Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 4

Thirty minutes later Bruno was the proud owner of the 2012 Camaro. He opened the passenger door. “After you, baby.”

She got in.

After closing the door, he walked around to slid behind the steering wheel. As they left the lot, he asked, “I’m hungry, how about lunch?”

“Well, are you sure you have any money left?” She asked him with a wide-eyed look.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea how much money I have. We’ll get around to that later though because we have more important things to talk about. Like, why have you not been feeling well?”

Out to the corner of his eye, he saw her shrug. “I don’t know really. I’m thinking maybe a low blood count. My mom was anemic and so is my sister. Sadly, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch if I am too.”

“Is that why you’re so pale?” He asked as he turned on his blinker to turn into a café parking lot. He worried that her being anemic could be a huge problem since his beast would feel the urge to take blood from her daily.

“Yeah, that and the fact that I seem to work all the time. I also rarely get out in the sun,” she replied to him with a laugh.

“Well, that is about to change because I want you healthy. Maybe you’re just rundown from working too much,” he suggested as he turned the car off.

“Maybe. I was working two jobs and taking online classes until I graduated a couple of months ago. Then, Smythe Enterprises had an opening, and I got the job there. I quit both my other jobs, and I’m now only working one,” she told him. “So, maybe it is exhaustion.”

Bruno gave a nod and got out of the car. Walking around, he opened her door and took her hand to help her out. Together they walked inside and had a nice lunch getting to know each other. As they left, he asked if he could take her to his house, so they could talk privately, and she agreed.

Pulling up into the driveway, Bruno turned the car off and turned to Veronica. He then told her, “My Bruder, Felix, lives here with me. He may or may not be home though.”

“It’s fine,” Veronica murmured.

So, getting out of the car, Bruno walked around and opened her door. Taking her hand, he led her inside. Once inside, he called out, “Felix, are you here?”

Felix walked out of the kitchen with a smile. “Well, hello. Who have we here?”

Bruno couldn’t help the huge smile that now graced his face. “Felix, meet Veronica.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Felix,” Veronica told him.

“The feeling is mutual,” Felix said. Turning to Bruno, he asked, “Did you eat while you were out?”

Bruno nodded.

Vater stopped by with those supplies we needed, so I put them in the garage. Do you need them now?” Felix asked inquired.

Bruno frowned. Supplies? Then, realizing he was talking about blood, Bruno mentally facepalmed. The fact is, I really do need some, but… He glanced over at Veronica. How am I go get some and not let her see? I mean, I plan to tell her, but not that way?”

“Veronica, I need to go and see what all Vater… err… my father brought. Would you mind waiting in the living room for me?” Bruno asked. “It won’t take me but a moment.”

“Oh, no, that’s fine,” she answered with a slight wave of the hand. “You do what you need to do.”

So, Bruno led her to the couch before heading for the garage.

“Is she your Geliebte?” Felix asked.

Pouring some blood in a glass, Bruno quickly drank it, frowning at the taste since it was cold. “Ja, she is.”

Bruno turned to find a sad-faced Felix.

“Yours will come, Felix, don’t give up hope,” Bruno told him.

“I know,” Felix said. He took a deep breath. “I’m going to Mutter’s, so you’ll have a bit of privacy. I’ll probably stay for dinner.”


Felix left, headed for the limo that was now waiting for him.

Bruno headed back into the house. He found Veronica seated on the couch when he entered the room.

Veronica looked up and smiled at him. Her beautiful smile, of course, brought his attention to her lips which… Stop it, Bruno! You need to talk to her first, then you can shower her with kisses.

“Okay, um… I’m not sure exactly how to start this conversation,” he admitted to her as he sat down next to her.

She turned slightly in her seat and watched him yet didn’t say a word.

This caused him to sigh softly. So, he began by saying, “Let me ask you this. If you could meet a real-life werewolf, or vampire, which would you rather meet?”

Her mouth dropped open, then closed as her eyes widened. Next, she laughed before saying, “Really? That’s what you start this conversation with? Are you sure you’re even normal?”

Bruno laughed a bit sheepishly. “Yeah, well, I’m the funny one of the family. Seriously though, which one would it be?”

“Well, honestly? I don’t know much about the supernatural, and never having seen Twilight except for the advertisements…”

“Oh, please, it isn’t even realistic for vampires to sparkle or for wolves to be the size of a house,” he told her with a snort. “I mean, a man isn’t as big as a house, why would his wolf be?”

She let out a giggle. “You sound as if you know a werewolf personally.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at her as he gave her a silly grin. “Hm… maybe I do.”

She laughed and he laughed with her.

When her laughter ceased, she cleared her throat. “Anyway, to answer your question, wild animals scare me, so I’m not sure about meeting a man who turns into one.”

“What about a vampire?”

“Um…well, I do have a slight aversion to blood, so…” she huffed. “I suppose if he looked normal though, you know, no fangs and blood at first encounter? Maybe meeting one wouldn’t be too bad,” she said as she looked over at him.

“You don’t look sure,” he muttered uncomfortably. He really was at a loss as to how to proceed with telling her.

Falco had told Kimberly he’d used vampire magic on her. She, of course, thought he was just being funny. So, when he did get her to believe he was one, she already knew he wouldn’t hurt her, and accepted him for what he was.

Tobias had it easiest because his Geliebte was a hunter. So, she already knew they existed.

Then there was Leo. His Geliebte, Camilla, had dreams about him. So, she also knew what he was and easily accepted him.

So here he was, the only Bruder so far that was having to struggle with the news. He let out a heavy sigh, okay, new strategy.

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