.

“Mom, please don’t be like that,” He responded.

You made your choices perfectly clear, Samuel. You don’t care about your mother at all who’s time on this earth is very short,” She said. Always one for the dramatics when things don’t go her way and it somehow works every single time, which is bad considering how he needed to stop indulging her in the first place.

“Mom, I love you, but you have to respect my feelings on the matter,” Samuel told her, “You can’t just force me to date someone when I have no desire to in the first place.”

I’m sorry you feel that way, Samuel, but I’m only doing this so that way you can be happy. It’s my job to make sure you’re happy,” She said.

“I appreciate you for saying that, but my happiness when it comes to love and marriage is my choice and my choice alone. Your approval of whom I marry is very much needed, but at the same time picking someone to marry is up to me and me alone,” Samuel explained. She stayed silent as she listened to him speak on the subject matter. He could tell that this time she was really trying to listen to him for once, and he hoped this managed to last a little longer for his sake.

“However, if it will make you happy, I will at least go on one date with Tiffany,” He murmured. It was painful to even utter those words in the first place. Why is he doing this again? Oh yeah. To make his mom happy and to have her get off his back for a while about marriage.

Slowly, the door to the bedroom opened to reveal her standing there. She had a hopeful look on her face and tears in her eyes. Oh God. What has he done to himself? What the hell has he done to myself? She pulled him into a deep hug.

Oh, Sammie. I am so happy that you agreed,” She gushed. Well he’s not happy that he did for a second, but if it makes her happy then he can at least suffer a little more.

“Well my cooperation comes with a price,” He informed her. The loving and appreciative side of her was gone as she pulled back to look up at him. In the place of that side of her was her more businesslike persona.

Name your price,” She sighed crossing her arms. A sheepish grin formed onto his face.

“One date and you stop bringing up the subject of marriage and kids. That’s my final offer,” He bargained.

Two,” She said.







“Two. Dang it.”

Yes!” She hissed proudly. He couldn’t believe he lost at that as per usual. This is a clear sign that he need to get better when it comes down to that.

“Fine. Two dates and that’s all I’m doing,” He said. She grinned broadly at that.

“Nice doing business with you,” She replied. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Are you happy with this outcome?” He inquired.

“Better than nothing,” She shrugged. He let out a soft chuckle. At least she agreed to let him do this on their agreed terms. It would have taken a lot more to have her completely give up on the idea in the first place.

“Since you agreed to this, my only condition is that you at least try to get to know her. Don’t half ass do it either because I’ll know,” She told him, “And don’t say you’re going to the bathroom only to leave and never go back. It’ll be hard for me to face her mother if that happens.”

“I’m not some heartless that would do that and if I’m still not interested in the slightest, then I’ll at least be truthful with her,” He replied.

“Your father and I raised you right,” She smiled, “Okay. Well your date is tonight. Have fun.”

“Wait. What? Mom, you-”

She giggled and walked right into her bedroom with the door closing behind her. He can’t believe it. He had been duped by his own mother. What the actual hell? He wished that he could have seen this coming because this is just foolishness. His mother is as cunning as a fox.

My father’s hand was soon on his shoulder again, but this time it was in a reassuring way. They both stood silently as he began to think about what to do.

“I don’t feel bad for you,” He murmured after a moment. He walked into his room and closed the door behind him. Why are they like this? Finally, he said goodbye to my parents and went home to get ready for tonight.

As soon as he walked through the front door of his home, his German Shepard, Dave, bounded up to him happily with his tail wagging and all. He almost made him fall back, but he managed to steady himself before that happened.

“Hey, Dave,” He chuckled. He barked in response to his greeting, then got down to the floor. He was glad that this guy never changes no matter how big he gets. He scratched behind his ear and walked up the stairs with him on his heels.

His phone began ringing inside of his pocket and he pressed accept.

“Hello?” He greeted.

“Sam, what are you doing tonight?” Mason, his childhood friend, asked. Mason was a 5′9, Taiwanese man like himself with short black hair, a strong jawline, dark brown eyes, and a lean body. Mason was the pure definition of playboy and he was always roping him into being his wingman whenever he met these women.

“Why? What do you need?” He questioned already feeling tired from their conversation.

“There’s this party going on tonight at this beautiful woman’s home and she invited me to come. I kind of need a wingman for tonight,” He informed him.

“So you want me to be the wingman?” He quirked an eyebrow.

“Ummm...yeah,” Mason replied.

“No,” Samuel answered. Mason groaned groaned loudly into the phone.

“Why?” He whined.

“Because I don’t want to and I have a date tonight too,” Samuel responded.

“And you can’t just stand her up?” Mason asked. He moved the phone away so he could give the phone an incredulous look. Is he for real?

“Mason, no. I’m not standing her up,” Samuel replied, “My mom set this up and we have a deal that I go on this date so she’ll stop trying to set me up.”

“Ugh! Now I have to ask Elijah,” He grumbled, “And he’s no fun.”

“I’m right here, you piece of shit,” Elijah hissed in the background.

“That doesn’t make you any less boring,” Mason countered. The sound of a loud smack let him know that Elijah has probably hit him upside the head. Samuel just laughed at their antics because Mason would do any and everything to piss off Elijah.

“Get the hell out of my office,” Elijah snapped.

“No way. Your receptionist is really cute,” Mason said.

“Sam, please help me,” Elijah said.

“I would, but I have my own problems right now. Mason, quit harassing him,” He responded.

“And since when did you agree to going on a date with a woman that your mother set you up with?” Elijah asked.

“When she agreed to let me live my life and quit trying to set me up,” He responded. Elijah and Maosn laughed.

“Well at least your mother quit. Mine is introducing me to one every single day,” Elijah said.

“You need to at least stand up to her and tell her not to do it, Elijah. Although I can’t be talking, you kind of need to set some boundaries,” He explained.

“I know. After the whole decorating incident, I should have already put my foot down, but she starts to guilt trip me and I can’t help it,” Elijah complained.

“Elijah, I feel your pain,” Mason remarked.

“How do you feel my pain when your parents gave up on you and the possibility of marriage?” Elijah asked. It’s true that Mason’s family gave up on him because of his playboy ways, which was lucky for him considering how he had at least three other siblings that had kids.

“Can you just accept the sympathy for what it is?” Mason hissed in irritation.

“Well thanks for the sympathy,” Elijah sarcastically quipped. Uh-oh. Here they go. These two are about to start arguing like an old married couple. Because Sam did not want to hear them arguing, he hung up the phone and went to go get ready for this date. Let’s hope that tonight goes well for him.

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