Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 10

Veronica was yawning by the time she and Bruno arrived back at his house. She really didn’t understand why she was so tired, though. She had slept well the night before, so maybe she needed to go see her doctor.

“How about a nap,” Bruno asked as he closed the door behind them.

Veronica turned toward his sitting room. “No. If I sleep now, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“You’re tired, baby, so you need it,” Bruno murmured in a concerned voice as she sat down next to her on the couch.

“How about we clean that mess you call a room instead?”

Bruno stuck his lip out in a pout. “That isn’t nearly as much fun as watching you sleep.”

Veronica giggled before exclaiming, “You are such a stalker, watching me sleep!”

Nein. I’m a vampire and I don’t need as much sleep as a human. So, I just watch you until I become sleepy and fall asleep. I can’t help it if sometimes it takes me most of the night,” Bruno told her.

“Huh. Well, I’ll take your word for it,” Veronica said. “Still, your room is a mess and if you expect me to stay in it, I would like it to be a bit cleaner thank you very much!”

Bruno’s face lit up in a big smile. “You’re going to stay with me? Oh, Veronica, you have no idea how happy that makes me.”

He pulled her over in a big hug and began kissing her. Their kisses became heated quickly, and she moaned.

When she ran out of the air, Bruno moved from her lips down along her jaw before his hand tangled in her hair pulling it away from her neck. Once he had done that he moved behind her ear with his kisses. When he kissed a spot just below her hairline, she gasps at the wave of desire that flowed through her body like hot lava. It made her whimper with a strong need for him.


He pulled away to look at her, his eyes red and ringed in blue. In a husky voice, full of need, he asked, “What?”

“What was that?”

“That was me kissing your mark. It’s beautiful by the way,” Bruno murmured as he once more kissed it.

She whined. “Bruno, if I were standing right now, that would have brought me to my knees!”

“It will be your weak spot then,” Bruno mused. “It isn’t with everyone you know, so you’re special in that.”

“You’re going to use it against me to get your way with things, aren’t you?”

Bruno smirked. “Ja. Of course, I am.”

The sound of the front door slamming had them turning to face it.

Felix walked in, saying, “Bruno, Vater wants to see you tomorrow. You were right, he wants to put in a parts store and as the second oldest, you will be overseeing it. He’s planning to connect a tire store to it, and since Tobias is a mechanic, he’ll be over that.” Flopping down in a chair, Felix continued, “A tire store! Why can’t we have a job where we can stay clean?”

Bruno laughed. “Ah, poor Felix will have to get dirty for a living.”

“Who is Vater?” Veronica asked the two men.

“Our father,” Bruno answered. “Vater is the German word for father.”

Veronica nodded and asked, “So, he wants to put in a parts store?”

“Sounds like,” Bruno agreed.

“I wouldn’t think you would get very dirty doing that,” Veronica mentioned. “It’s mostly just handing a customer a box or something, right?”

Nein, it isn’t, but have you ever changed a tire?” Felix asked.

Veronica shook her head.

“Nasty filthy business is the tire changing business,” Felix grumbled, a frown on his face. “I hate being dirty.” After saying that, he stood and headed for the kitchen still mumbling in German under his breath.

Veronica had to giggle at how childish he was behaving. “How old is he exactly? Because he acts about like a five-year-old.”

Bruno threw his head back and laughed. “Felix is OCD when it comes to being clean. He’s the youngest of us five. He’s only eighty-two.”

Only eighty-two!” Veronica sputtered, shocked. Then she swallowed hard as she said, “Okay then.”

It was almost unreal to her how old they all were. Honestly, Felix didn’t look a day over twenty, and Bruno didn’t look more than about thirty. She was almost scared to think about how old her boss Leo must be. Yawning, she leaned against Bruno’s shoulder. The yawn brought back her earlier thoughts of needing to see her doctor. So, as her eyes began to close, she mumbled, “I’m thinking maybe I should go and see my doctor. I slept good last night; I should not be this tired.”

“Is it just tiredness?” Bruno questioned, sounding concerned as he rubbed her thigh.

“No, I also feel weak, sluggish,” she answered.

“Hm—have you been feeling this way, or has it just been since I took blood this morning?”

Veronica raised her head and gazed into his concerned face. Thinking hard about what he’d asked, she shook her head. “No, I was feeling this way long before I met you. I just thought it was because I was working two jobs and was getting extraordinarily little sleep. My Mom takes iron supplements for her anemia, but I’m bad about forgetting mine. I know my doctor is going to fuss on me about that.”

“What exactly is anemia?” Bruno inquired because he didn’t know much about human ailments.

“It means my red blood cell count is low. So, my body is low on iron,” Veronica explained as she lay her hand back down on his shoulder. “We should go clean your room while I’m still awake.”

Nein, we should not,” he disagreed. “We should be lazy and take that nap I suggested earlier. First, though, I want to make you feel better.”

“Oh? How exactly do you plan on doing that?”

“I’m going to give you a bit more of my blood. Vampires have a natural healing ability. We don’t get sick. So, if I give you my blood, maybe it will help you.”

Veronica wrinkled her nose up at him in disgust. “Blood? Really, Bruno? Is blood your answer to everything?”

Bruno chuckled. “Ja, pretty much. Now, be a good girl and close your eyes.”

Veronica huffed, wanting to be upset with him, but she did want to feel better. She was so tired of being tired all the time. So, she closed her eyes.

Bruno pulled her onto his lap and adjusted her across his thighs. “Here, baby, suck, just like the last time.”

Bruno gently guided Veronica’s mouth to his chest and after sucking a bit of his skin into her mouth, she began to suck at the blood that flowed. She moaned lightly as a sweet burst of flavor flowed over her tongue, just as it had before. It didn’t taste like honey, but it was sweet and very addicting. She thought it might become quite easy to want a bit of it daily if she wasn’t careful.

After a bit, the blood stopped flowing and Veronica leaned back. Opening her eyes, she looked up into Bruno’s eyes where he sat gazing at her.

Bruno smiled and leaned in to kiss her after licking her lips. Then, his voice husky, he murmured, “You taste good with me on your lips, baby.”

“So, is it me you crave now, or the taste of yourself?” Veronica teased when he’d backed up.

“You, always you, Meine Geliebte,” he said. “Now, tell me how you feel. Any better?”

Closing her eyes, Veronica took a deep breath before opening them again. She gave him a smile and said, “You know, I don’t feel as tired as I did. You know what that means, don’t you?”

Bruno groaned before saying, “It means you’re going to make me clean my room, doesn’t it?”

Veronica laughed at him as she stood up and offered him her hand. “Yep.”

So, with a grumbling sigh, Bruno took her hand and stood.

She led him to his room and by the end of the day, it was spotless.

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