Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 13

Bruno pushed her sideways, down onto the couch, covering her body with his body as he ravished her lips. He nipped and sucked her lips until she opened her mouth. Then his tongue was dueling with hers as his hand moved under her shirt.

Veronica let out a moan, her hips jerking upward into his. When Bruno’s lips left hers, he kissed around on her neck until he reached her mark and nipped at it. She felt his teeth and whined at a slight pinch of pain before his tongue was licking lightly. Veronica sighed softly at how good it felt because it caused heat to flare in her body as her back arched in desire, her chest brushing against his.

“Bruno,” Veronica sobbed as desire flowed through her body like liquid heat.

“Ah, baby, I need you. I want to make you mine so badly, and I’m trying so hard to hold on. That is a hard thing to do when you nibble on those luscious lips of yours.” Bruno gave a grunting moan, nipping her neck slightly. “You know how I crave your kisses, and those lips are mine and only mine to nibble on.”

Veronica now felt his arousal on her thigh, and she heard the need and love in his voice. She knew then that she was being selfish holding back from what they both so desperately wanted and needed. In the way of the vampire, she already belonged to Bruno and it was forever. All that was left was for them to make vows to each other. It would be almost like a human wedding. They just wouldn’t have anyone listening in.

So, Veronica looked into those eyes of red and blue, and whispered, “Marry me, Bruno, make me yours in the vampire way, and we’ll figure out the rest later. I can’t hold out anymore on what we both want because I love you.”

Bruno picked her up and took her to his room. Once inside, he locked the door behind him. He then placed her on her feet and began to slowly undress her. He left kisses all along the way, starting with her neck and moving over her chest to her stomach.

Once she stood completely bare before him, he stripped himself and then lay her down on the bed. He then lay down next to her and began kissing her again.

Oh, how I love this woman, and oh, how I crave the taste of her lips! She tastes as sweet as the sweetest of honey and twice as delicious, he thought as he broke their kiss.

“I love you, my sweet Geliebte, Veronica,” he whispered.

“I love you to Bruno,” she whispered in return.

He began to move his hands over her body, arousing her and causing her to moan sweetly. As the scent of her arousal invaded his senses, he felt his cock harden. He began to run his nose down her neck even as he kissed it.

“Sweet Veronica, may I have just a taste?” He asked as he felt his fangs began to descend.

“Yes,” she agreed instantly, moving her head to the side to give him room.

He licked around her pulse point then, numbing the spot before sinking his fangs into her neck. Her sweet nectar burst over his tongue and slid warmly down his throat causing him to moan at the taste.

After taking just a bit of her blood, he pulled back.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and their gazes quickly locked.

He slowly moved her thighs apart, with one hand, before kneeling between them. Rolling on his condom, he positioned himself on top of her, solemnly whispering, “I need you meine Geliebte. I need your heart, body, and blood for, in a short time, you have become everything to me. I, Bruno Vogel, promise you Veronica that I will be your everything if you will let me. I will love and protect you for as long as we walk this earth.”

“I need you too, Bruno Vogel. I need your heart, body, and soul. So, I, Veronica Davis, promise you, Bruno, that I will be your everything. I will love you and stand beside you through the good and the bad for as long as we walk this earth,” she whispered in return.

Their vows to each other now given, he gave a hissing growl of need. Then he thrust into her, joining their bodies as one.

“Bruno?” Veronica murmured after her body had calmed from their passionate joining.


“I think maybe it’s time for you to meet my parents, and my sister too I guess,” Veronica murmured softly from where she lay next to him.

Bruno turned onto his side. Running his knuckles up and down her cheek, he asked, “Are you ready for that? I mean, you need to be sure because I want to tell them…”

“That we’re married,” she interrupted to say.

He nodded. “I told you, baby, in my mind, and heart, we are. It doesn’t matter to me that we haven’t stood before a judge and signed a paper. My vow to you a little bit ago was just as binding to me, if not more so, as any piece of paper.”

“I know, and I accept that,” she whispered, gazing into his eyes.

“Good. Then I have something I wish to give you.”

Standing up, he walked across the floor to his dresser. Once there, he began to dig around in the top drawer.

Veronica sat up to watch him as she and pulled the sheet up over her bare chest.

“Ah, ha!” Bruno suddenly exclaimed. Then, turning he came back to the bed with a small box in his hand and sat down. “I hope you like them.”

Opening the box, he turned it her way. Veronica gasped softly at the beautiful ring set. There were three rings, a “his” and “her” wedding band, plus the engagement ring.

“Oh, Bruno, they are so beautiful,” Veronica whispered as tears filled her eyes.

Bruno pulled the wedding band of white gold, with three tiny diamond chips and vines engraved on it, out and placed it on her left hand first. Next, he took out the engagement ring. It was a half carat diamond solitaire with a small diamond chip on each side. The band had the same vine engravings as the band.

Placing it on her finger, he leaned in and kissed her before whispering, “With this ring, I publicly show my love and affection for you, my wife.”

Veronica pulled out the last ring, which was his. It was much larger and wider than her band, but in the same white gold with vines engraved on it. It too had three diamond chips. As she placed it on his ring finger, she repeated his words. “With this ring, I publicly show my love and affection for you, my husband.”

Bruno gave her a long slow kiss, leaving her breathless, before moving back.

After getting her breath back, she asked, “How… how did you know what size ring I needed?”

“I snitched one of the rings on your dresser the other day when I took you home to dress for work.”

Veronica faked a frown as she said, “Ah, that’s where my ring went. I’ve been looking high and low for it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Well, I’ll be wanting it back.”

“I’ve been planning to keep it though because it so matches my eyes,” Bruno teased as he fluttered his lashes at her.

“Oh, you crazy thing,” Veronica huffed as she lightly smacked him.

Bruno chuckled and gave her a quick kiss.

“I’m hungry.”

Bruno looked at her with his head tilted. “Well, that was random.”

“I agree, but it’s true.”

Bruno huffed, but looking at her, he saw she was looking a bit pale. “I’ll feed you, meine Geliebte. First though, let me give you a bit of my blood.”

“No, Bruno! I don’t need…” she began only to stop when he placed his forefinger over her lips.

“Ja, you do. You are pale, baby, and you need blood because I took blood from you. Now, be a good girl and don’t argue, let me take care of you,” he whispered, even as he made a cut on his chest, and drew her lips to it.

So, Veronica did as he asked because he asked so sweetly. Or perhaps it was because it made her melt inside when he teased her about being a good girl.

When he decided she had taken enough blood, they got up and dressed.

Bruno then took her to a café he’d found as he’d rambled around the city to learn it better.

Then, later that evening Veronica bought a bunch of her clothes to Bruno’s. They also made plans to move her in permanently, although, she wanted to wait until after she introduced Bruno to her parents. Plans were made to do that in the next week.

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