Love On Top (Revised)

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5. Daphne

“How could you say those things to your sister? She did nothing to you at all and you’re just sitting here insulting her. You know how sensitive she is and yet you just sat there hurting her feelings. Not to mention that her in-laws were there to listen to that horrific display,” Her mother scolded, “Do you realize how embarrassing that was for me? Do you realize how this makes me look as a mother?”

It took everything within her being to not roll her eyes at her. Daphne’s mother always loved to ignore the wrong doing Sydney would do and make her out to be innocent while Daphne was the bad guy. This is how it always played out. Sydney would start with her first and then their mother would scold Daphne instead. It’s unfair how she even handled situations like this. Their dad hated it when she did this and made sure to give Sydney and Daphne equal treatment whenever they would argue, but this lady right here. No. She would rather pin the entire thing onto Daphne and act as if she was the problem.

“ makes me look like I didn’t even raise you correctly. It makes me look like a bad mother,” She exaggerated. Without even thinking, Daphne rolled her eyes at that statement. She grabbed her cheeks hard and forced her to look at her. Her expression was that of anger and it seemed like Daphne’s little act of defiance was enough to make her this way.

“Daphne! Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me again,” She snapped. Tears formed in her eyes from how hard the older woman she was grabbing her face. She tried to move her hands from her face, but her grip just became tighter.

“If you ever, and I mean ever, dare to roll your eyes at my again you will regret it,” She hissed, “Do you understand?”

Silently, she nodded in fear of what her mother would do next.

“I don’t what that means. Speak,” She ordered.

“Y-Yes, ma’am,” Daphne whimpered. She finally released her face and then straightened out her clothes.

“Fix your damn face before you come in here,” She harshly remarked. Without another word, she walked back inside the shop while her daughter was left standing outside with sore cheeks. People who had witnessed the entire thing along with two employees inside the shop gave her looks of sympathy. It was embarrassing to have them looking at her like that. Quickly, she wiped away the tears and headed back inside. The two employees that had been staring were still giving her those same looks.

“E-Excuse me,” She shakily said.

“The bathroom is just down the hall and to your left. Take all the time you need, hon,” The receptionist informed. Daphne mouthed a soft thank you and walked down the hall to the bathroom to clean face.

She stayed there for a while, which probably worried everyone else except her mother and Sidney. Arabella came into the bathroom moments later and when she saw her friend’s face she gasped and walked over.

“Daphne, what the hell did she do to your face?” She angrily asked. She began to fuss over her best friend as she inspected her reddened cheeks.

“You can’t keep letting her do this to you. This is so horrible, Daphne,” She murmured, “Honestly, that woman is the damn devil.”

“What the hell do you expect me to do? She’s my mother,” Daphne snapped. She didn’t mean to snap at Arabella, but she was just frustrated at herself for not being able to do anything to go against the woman who had raised her.

“Stick up to her or something! You can’t just let her keep putting hands on you and saying that same shit over and over!” Arabella exclaimed, “Yeah she’s your mother, but you’re an adult. Not a damn child.”

“I know that I’m an adult, but I can’t just cause conflict with her. That’s not what my dad would have wanted,” Daphne responded. She sighed out of frustration.

“Do you really think that your dad, and that’s if he were here, would appreciate you allowing that damn woman to put her hands on you?!” Arabella asked, “Because from the shit I heard from you about him, it doesn’t seem like he would tolerate that at all. In fact I bet you he would get into your mom’s ass so quick about it that she would think twice about ever touching you in general.”

That made her just stop and think about what she was saying. She was right. Her dad would not have tolerated her doing this, but at the same time she didn’t want to destroy our family over something petty like this.

“Look. I only want what’s best for you and if the best means cutting off your devil of a mother, then I support your decision all the way. As for Sidney and Marcella, fuck them and their opinions on what you should do. They’re too far gone to even be saved, especially Sidney,” Arabella told her.

“Arabella, thanks for saying this, but can we just go back out there? I really don’t want to face her again,” She mumbled. She looked at her for a moment and then sighed before nodding.

Once she felt as if her face looked decent, the two women walked back to where everyone else was. They had possibly taken too much time because everyone was gathering their things and discussing plans for lunch.

“Lunch is a great idea. There’s a great little restaurant around here that I frequent with my friends,” My mom smiled. Arabella and Daphne joined them as if nothing had happened. Her mother gazed at my from the corner of her eye for a moment before turning to acknowledge my presence. She plastered a smile onto her face as she looked at her daughter.

“Daphne, will you and Arabella be joining us?” She asked. Although she was asking, the meaning behind it let the young woman know that it was mandatory for her to go.

“Umm...y-yeah sure,” Daphne replied, “Arabella and I are going to leave after though. We’re going out tonight.”

“Oh well I hope you two have fun,” She responded. Her expression wasn’t pleasant at all. In fact, it was very unpleasant. It seemed as if she wasn’t happy at all with her statement, but as far as she could tell we did not have plans tonight, which Daphne was thankful for.

“What could you two possibly do tonight that’s even remotely important? It’s not like you two have a social life to speak of,” Sydney scoffed. That pissed off the dark chocolate girl beside her because she was ready to pounce on her like a lioness. To prevent Sydney from getting the ass whooping she deserved, Daphne grabbed Arabella’s arm and gave it a squeeze. She calmed down and glared at Sydney hatefully.

Arabella huffed and looked away counting to ten before she did anything else to hurt the evil sister of her best friend. Arabella hates Sydney with a passion and it was no secret to anyone at all, especially after that one time in college when Arabella revealed how much she hated the girl. That incident was one that Daphne would never forget. However, it seems as if Sydney did.

One of Fredrick’s aunts said, “There’s a club downtown that you girls need to try. I’ve heard that it was a great spot to go to.”

“We do need to go somewhere new anyway,” Arabella said. Daphne was relieved that her best friend had best friend had been distracted. They all began walking out of the bridal shop with Daphne and Arabella staying close to Fredrick’s aunt and her sister Faith. She did not want to be anywhere near Marcella, Sydney, or her Mother at all after what happened earlier. She knew Sydney would rub it in her face about what their mother did, her mother would scold her again about something really insignificant, and Marcella would tell her that she deserved what had been done.

“Maybe I need to go out tonight,” Faith chimed in, “It has been ages since I’ve went out and had fun.”

“Why don’t you join us then? It’ll be fun,” Arabella told her.

“Hmm. I’ll have to tell Bryce, but sure I’ll go,” Faith smiles. Bryce was Faith’s husband of ten years and he was the only success story from their mother’s blind dates. Bryce loved Faith very much and she loved him all the same. Those two were the definition of black love with their two beautiful children, Nia and Brandon. Daphne and her brother Chad approved of Bryce because he was such a great man to their sister and he did not do anything to hurt her at all. Their marriage was one that Daphne desired the most in this world.

“How are Bryce and the kids? Daphne told me that you guys went on a trip to Bali last month,” Arabella said. Faith’s expression turned into her usual dreamy one whenever Bryce came up in conversation.

“They’re doing fine. Bryce went back to work this week, Nia is in daycare, and Brandon is currently back in school,” Faith responded, “The trip to Bali was amazing. Do you want to see pictures?”

“Sure,” Arabella nodded. Her and Arabella went off into their own little conversation together about the trip that Daphne already heard about so much.

When they left the dress shop, they all went into their separate vehicles.

“Your mom did not look too happy about you going out tonight,” Arabella said.

“No she did not,” Daphne sighed loudly. She knew her mother did not approve of her going out to the club because she felt that it wasn’t “ladylike”.

“She’s just negative towards anything you do and it’s annoying. She needs to get a life and leave you alone,” Arabella explained. Daphne said nothing because she knew what her friend was saying was true. Her mother was not happy with anything she did and it showed every single day.

They arrived at the restaurant her mother suggested and Daphne was checking her appearance before they actually went in. As for Arabella, she was hanging out the window catcalling some good looking men that passed by. She wolf whistled at one man passing by that was in some real nice workout clothes.

“Hey, sexy! I see that print through those short!” Arabella called out to him. The guy chuckled and just continued walking.

“Oh c’mon, handsome! Come back here so I can give you a taste of chocolate,” Arabella called after him. Daphne almost choked on her water when she heard that. She could not believe that her friend had just said that with her crazy self. She knew Arabella was bold, but not that bold.

“Arabella, stop!” Daphne hissed. The woman just laughed hysterically.

“What? I’m just giving them compliments,” She smirked, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

“I get that, but you are out of pocket,” Daphne responded.

“Whatever,” Arabella rolled her eyes. She continued looking out the window until her eyes landed upon a Puerto Rican with a nicely toned body and long curly hair. The man caught Daphne’s eye as well as he passed by with his equally fine friends.

“HEY! Puerto Rican Papi!” Arabella exclaimed, “Bring your fine ass over here!”

The man sent a smile their way.

“Uh-uh. Don’t just smile at me, handsome! Bring that ass over here!” Arabella told him. Daphne pinches Arabella’s side, but she laughed again. This girl was about to get them into some trouble, especially since he was making his way over to them.

“You called, beautiful?” The man smiled mostly at Daphne.

“I called, but my friend here will gladly continue the conversation,” Arabella informed him. The man chuckled and turned to Daphne.

“So, beautiful. Do you have a name?” He asked.

“It’s Daphne, but you can call me the woman of your dreams,” She flirted. He chuckled softly giving her goosebumps.

“My name is Angel, but you can call me your man for now,” He winked at her.

“Oh really now?” She cooed.

“Mhm,” He bit his lip as his eyes roamed over her curvaceous body.

“Since you’re my future man, you wouldn’t mind giving me your number?” Daphne questioned holding out her phone.

“Straight to the point. I like that,” He smiled. If he smiled at her one more time, then she would not be able to go inside with any panties on. He typed his number into her phone and saved it under his name.

“Give me a call sometime, beautiful,” He said, “I’ll definitely pick up for you.”

“I’ll hold you to your word,” She smiled. He kissed her hand and then headed back towards his friends. Daphne and Arabella looked at each other then grinned like hyenas.

“Ooh! He was so fine,” Arabella broke the silence.

“Yes he was and that damn smile was too much,” Daphne fanned herself.

“Girl, yes. That smile was too damn much for me,” Arabella agreed. They both got out of the car and headed towards the restaurant together.

“I can tell just from the way he walks that he has a big dick,” Arabella gushed.

“Of course he does and he probably knows what to do with it,” Daphne smiled.

“You better thank me now for giving you the gift of a beautiful man,” Arabella said. Daphne pulled her best friend into a hug.

“Thank you so much for being the greatest wing woman known to man. You are a godsend. An angel sent from heaven. A miracle, a-”

“Okay. I said thank me, not inflate my ego to the point of where my head bursts,” Arabella said. Daphne giggles and pulled away from her before they headed inside. Daphne and Arabella spotted their party and they walked over to sit down with them. Daphne took the empty seat next to her sister Faith and Arabella sat down beside her best friend.

“Who was that guy y’all were talking to outside?” Faith whispered low is for the two newcomers to hear. Faith’s menu was held up as a sort of privacy shield to keep their conversation private.

“Daphne’s future baby daddy,” Arabella whispered back. Faith chuckled.

“Well he looks like he has some strong swimmers,” Faith said. Daphne and Arabella just looked at her before the three of them began laughing.

“Now what is so funny that has you disturbing others?” Daphne’s mother asked. The humorous atmosphere was gone in an instant as soon as she heard her mother ask that question. She knew her mother didn’t want to know at all. She just wanted them to be quiet because she felt like they were being a nuisance.

“Nothing really,” Faith mumbled. An uncomfortable silence had passed as they went back to looking at their menus.

“Daphne, who was that young man you were talking to outside?” Sydney said. All eyes were suddenly on Daphne, especially her mother’s eyes that were filled with disapproval. She knew why Sydney was doing this and it was to get her scolded.

“Just a guy I met while out with Arabella,” Daphne responded chuckling nervously. Her mother’s gaze continued to burn holes into her face.

“Wow. Where is that waited? He is taking so long,” Arabella spoke up trying to ease the tension.

“You’re right. I’m starving over here,” Faith agreed catching on to what the other woman was doing.

“Really? Is he friend or one of your partners?” Sydney smirked. She really wished her sister would just shut the hell up.

“A friend,” Daphne clenched her teeth.

“A friend, you say?” Her mother asked with disapproval in her voice. She knew the woman could see right through her lies and she knew the woman could not wait to tear into her again.

“Yeah. We met at and we’ve been hanging out ever since,” Daphne lied.

“Ooh Yeah. That party was extremely fun,” Arabella smiles. Daphne was glad that her best friend had her back.

“Well since he’s your friend, you should bring him around sometime so I can meet him,” Her mother smiled.

“Okay,” Daphne nodded stiffly. The conversation shifted by the grace of Faith who decided it was best to get the heat off of her sister. Daphne sipped the water that on the table to relieve her parched throat. She knew the conversation was far from over and she feared the continuation of it.

Arabella leaned towards her friend and whispered, “Sorry about this.”

“It’s-ugh!” Daphne was cut off by the feeling of her best friend punching her in the stomach. She clutched her abdomen from the pain and leaned her head against the table.

“Daphne, are you okay?” Faith gasped. Daphne shook her head slowly.

“Oh no. What happened?” Fredrick’s mother asked worriedly.

“She has been complaining about stomach pain all day, but she insisted on going out today,” Arabella rubbed her friend’s back soothingly.

“Oh gosh. Will she be okay?” Fredrick’s aunt questioned.

“I don’t think so. She’s been ignoring the pain all day and I guess it really hit her hard,” Arabella informed.

“Maybe she should go home and rest? I don’t think she’s well enough to sit here any longer,” Faith said.

“Oh please,” Sydney scoffed, “She’s totally faking.”

“To you, but you weren’t there when she had to pull over on the side of the road,” Arabella snapped.

“Daphne, why don’t you go home and rest? It’s best if you don’t strain yourself too much,” Faith suggested.

“I’ll take her home since she drove here,” Arabella said.

“Okay,” Faith nodded. Arabella helped her friend up from the chair.

“Sorry...everyone,” Daphne managed to get out.

“It’s fine, dear. You just rest,” Fredrick’s mother said. The woman winked at them discreetly. Thank God She was on their side. As the two women struggled out of the restaurant, Daphne could feel her mother and Marcella’s eyes burning into her back. She could still feel them all the way to the car where Arabella laid her across the backseat.

Once away from the building completely, Daphne popped up and climbed into the front seat.

“Thanks,” She smiled appreciatively.

“No problem. You would have done the same for me,” Arabella smiled back.

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