Love On Top (Revised)

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4. Samuel

As much as he, Samuel Zhāng, hated to admit, he had been tricked by own mother into going on a date with a woman that is a textbook definition of a contradiction. She was the opposite of what his mom had described her as and it was baffling, but he decided to continue the date and not just skip out on it because that’s not his style and never has been.

Since the night was still young, he decided to take his date to an opera that he somehow had tickets to. While she was enjoying that, he took a moment for himself to kind of breathe. A loud sigh made its way out of his lips as he stood at the bottom of the stairs. A soft giggle followed after causing him to look over to find a beautiful woman with chocolate skin standing right beside him.

“Rough night?” She asked. Like she wouldn’t believe. His night was more than rough because his date had been going on and on and on about her ex that she had broken up with a week ago after five years, and he really didn’t care to hear about the guy. She was also a little emotional too and cried about the guy in the middle of dinner and that made a couple of other people look at him in disgust. Not only that, but when the waiter had gotten her order wrong she had cursed him out dramatically, which caused him to abruptly end their dinner and go to the opera where nobody would set her off further. He was beginning to regret even agreeing to this entire thing because the woman had a few screws loose.

“Is it that obvious?” He furrowed his brows together.

“Yeah, but I can’t be talking,” She rolled her eyes.

“Bad date?” He questioned.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” She muttered sitting on a close by bench. He joined her on the bench.

“Let me guess you got set up on a bad date?” He joked. Her expression formed into a surprise one as she looked at him. Wow. He did not expect for her to be in the same predicament as him at all. He was half joking to be honest.

“That’s scary accurate,” She remarked.

“It really is, but it’s not like yours is crying their eyes out over an ex they broke up with like a week ago,” He said.

“Weirdly enough, he is crying his eyes about his ex. Some girl named Tiffany,” She responded. It was Samuel’s turn to look at her in surprise.

“Tiffany you said?” He questioned.

“Mhm,” She nodded.

“Is your date’s name Christopher?” He inquired. She nodded silently and then came to the realization of what was happening here.

“Are we on dates with two emotionally unavailable people?” She groaned. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“What did my mom get me into?” They both said in unison. They looked at each and laughed heartily at the situation. It was hilarious how they were both in this situation together.

“My name is Samuel, but everyone calls me Sam,” He said.

“Daphne, but everyone calls me Daphne,” She joked. He chuckled.

“Beautiful and funny,” He remarked. Daphne’s cheeks heated up at his compliment.

“Well I try,” She smiled. They both began to talk to each other for at least ten to fifteen minutes before heading back to their respective dates.

“If I could I would totally ditch this date, but sadly he’s my ride,” Daphne rolled her eyes.

“Same, but I’m her ride,” He murmured, “I’m not exactly the type to just leave a woman stranded no matter how much I don’t like.”

“You’re the first guy I’ve heard say that. A lot of guys I’ve dated did the opposite,” She responded.

“That’s just rude. They should have at least drove you home instead of leaving you stranded,” He frowned.

“They didn’t care either way,” She shrugged, “I’m a little used to it to be honest.”

That was very disappointing to hear, especially from her. Sam did not know why, but he could not stand the fact that she was used to that treatment from men. He hated that she had to get used to it because of those bastards.

Just as he was about to say something, they were met with the sight of their dates walking hand in hand together and laughing. Samuel crossed his arms and Daphne just quirked an eyebrow at the sight. It seemed as if their dates had patched things up with each other.

“Oh! Samuel,” Tiffany snatched her hand away from Daphne’s date, Christopher. They both had guilty looks on their faces from being caught in the act. It’s not that those two cared for what they did, but they were upset about the fact that they weren’t upfront about what they actually wanted.

“No need to hide it, Tiffany,” Samuel said.

“He’s right, Christopher. There is really no need to hide it at all,” Daphne assured him.

“Oh good,” Christopher sighed in relief. Samuel’s attention turned towards the guy as soon as he heard that. He was wary of what the guy would say to her next.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Daphne narrowed her eyes at him. Samuel could tell that she was wanting to hear the other reason behind his relief other than getting back with his ex.

“You’re a a nice girl and all, but you weren’t nice enough for me to forget Tiffany,” He responded. This guy, in Sam’s opinion, was a huge asshole. Tiffany just giggled as if the situation was funny causing Daphne to glare at her icily.

“When you say ‘nice’, what do you mean by that?” Daphne questioned. Christopher seemed hesitant to even answer the question at all.

“Don’t stall. C’mon and tell me what you mean so I can decide on whether or not I’ll get mad and knock you out,” Daphne made a gesture that signaled for him to continue.

“Fine. You’re too fat,” Christopher admitted, “From the moment I saw you walk out of your home, I could not believe that your mother and mine even tried to set us up. It’s really astonishing how they thought I could just overlook how obese you are.”

Before she could even respond, Samuel had punched the loser hard in the face. Daphne gasped and Tiffany rushed to the man’s side.

“Samuel! Are you crazy?!” She screeched.

“Not as crazy as this bastard who doesn’t even realize this woman’s beauty,” Samuel spat.

“Beauty?! That disgraceful cow isn’t worth anything. She’s ugly and you’re delusional if you think that she is even remotely attractive,” Tiffany hissed. Daphne just turned on her heel and walked away. Samuel commended her for doing that because one more second of hearing someone insult him like that would have been a real problem.

“Tiffany,” Samuel said.

“What?!” She spat.

“Fuck you,” Samuel responded. Tiffany gasped and began screaming insults at his retreating back. He was sure that many people heard her screeching like a banshee.

After exiting the opera house, Samuel decided to go and find Daphne. Both of their dates had failed, but only one of them had a ride home while the other did not. When he had gotten outside, he found her sitting on the stairs of the opera house with her phone in hand.

“Arabella, he was just as you had suspected, a great big ass,” She said into the phone. Samuel walked down the stairs and took a seat right next to her. Daphne looked over at him for a moment.

“He’s all of that too, Arabella, but the night wasn’t too bad,” Daphne smiled at Samuel, “At least I was able to meet this really handsome guy.”

Samuel laughed softly, “Make that an extremely handsome guy.”

“Oh I’m sorry, Arabella. He’s an extremely good looking person,” Daphne rolled her eyes. She listened to her friend speak before an irritated look formed on her features. She held the phone away and pressed accept without even looking while shaking her head.

“What happened to your friend?” He asked. Daphne just gave him a look and he chuckled.

“Do you need a ride home?” Samuel questioned.

“I don’t know about that,” Daphne chuckled nervously. Samuel could understand her rejection to the idea because there are men out there who will offer women rides only to do horrible things to them, especially in an Uber.

“Did you call someone to give you a ride?” He asked. He hoped that she had called a close friend because he did not like the idea of a woman like her getting into one so late at night.

“Umm...well everyone I know is really busy tonight and I did not want to bother them,” She replied. He frowned a little at her response. She was lying and he could tell.

“That certainly won’t do,” Samuel said.

“What?” She asked.

“Leaving you stranded,” He answered.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to give me a ride or anything. I’ll figure something out,” She assured him.

“I wouldn’t feel right just leaving you here alone nor would I feel right allowing you to ride in a Uber by yourself,” He explained. She began to think about his words and kind of agreed that an Uber at this hour wasn’t all that smart because who knows what kind of driver she would get.

“Okay. You can give me a ride,” She finally agreed. He stood to his feet and dusted himself off. He went down a couple steps before turning to her with his hand outstretched. Daphne smiled and took his hand. He helped her up and even helped her down the stairs. The valet brought his car around and he thanked him before opening the door for her.

“What’s your address?” He asked once they were both settled in. He held out his phone with GPS already pulled away. She took it from him and typed in her address. He started the route and they began their hour long journey to Daphne’s home.

“You know what kind of baffles me about this evening?” Samuel questioned.

“What?” Daphne replied.

“The fact that my mom actually thought I would like opera,” He told her. She looked at him for a moment before laughing.

“Mine too. She’s always tried to get me into it, but the only thing close to an opera I’ll ever like is Bohemian Rhapsody,” Daphne giggled.

“You like Bohemian Rhapsody?” Samuel looked at her in surprise.

“It’s a pretty great song. My dad introduced me to it when I was a kid,” She answered. Samuel was amazed at her like for Queen. He’s never been around a woman who’s had a taste for Queen at all.

“What’s your other favorite song by Queen?” He asked her. She tapped her finger against her chin as she began to contemplate.

“Hmm...I’d say that it would have to be Somebody To Love as cheesy as it sounds,” She responded.

“It’s not cheesy to me. It’s actually pretty cool that you like it,” He said.

“What about you?” Daphne asked.

“Mine has to be Killer Queen,“He informed her.

“Really? I used to be so obsessed with that song when I was a kid,” She said.

“Oh really?” He laughed.

“Yeah. My dad used to turn it all the way up in the car and we’d just sing to it,” She answered.

“My dad used to do the same, especially with his Guns n’ Roses tape,” Samuel smiled.

“My dad was a huge fan of them as well including Alice Cooped,” She added.

“I could never really get into Alice Cooped,” He told her.

“Me either. They had one good song that I liked,” She agreed, “Have you ever listened to Fleetwood Mac?”

“Definitely. My mom was so obsessed with them that every single car was filled with us listening to them,” He replied.

“My older sister Faith introduced me to them when I was a kid and I’ve been in love with them since then,” Daphne smiled.

“ you listen to any modern artists?” He asked.

“Yeah. The xx are a pretty great group, but I don’t know if you’re into slow songs,” She answered.

“You’re talking to a guy who just left an opera house,” He joked. She giggled.

“Oh wow. How brave of you,” She teased

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