Love On Top (Revised)

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7. Daphne

“Daphne, tonight you have a date with Christopher Lee, the son of Nicholas Lee,” Daphne’s mother informed her. The two of them were having afternoon tea with her grandmother and three sisters to discuss the wedding, and to scold Daphne for her behavior over the past few days.

“What? I was going to finish editing tonight for work,” Daphne replied. The artist that she had a hard time getting a hold of had moved their interview up to Wednesday, which gave Daphne all of Thursday and Friday morning to finish editing the article before emailing it to her editor.

“Well you’ll just have to put it off to go on this date,” Her mother said. She was always doing this. Placing other insignificant things before her livelihood as if they would pay the bills.

“Mom, I have to edit this article and send it in before the deadline. I can’t just put it off for some date,” Daphne replied. Her mother glared in her direction at her defiance.


“Don’t you speak, Diane,” Daphne’s grandmother cut her off. The older woman was someone she hated to hear from the most whenever her mother was about to scold her. She always made sure to say things that would cut deeply and didn’t care about hurting her granddaughter’s feelings. The woman was just plain awful to Daphne and Daphne alone, which pissed her father and brother off to no end.

“Your mother went through the trouble of setting up this date for you and yet you sit here acting ungrateful when you can’t even get one with your appearance. You are such a spoiled little girl and I can not believe your father rejected the idea of you living with me. You would have been better off living with me,” Her grandmother scolded. Daphne looked down at the table shamefully as the old woman tore into her like there was no problem.

“You better be happy that she’s helping you to find someone because I’m sure that any man that is within a fifty mile radius is repulsed by the sight of you. You are obese and it is disgusting. Just think about your future husband and how he will feel lying next to a woman that takes up the entire bed. He’ll feel repulsed,” Her grandmother stated with venom in her words. Daphne could feel her eyes stinging with tears.

“Grandma, please stop,” Faith pleaded.

“Hush,” Their grandmother threw up her hand to silence her, “Just look at Sydney. She’s so slim and pretty with a fiancé that isn’t repulsed by her and here you are. Fat, single, and living with a mutt while your little career is going nowhere. If your mother was not helping you now, then you’d just be some fat, pathetic woman who repulses any man with eyes at the sight of her.”

It was always like this. Her grandmother had always been like this towards her. She would always say the most hurtful things under the guise of scolding her, but she knew the truth. The old bat just wanted to spread her poison to her in any way, shape, or form. All Daphne could was just take abuse because she knew that standing up to them would just end with her mother, Sydney, and Marcella ganging up on her.

“And I heard the rumors about you sleeping with those men your mother set you up with. I’m am very embarrassed that you would do that like some loose woman, but I’m not surprised that you would turn to that anyway considering how you can’t find a man interested in you long enough to want something serious with you,” Her grandmother continued, “You are a disgrace to your mother and a disgrace to this entire family.”

“GRANDMOTHER!” Faith exclaimed. Biting her lower hard, Daphne stood up abruptly from the table and mumbled low goodbyes. Her grandmother and mother called after her, but she continued walking without looking back. The tears she was trying to hold back had started spilling from her eyes. She quickly got into her car and started it.

“Daphne! Wait! Daphne!” Faith called out to her. She ignored her sister as she called out to her and backed out of the driveway quickly.

As she drove home, her phone rang like crazy from the amount of calls she was receiving from her mother. Because she couldn’t take it anymore, she turned the phone off completely and continued her journey home.

When she arrived at home, she went straight to her room. Sensing his owner’s saddened mood, Cristian walked up towards her and rubbed his head against her leg. Daphne sat down upon her bed and lifted him up there with her. She smiled as she scratched behind his ears for a moment before finally breaking down into tears.

The old woman always made sure that Daphne felt lower than she should whenever she would visit her home and she hated it. The old woman was very negative to her and she had always been that way since she was born. She would always say something negative to Daphne whether her feelings were hurt or not. This type of thing led to her avoiding her own grandmother altogether and keeping her visits with her almost at zero. However, her mother would always guilt trip her and drag her over there anyway. She preferred her grandmother on her father’s compared to that old bat. At least that grandmother loved her and treated her like a human being instead of some type of insect that needed to be crushed.

She wished the old woman would just leave her alone and stop insulting her the way she does, but she will never change. She’s always acted that way since she was born and no amount of hope in the world could change that.

After crying for some time, Daphne lord down in her bed with Cristian and fell asleep once an alarm had been set. She decided to rest before this dreaded date of hers. When she woke up again, she got up and got ready for the dreaded date. She wanted so badly to call the man and tell him that she was sick, but she did not have his number and knew her mother would not give it to her for that fact. Daphne has called in sick on her dates countless times to the point of where her own mother won’t even let her contact the men at all even if it’s to confirm that they were on their way.

Once the finishing touches were made and Cristian has been relieved, the doorbell rang signaling that he had arrived. Daphne grabbed her coat and a clutch, and then headed downstairs. As soon as she opened the door, she was met with an average looking man in an expensive suit. When his eyes landed on her, she could tell that he did not like what he saw. His face had disgust on it, but he quickly covered it up with a smile.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Mhm,” She nodded silently. She stepped out of her home and locked the door behind her. They walked towards his car, but he did not open the door for her. He just got in and buckled up. Daphne sighed softly to herself and got into the car.

“So where are you taking me tonight?” Daphne asked breaking the silence.

“The opera house,” He answered. Daphne did not like opera at all. She detested it to be honest, but she didn’t judge anyone who did. Opera was not her cup of tea and never will be.

“So, Daphne. What do you for a living?” He asked.

“I’m a journalist for this online magazine called Xena,” She answered.

“Journalist?” He made a face, “I thought you were unemployed.”

All she could do was just roll her eyes. Her mother probably had a hand in this. She knew the woman was telling these men that she was unemployed, which was stupid within itself. How else could she afford to live in her house? Yeah her dad left her and her siblings a lot of money, and I mean a lot, but she wasn’t about to sit on her ass all day doing nothing until it ran out.

“No I’m not unemployed. I’m sorry that you were mislead by false information,” Daphne responded. Her mother was really digging a hole for herself by lying like this. Nine times out of ten this would get back to this man’s mother like it has in the past and they’ll call her out on it, which will in turn cause her to catch some heat. What’s the point in lying to these men about what she does? If she ends up marrying one of them and they start asking questions about where she’s getting the money, what is she going to say?

“What exactly are your responsibilities as a journalist?” He inquired.

“Pretty much write columns on trends, music, and fashion. Sometimes I’ll do at least one column about relationships if my editor asks me to,” She explained.

“Wait. So you’re just some for tween girls?” He asked. All she could do was look away and make a face.

“We don’t cater to younger girls. Just teenagers and young adults,” She answered.

“That are desperate enough to let some stranger give them advice about their pathetic love lives,” He joked.

Daphne sighed softly out of exasperation. This was going to be a long and painful night. This man was going to push all of her buttons tonight and it was going to take everything in her to keep calm.

Fast forward to after he had been punched by her new acquaintance and his ex-turned-girlfriend had made snide remarks, Daphne turned on her heel and swiftly walked away from them. If she had stayed, then she would have punched the girl in the face. It was best for her to walk away now before she did something that would cost her money.

As soon as she was outside, she sat on the stairs and took out her phone. She dialed Arabella’s number and pressed the phone to her ear. Her best friend wasted no time answering the call.

“It sucked didn’t it?” Arabella asked.

“Of course it did,” She answered.

“What did this one do?” Arabella questioned.

“When he picked me up, he had this disgusted look on his face that he tried to play off-”

“What the hell? What does he even look like?” Arabella said.

“Like your average Chad,” Daphne responded.

“Wow and he had the nerve to look at you like that? He is not all that good looking to be doing that,” Arabella said.

“No he’s not,” Daphne agreed.

“So what else did he do?” Arabella questioned.

“On our way here, he began to belittle my job as if it wasn’t all that special and said that I wrote for pathetic women that were desperate enough to get advice from a stranger-”

“Hold on. Why the fuck would he say that?” She asked.

“Because he’s an ass. An ass with money,” Daphne rolled her eyes, “And let’s not forget the fact that my mother practically lied to the man and said that I was unemployed, which was dumb within itself.”

“Again? Does this woman think before she acts?” Arabella questioned.

“Hell no. She’s just sitting up here lying to these guys like they don’t have the right to know the truth and getting mad when they find out. Like think before you do because lying to these men isn’t going to work out anyone. What’s going to happen when if I marry someone who she picks out and they think I’m unemployed? They’re going to ask where the money is coming from,” Daphne explained.

“That’s totally true,” Arabella agreed, “Your mom is delusional to think that lying to them will work because at some point they’re going to ask how you got the car, the house, and all those other nice things.”

“Exactly,” Daphne said.

“You mentioned earlier that he was crying about his ex?” Arabella asked.

“Yeah he was crying about that girl like a weirdo. I understand that you guys broke up and all, but do you really think that it’s a good idea to sit up here and go on dates? That’s unfair to everyone involved,” Daphne answered.

“It really is and I feel so bad for you,” Arabella said. Daphne noticed her new acquaintance, Sam, taking a seat right next to her. She glanced at him for a moment.

“Arabella, he was just as you had suspected, a great big ass,” Daphne sighed.

“A giant ass,” Arabella added.

“He’s all of that too, Arabella, but the night wasn’t too bad,” Daphne smiled at Samuel, “At least I was able to meet this really handsome guy.”

Samuel laughed softly, “Make that an extremely handsome guy.”

“Oh I’m sorry, Arabella. He’s an extremely good looking person,” Daphne rolled her eyes.

“Well you better make the night even better and take him back to your place,” Arabella said. An irritated look formed on her features at that suggestion. She held the phone away as Arabella continued to make some sexual remarks and hung it up quickly.

“What happened to your friend?” He asked. Daphne just gave him a look and he chuckled.

“Do you need a ride home?” Samuel questioned. As much as she appreciated the offer, she did not know this man at all and she did not know his intentions either. He seemed like a nice guy, but she wasn’t all that keen on taking a ride from a stranger she just met moments ago.

“I don’t know about that,” Daphne chuckled nervously.

“Did you call someone to give you a ride?” He asked. She did have some people she could call, but to ask them to come out this far for her was not something she wanted to do at all. It would just be inconveniencing them and she hated doing that.

“Umm...well everyone I know is really busy tonight and I did not want to bother them,” She replied. Yeah she was lying, but she’d rather do that than tell him the truth. It was best for her to possibly take a Lyft back home, even though it was late and the weirdos came out.

“That certainly won’t do,” Samuel said.

“What?” She asked.

“Leaving you stranded,” He answered.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to give me a ride or anything. I’ll figure something out,” She assured him.

“I wouldn’t feel right just leaving you here alone nor would I feel right allowing you to ride in a Uber by yourself,” He explained. She began to think about his words and kind of agreed that a Lyft at this hour wasn’t all that smart because who knows what kind of driver she would get.

“Okay. You can give me a ride,” She finally agreed. He stood to his feet and dusted himself off. He went down a couple steps before turning to her with his hand outstretched. Daphne smiled and took his hand. He helped her up and even helped her down the stairs. The valet brought his car around and he thanked him before opening the door for her.

“What’s your address?” He asked once they were both settled in. He held out his phone with GPS already pulled away. She took it from him and typed in her address. He started the route and they began their hour long journey to Daphne’s home.

“You know what kind of baffles me about this evening?” Samuel questioned.

“What?” Daphne replied.

“The fact that my mom actually thought I would like opera,” He told her. She looked at him for a moment before laughing. Her mother always tried to force feed her and her siblings “classical” things that they all detested with a passion. It was her way of trying to make her children seem more cultured within her social circle.

“Mine too. She’s always tried to get me into it, but the only thing close to an opera I’ll ever like is Bohemian Rhapsody,” Daphne giggled.

“You like Bohemian Rhapsody?” Samuel looked at her in surprise.

“It’s a pretty great song. My dad introduced me to it when I was a kid,” She answered. Most guys are amazed when she told them that she liked Bohemian Rhapsody, or just any Queen son in general. It was a huge shock to them for some reason and she knew it was because of her appearance.

“What’s your other favorite song by Queen?” He asked her. She tapped her finger against her chin as she began to contemplate.

“Hmm...I’d say that it would have to be Somebody To Love as cheesy as it sounds,” She responded.

“It’s not cheesy to me. It’s actually pretty cool that you like it,” He said.

“What about you?” Daphne asked.

“Mine has to be Killer Queen,“He informed her.

“Really? I used to be so obsessed with that song when I was a kid,” She said.

“Oh really?” He laughed.

“Yeah. My dad used to turn it all the way up in the car and we’d just sing to it,” She answered.

“My dad used to do the same, especially with his Guns n’ Roses tape,” Samuel smiled.

“My dad was a huge fan of them as well including Alice Cooper,” She added.

“I could never really get into Alice Cooper,” He told her.

“Me either. They had one good song that I liked,” She agreed, “Have you ever listened to Fleetwood Mac?”

“Definitely. My mom was so obsessed with them that every single car was filled with us listening to them,” He replied.

“My older sister Faith introduced me to them when I was a kid and I’ve been in love with them since then,” Daphne smiled.

“ you listen to any modern artists?” He asked.

“Yeah. The xx are a pretty great group, but I don’t know if you’re into slow songs,” She answered.

“You’re talking to a guy who just left an opera house,” He joked. She giggled.

“Oh wow. How brave of you,” She teased.

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