Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 11

The next morning found Veronica waking up in Bruno’s bed again. He’d insisted she stay and even offered to get her some clothes for that night and the next day.

Veronica told him she’d get up early the next morning like she had the day before. He had pouted at that but hadn’t pushed her.

What she hadn’t admitted to him was that the thought of going home to her empty apartment had made her feel like crying. She didn’t realize how truly lonely she had been until she had met him, and now the thought of him gone? Well, it almost broke her heart.

“How do you even breath that way?” Veronica asked Bruno as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Bruno had his face shoved into her cleavage, and she felt his chuckle vibrate through her as he explained, “It’s simple. I make sure my nose is in the middle.” He raised up on his elbow to hover over her. “Can I kiss you?”

Veronica nodded, thinking how sweet he was in asking.

Bruno leaned in and proceeded to kiss her breathless. Breaking from her lips, he kissed down her neck. Veronica’s neck arched at the feel of his whiskers brushing against it, pulling a moan from her. Her cry became a longing whimper as his lips brushed over her mark. Her hands reached up to tug on his hair, holding him in place.

Bruno moaned. “May I have a taste, baby? Just a bit to tide me over.”

Veronica wasn’t sure why he even asked. Indeed, by now, Bruno knew she could deny him nothing. Still, she replied, “Yes.”

Bruno kissed down her neck until he reached her pulse point. Once he’d found her pulse, he gently bit down.

Veronica whined as pleasure flowed through her body, and tingles erupted between her thighs, making her damp with need. All too soon, Bruno was licking her neck and coming back to her lips. She raised heavy eyelids to look at him when he raised up and away.

“It’s your turn, baby.”

Veronica was confused by his words, so she asked, “Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of you drinking from me if you turn right around and give it right back?”

Nein, it doesn’t because taking from you makes the beast inside happy. However, it also makes him feel better when you feel good. Now, be a good girl, and don’t argue with me,” Bruno commanded as he pulled his t-shirt off.

Veronica stopped arguing as the sight of his bare chest rendered her speechless. She bit her lip, thinking that right about now, being a good girl was the last thing she wanted to be. No, right now, I want to be very naughty indeed.

As if he knew exactly what she was thinking, Bruno chuckled, causing her to look up as he said, “I promise, there will be time for that, but for now, let me take care of you.”

Veronica gave a slight nod and closed her eyes. When she felt Bruno’s hand behind her head, she let him guide her to his chest. Veronica began to suck at the blood he offered her.

“Good girl,” Bruno whispered, sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine. “I love the way your lips feel on my skin.”

When the blood stopped flowing, she opened her eyes to look up.

“Time to take you home.”

“Yes, time to take me home,” Veronica agreed and reluctantly got up. She found she really didn’t want to leave him. Work awaited her, though, so she quickly dressed, and they headed out.

Bruno was on his way to take Veronica to lunch. He smiled as he thought back on the last three weeks. The two of them had settled into a routine of sorts. She stayed the nights with him, and he took her home the next morning, then he took her to work.

He genuinely wanted her to move in with him. Veronica shied away from it, though mostly because she felt uncomfortable doing it.

He didn’t understand because she stayed the nights with him anyway. What was the big deal about her living with him? In his mind, they had been married the moment he’s marked her, and there was no shame in them being together. Still, Veronica refused, and because he loved her, he did as she asked.

Arriving early at Smyth Enterprises, Leo informed him that Veronica was running an errand for him. So, while he waited, he and Leo sat down to talk.

“So, Veronica still won’t move in with you?” Leo asked.

Nein. She won’t, and it’s so frustrating. I want her with me all the time, but she won’t budge,” Bruno complained.

Leo gave a big sigh as he leaned back in his chair. “Bruno, sometimes you are so dense. Have you told her that for us, the marking is as binding as the human marriage?”

Bruno looked down, thinking back on their conversations. Had he told her, or had he just assumed she knew the importance of the mark? Unsure and not wanting to admit that to his Bruder, he cleared his throat, sidestepping the question to ask, “So, you think she wants us to be married first?”

Leo nodded. “Ja, I do. I remember her telling Camilla about the big wedding her sister had and how she sounded so dreamy. Stop putting it off, Bruder. You’re only hurting yourself.”

Bruno agreed, “You’re right. I need to talk to her about this.”

“Of course, I’m right. When aren’t I?”

“All the time!”

Bruno and Leo turned to find Camilla standing in the doorway with Veronica.

“Oh, little one, you know that isn’t true,” Leo disagreed as Camilla came over and sat down on his lap.

Camilla kissed him, then ran her fingers through his hair. “Mm… alright, sometimes you’re right, but not very often.”

Leo nipped down the side of Camilla’s neck before hissing slightly.

“Okay, you two, I don’t need to see my Bruder making out with his Geliebte,” Bruno teased, trying to hide his jealousy.

Camilla turned and winked at Bruno. “Oh, please, Bruno. You’re just jealous because it isn’t you.”

Bruno looked away, toward the floor and his feet.

“What? What did I say wrong?” Camilla questioned.

Bruno looked back up to find Leo shaking his head at her.

Camilla turned to look at Veronica. “Veronica, you bare his mark, have you not…?”

“Camilla, it is their business, not ours to sort out,” Leo told her gently.


“Nein, little one. It will only work if they make it work,” Leo told her softly. Then turning to Bruno, he spoke, “Bruder, take your Geliebte home and explain it to her. She needs to know.”

Bruno gave his Bruder a nod before taking Veronica’s hand. He then led her out of the room and building to take her home with him.

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