Love On Top (Revised)

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9. Daphne

“You and that Angel guy still talking?” Arabella asked applying her lipgloss. The two women were planning on going out to the club tonight to celebrate Arabella’s birthday with a couple of other friends from college. Daphne has everything planned out for Arabella’s birthday, which meant that she made sure that her best friend had the greatest and most memorable night of her life.

“I am,” Daphne smiled.

“Mhm. I bet,” Arabella smirked. Whatever Arabella was thinking was going on between Angel and Daphne was completely and totally right. The two adults had met with each other quite a few times during the day and evening to hang out, which mostly involved sex and talking afterwards. It was an arrangement that Daphne and Angel had agreed on together.

“Did you invite him to join us tonight?” Arabella asked.

“Hell nah,” Daphne shook her head.

“And why not?” Arabella cocked an eyebrow.

“Because tonight is about you and you alone, no men allowed,” Daphne answered.

“Girl, I wouldn’t have mind if you invited him,” Arabella said.

“Well he’s not coming so too bad, so sad,” Daphne told her. Her best friend rolled her eyes and swiped the corner of her lips. Daphne’s phone, as if on cue, rang. The two women looked down at the phone to see who was calling. A smirk formed onto Arabella’s face as soon as she saw the name while her best friend’s face burned from embarrassment.

“Shut up,” Daphne said.

“What? I didn’t say anything,” Arabella smirked.

“Your face says everything,” She replied. Arabella laughed while her best friend picked up the phone. Daphne pressed accept. Angel’s face soon appeared on the screen. He wasn’t all the way clothed, which was great for Daphne’s appreciative eyes.

“Ooh. Where you going tonight looking all cute?” He asked. That brought a smile to Daphne’s face.

“Didn’t I already tell you that I was going out?” She giggled.

“Sorry I forgot. I was a little distracted at the time,” He smiled. Daphne squealed internally when she saw his dimples. She loved it when he smirked because those dimples would come out and it would just get her hot.

“It’s fine,” She said, “Do you want me to come over later?”

“Nah. You have fun your girls,” He answered.

“You sure? I’m kind of bold when I’ve got a couple of shots in me,” She smirked. He contemplated the idea of her coming over for a moment.

“That’s Fine. Just have fun and tell your friend I said Happy Birthday,” He told her.

“Thanks, handsome,” Arabella said from beside her.

“You’re welcome,” Angel chuckled.

“I’ll talk to you later, handsome,” Daphne smiled.

“You too,” Angel replied. The FaceTime call ended and Daphne has the biggest smile on her face. Her best friend said nothing as she finished checking her make-up, but only one thought ran her mind the entire time,

“This bitch is dickmatized.”

After they finished getting ready, the two women grabbed what they needed before heading out to the club their friends were waiting at.

When they arrived, Arabella greeted the bouncer who was a friend of hers before heading inside with Daphne.

“So you know the drill right?” Daphne asked Arabella over the loud music.

“Of course,” Arabella replied back.

“Good. Now let’s go see what those bitches are doing,” Daphne smiled. The two women laughed as they walked over to their section. They spotted three other women sitting there looking as fine as wine.

“Here comes the birthday girl and the slut from the street corner!” Kiara, a brown skinned beauty, said. Daphne gave the girl the finger to which she laughed.

“Did you just call that girl a prostitute?” Brenda, a beautiful milk chocolate woman, laughed.

“Y’all already know I had to drag this whore off her corner,” Arabella joined in.

“Fuck you bitches and ya mommas,” Daphne shot at them.

“You big mad or little mad?” Amirah, the second brown skinned beauty, asked.

“Bitch, if I hit you with a left hook, even though I’m right handed, did you still get hit?” Daphne quipped. Everyone else laughed at her response and so did Amirah.

“You’re stupid,” Amirah laughed.

“Did you guys just get here?” Arabella asked. She hugged each of their friends one by one and Daphne did the same before they both sat down.

“Only like twenty minutes ago,” Brenda replied.

“Did you guys order drinks?” Arabella questioned.

“No. We decided to wait for the birthday so she could order her first drink of the night,” Kiara replied.

“Ooh Okay. Thank you for waiting,” Arabella smiled.

“You’re welcome. Now I see some fine ass dudes over there that want a taste of this pie,” Amirah said. The women all looked over and sure enough there were a group of men who were handsome and well dressed staring at them.

“They’re okay,” Arabella shrugged.

“I agree,” Daphne spoke up.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? Those dudes are far from okay,” Brenda said.

“We’re just saying that they’re cute, but they’re not all that,” Arabella responded.

“Not to mention that two of them got a ring on their finger,” Daphne murmured.

“A ring?!” Amirah and Brenda exclaimed.

“You didn’t see it shining in the light?” Daphne asked.

“Not really. It’s kind of dark,” Kiara answered.

“Well now you know,” Daphne responded.

“Now they’re coming over here. Shameful,” Arabella remarked.

“Now that I look at it, they’re not all that cute up close,” Amirah said.

“Not at all,” Brenda shook her head. The women went on hush mode as the group of men approached. They gave them dazzling smiles as they walked over, which didn’t impress them in the slightest considering how they now knew that they were married.

“Good evening, ladies,” The leader said.

“Hi,” The women greeted.

“Mind if we join you?” He asked.

“No, but your wife might. As a matter of fact, she’s right behind you,” Daphne answered. His eyes widened as soon as he heard that. He looked around to check to see if his wife was behind him. The women held back their laughter.

“And just like that you blew your chance. Why don’t y’all run along and enjoy the rest of your night together,” Arabella smirked, “Married men really and truly shouldn’t be picking up women in a club with a wife at home.”

They all looked down at their fingers and seemed embarrassed.

“Umm...we’ll just leave then,” He cleared his throat. They turned to walk away from their section and the women burst out laughing.

“Wow. They had the nerve to pick up women knowing that they’re married,” Arabella laughed.

“Mhm and it’s shameful,” Daphne agreed.

“It really is,” Amirah agreed.

“Daphne, your sister still trapping that man in a unhappy marriage?” Kiara asked.

“Yes,” Daphne rolled her eyes. The other three women laughed at her response.

“Man, I swear that your sister’s husband is going to run away with someone much better than her and completely go off the grid,” Brenda chuckled.

“If he does that, then I will buy the house and the plane tickets for sure,” Daphne replied.

“I’ll even pitch in,” Arabella chimed in.

“Hell, we’ll all pitch in if it means saving a poor, unfortunate soul from her,” Brenda murmured.

“Speaking of men, Arabella tells us that you have a new man or something,” Amirah said.

“Are you bitches still using that damn ‘Daphne Updates’ group chat?” Daphne asked in irritation.

“Of course we are. You don’t really tell us shit in the main group chat so we gotta have Arabella do it,” Kiara replied. That group chat was mostly just those four getting updates about Daphne and her life. They didn’t really talk to each other about some serious and personal things about Daphne. Just mostly her love life, which she hated. She only told them about serious love interests and that was it because the ones that weren’t serious were kept a secret.

“Ugh. Y’all are annoying,” Daphne groaned, “And He is not my man. He’s just somebody I’m talking to and messing around with for the time being.”

“Mhm,” Kiara replied.

“Shut up. We’re just talking,” Daphne told her.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say,” Brenda rolled her eyes.

“Why do you guys make something out of nothing all the time?” Daphne asked.

“Because we want you to find someone you can be happy with rather than having that devil of a mom of yours pick someone,” Kiara explained.

“She’s right. The last guy she set you up with made me want to choke the shit out of him,” Amirah replied.

“Choke him? I wanted to put that fool into a hospital,” Arabella chimed.

“More like the morgue for me,” Brenda sipped her drink.

“Six feet under was more fitting for him,” Daphne remarked, “However, I’m not gonna lie. He was some good dick.”

“I bet he was. He looked like was packing some heat,” Arabella said.

“What about ole’ dude fro college?” Amirah asked.

“Which one? There’s a lot,” Brenda responded.

“Umm...damn. He was some type of Harvard graduate or something from this legacy family,” Amirah said.

“Oooh wait! I know who you’re talking about,” Kiara snapped her fingers, “He was a Harvard law graduate working at his dad’s firm.”

“I know who you’re talking about and he was extremely goooood,” Daphne smiled.

“We know. Your ass wouldn’t stop talking about him for weeks,” Brenda chuckled.

“Didn’t she date him or something?” Amirah inquired.

“She did, but they broke up right before he got engaged to some other chick,” Arabella informed her.

“Girl, whaaaaaaat?” Brenda looked at Daphne in shock. All eyes were now on Daphne who was just sipping her drink and looking out into the sea of bodies. She knew that she would have to respond at some point to her friends about why the relationship didn’t work out in the first place.

“Yeah. We both may been compatible in the bedroom, but the chemistry wasn’t there. I wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time and he wasn’t either until he met her,” Daphne explained, “Buuuuuut they didn’t last that long and ended up divorcing last year because she was sleeping with his friend.”

“Doesn’t he have a kid?” Arabella asked.

“He has two to be precise,” Daphne answered.

“Did he call you up for some late night booty or what?” Kiara questioned. The only response Kiara received from Daphne was a smirk that said “Of course we fucked”. The rest of the women cackled at her expression and gave each other high-fives.

“Are the kids there when he’s clapping those oatmeal cookies of yours or what?” Brenda inquired. That remark made Daphne spit out her drink while her friends laughed. These women really knew the right times to say half the shit they because they were always making somebody either spit out a drink, choke on some food, or gasp in surprise.

“Girl, you know she’s always ready to become an oatmeal cream cookie,” Arabella laughed.

“You right. I shouldn’t expect anything else from someone who babysits kids with their throat like she does,” Brenda nodded. Daphne almost choked on her drink this time while her friends laughed again. Arabella patted her back while laughing. When she finished choking, she took a sip of the water on the table and glared at her friends.

“Y’all are some nasty bitches,” Daphne told them.

“And you’re nasty by association, sweetie,” Amirah countered.

“Yeah true,” Daphne chuckled.

“Anyways, you going to ditch us and have your new boo fill your Empanada with his meat?” Brenda made a thrusting motion.

“No!” Daphne rolled her eyes, “This is Arabella’s night.”

“I already told this girl that it was okay to go get some dick afterwards, but she’s just,” Arabella made the cuckoo sign.

“She is crazy for not wanting to see him,” Kiara agreed.

“I agree, but she is right. We ain’t worried about these men tonight because it’s Arabella’s night, not theirs,” Amirah spoke up.

“Exactly what I was trying to say,” Daphne said.

“However, we won’t be in the club all night and we’ll leave at some point too,” Brenda added.

“Mhm. That means that she can go get her pussy sucked and cheeks clapped to her heart’s content,” Arabella nodded.

“If I go tonight after the club, will you bitches drop the subject?” Daphne groaned.

“Yes!” They all exclaimed.

“Fine. I’ll go,” Daphne rolled her eyes.

“Good because I wasn’t about to stick around yo ass any longer anyway,” Arabella grinned.

“I guess Adonis is going to be giving you a birthday present tonight?” Daphne pursed her lips.

“Mhm and it’s a big gift too,” Arabella smirked. No wonder she had been insisting that it was okay for her best friend to go get some dick tonight because her ass was getting it too. Daphne couldn’t believe the nerve of this girl, but she was wanting some anyway so it’s a win-win situation.

“Damn. All this talk about dick is about to make me text my little friend,” Amirah said.

“Me too,” Kiara nodded.

“Girl! You married!” Brenda cried out.

“Okay and? He’ll be some hot-n-ready dick when I get home,” Kiara rolled her eyes.

“Shut yo ass up,” Brenda laughed.

“I’m serious though,” Kiara giggled.

“Anyways, I better tell Toni to get ready for me then,” Brenda sipped her drink.

“So I guess we’re all getting some tonight. Nice,” Arabella nodded in appreciation.

“Mhm, but before that happens I need to dance,” Amirah stood up.

“Ooh! Me too, especially since this is my song,” Kiara stood up. Because the song was Dance by Megan Thee Stallion, the five women were ready to throw their ass in a circle. Daphne downed one of the shots on the table before standing up.

“Let’s go,” She said. The other four women did the same and soon they followed their friend onto the dance floor where they would dance to their hearts content and make the men in the club sweat as they watched their asses bounce like a basketball.

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