Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 5

“Well,” Bruno began as he grazed his palm over his thigh. “Let me ask you something else then. Do you think everyone has a soulmate?”

“Oh yes,” she agreed with a big smile on her face. “I grew up with loving parents who are most definitely soulmates. My sister also found hers about a year ago.”

He huffed a bit at that information. Okay, soulmates are a go. “Alright, what if I told you vampires have soulmates too, except they call them beloveds?”

“Um…” Her forehead wrinkled up in thought.

He decided to continue.

“When a vampire meets his beloved, she becomes his everything. She is genuinely his reason to live. He knows her instantly because she has a special scent that brings his beast to the surface. It will feel almost as if it is clawing its way out to get to her, to make them one.”

When he stopped speaking, he watched her eyes grew wide. He heard her breathing pick up, along with her heartbeat. He knew then that she was scared, and now he was scared that he had messed up and she was going to run.

“Veronica? Please, don’t be frightened. I didn’t know how to tell you. My Bruders had this so easy.” He moaned as he tugged at his hair in frustration.

“You talk as if… Are you trying to say…? You mean Leo is…?” She gave a nervous laugh. “Vampires aren’t real, Bruno, they’re just beings made up in the imagination of some weirdo, and it makes for a good move and books. Bruno, you aren’t….” Her voice faded into a gasp as he turned and looked her way.

“What?” He questioned in a hiss. Hiss? Oh, no, I should not be hissing.

He quickly turned his head away, a hand over his mouth as he tried to rein in his beast. He hadn’t realized his fangs had descended. Which meant his eyes were probably the gray of his beast also. The beast inside wanted to be accepted. Well, he did too, but he wasn’t sure her seeing him like this would accomplish that.

A small hand caught his chin and turned his head. Looking at her, he saw not fear but curiosity.

“You… your eyes are gray, and you have… fangs,” she pointed out.

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out before saying softly, ”Ja, I do. Veronica, I’m a born vampire, and you are my beloved, my soulmate.”

Her eyes studied his as if trying to see if he was lying or not. “Wow, this is… this is a lot to take in, Bruno. I-I need time to; I don’t know, understand, I guess.” She removed her hand from his chin and sat back.

He nodded his understanding, yet he knew because of their kisses, he couldn’t give her more than a couple of days before the bond would kick in. Once it did, if they weren’t together, she would get sick. Headaches, body aches, nausea, and the touch of anyone but him would cause her pain.

She rubbed her eyes tiredly, and his need to take care of her pulled at him. So, he picked her up and carried her to his room, which he had forgotten was still a mess. Boxes everywhere with clothing scattered on top of them.

“What are you doing… oh, my! What happened in here?” Veronica whispered as she looked around.

With an embarrassed chuckle, he answered, “Um… well, I had trouble finding something to wear this morning since I was in a bit of a hurry. I haven’t finished my unpacking yet.”

“So, I see,” she murmured, wide-eyed. “Now, why exactly did you bring me in here?”

He put her down on his bed. “You’re tired, and as my Geliebte… err… beloved, I want to take care of you. So, sleep.”

“B- but I can’t sleep here. I need to go home,” she argued with him as she struggled to get up and around him.

"Nein, please, baby, you need to stay and let me watch over you. If you want, I’ll take you home later. For now, please allow me to hold you while you rest,” he pleaded softly. “Please.”

With a soft sigh, she gave in and lay back.

He lay down next to her and snuggled her into his side. “Can I have just one kiss?”

She looked up with a twinkle in her eye. “Can you stop at just one?”

“Maaayyyybbbeee,” he told her in a drawn-out way.

She laughed

Bruno rolled her onto her back and kissed her until she was breathless. He then let her sleep, and at some point, he fell into slumber also.

Bruno groaned when he heard a tapping coming from his bedroom door. He was too comfortable to get up right now. Humming, he snuggled into the warm softness next to him.

Wait. Soft, warm?

Bruno’s eyes popped open, and he moved his head back when he realized he’d had his nose shoved in between a pair of plump breasts. Taking a deep breath, he smelled lavender, and it was the scent of his Geliebte. He buried his face in the softness once more as he breathed in her scent, forgetting all about the tapping sound. Her scent fogged his mind even as it aroused him, and he felt his fangs descend.

“Bruno?” A breathy voice questioned.

“Hm…” he answered as he found an opening in her top. He placed kisses on her bare skin the best he could with fangs.

“What are you doing?” Veronica asked as she shuffled a bit away for him.

Bruno grunted before grabbing hold of her. He wanted her closer, not further away, so he began to beg, ”Nein, baby, let me…”

The tapping began again.

“Someone is knocking on your door, Bruno.”

Sighing, he moved away from her to glare at his bedroom door. ”Ja!”

“Do you want some supper? Mutter sent a plate, well, two plates,” Felix said from the other side of the door.

Veronica’s stomach growled. Her face flushed, and she whispered, “Sorry.”

"Ja, Felix, we do. We’ll be out in a moment,” Bruno answered. He began trying to reign in his beast, so his fangs would retract. “Come on, baby, let’s get you fed. I do think the nap did you good, though, and you don’t look quite as pale.”

She gave a slight smile as she sat up. “I do feel better.”

Getting up, Bruno took her hand and helped her stand. Then, together they walked into the kitchen where Felix had been, but he was gone. However, he had left plates of food on the table along with something to drink for the two of them.

Bruno and Veronica sat down and ate quietly. When they had finished eating, Bruno placed the dishes in the dishwasher before turning to Veronica.

“How about we finish our talk from earlier?” He asked her.

She gave a quiet sigh and nodded.

So, he took her hand and led her to the sitting room, where they sat down on the couch.

“So, you knew I was your beloved because of the way I smell?” Veronica asked.

"Ja. As soon as I stepped inside the building, I smelled something that caught my attention. When I stepped off the elevator on Leo’s floor, I knew my Geliebte was there. Then I saw you, and I knew you were mine.”

“You said you crave my kisses,” she whispered with a blush.

He rubbed his neck before he shyly admitted, ”Ja. Um—I’m a lip person.”

She giggled. “A lip person? What exactly is that?”

“It means lips turn him on.”

Bruno turned to find Felix standing in the doorway, smirking. Bruno snarled, “Felix! Who asked for you to butt into this conversation?”

Felix laughed and left, heading for the kitchen. “Nobody, I just thought maybe you needed help explaining your fetish.”

“Just wait until you find your Geliebte. I’m gonna tell her all about how you…” Bruno didn’t get to finish his sentence.

Felix used his vampire speed to reach him. Then he pulled Bruno up for the couch and put him in a headlock. With his fangs fully descended, he hissed, “You are never to speak of that again, brother.”

“Oh, but you can talk about…?”

"Ja, I can because it is true and does not hurt anyone to know,” Felix hissed.

“Um… excuse me. You two aren’t going to draw blood or anything, are you?” Veronica asked, sounding nervous. “I seriously don’t like blood.”

Bruno looked at her and saw she was pale and a bit shaky. So, throwing Felix off him and causing him to hit the wall, he went to her.

"Nein, baby, we aren’t. It was just a dispute between Bruders. Don’t you ever fight with your sister?” Bruno asked.

He sat down, pulling her into his arms as he watched Felix leave the room. Within moments he heard the back door slam and winced.

“Sure, but they never got physical.”

He nodded. “I suppose it’s probably a bit different for girls.”

“Yes. We did have some loud screaming matches, though,” Veronica informed Bruno. “Now, you said we needed to continue our talk.”

Pulling her closer, he kissed her gently before agreeing, ”Ja. I need to tell you about bonding.”

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