Because I Crave Your Kisses! (Book 4)

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Chapter 7

Bruno felt devastated and wanted to cry.

Why, why does Meine Geliebte, my beloved, not want me? Does she find me ugly? Do I smell funny? Maybe she doesn’t like my kisses? What is it about me that has made her not want me?

He sucked in a deep breath to steady himself before reaching out for the glass of blood he had poured and drunk it down. It was times like this; he almost wished for something more substantial, like blood from the vein of a drinking man.

If a vampire drank from a drunk man, it would give him a buzz. Years ago, Bruno had found this out the hard way. He’d only been a teenager when his Bruder, Leo, had dared him to catch a drunk man one night. The buzz had left him feeling funny, and Bruno had staggered home, seeing everything in double. Leo had laughed at him, saying he could honestly say he’d met a dunk vampire.

Mutter had not been pleased with either of them. She’d made them do the worst of the household chores for weeks.

“Cheers,” Bruno muttered as he raised his glass to his reflection in the kitchen window.


Bruno turned to see Veronica standing behind him in the kitchen doorway. He was lost in thought and hadn’t heard her enter. He looked down and swirled his glass in circles, watching the blood move.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you think I didn’t want you,” Veronica whispered.

Bruno lifted his eyes to her.

“I suppose I’m just confused and maybe a bit scared.” Veronica walked closer. “I’ll admit, there is something that draws me to you. I don’t believe in love at first sight, even though I believe in soulmates. I’m willing to give it a try, though, if you’ll still have me.”

“Are you sure? Because I don’t think you have any idea how much you can hurt me,” Bruno whispered.

“If I truly am your beloved, it seems to me you can hurt me too.”

Bruno swallowed hard and sat his glass down. She’s right. We could both end up hurt if things go sour between us.

“I genuinely hope we can work it out because I can see you could be a good person to have in my life. Maybe, just maybe, we can work it out if you still want to try,” she told him.

Bruno wrapped her tightly in his arms as he ran his nose along her neck. He took in her sweet lavender scent. ”Ja, baby, I do want to try. I want that more than anything in this world. Will you stay with me tonight? I’ll take you home and to work tomorrow, but please stay with me tonight,” he begged in a whisper. Bruno needed her close tonight, to know that she still wanted him.

“Okay, but you have to make your bed first,” Veronica agreed as she pulled back.

Poking his lip out in a pout, Bruno said, “Fine, if you insist.”

Veronica giggled and followed Bruno as he walked back into his room. Digging through one box after another, he hunted for his sheets. As he searched, he chanted, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Veronica continued to giggle in the background.

Finally, he successfully found the sheets and held them up in the air as he shouted, “Ha, I found you!”

Turning, Bruno shook them out at her, and Veronica snatched them out of his hands before helping him make the bed up. Giving her a kiss of thanks, he looked around his room with a sigh. Boxes were now open, with his things half hanging out of some of them. “As if it wasn’t already a big enough mess.”

Veronica laughed. “Your room now looks as if a hurricane went through the middle of it. Why haven’t you put your clothes in your dresser and closet at least?”

Bruno shuffled a bit from one foot to the other. “I’ve never been good at getting that done. After I wash, I kinda leave everything in the basket or piled on top of my dresser.”

“You’re such a man,” she said, giggling softly as she rolled her eyes.

"Ja, I do try,” he responded to her tease with a snicker.

“Come on. I’ll help you because this mess will drive me nuts.” Walking to his closet, she grabbed a handful of hangers from the rod.

“Now you sound like Felix,” Bruno grumbled under his breath.

Veronica ignored him as she began pulling clothes that required hanging from the box in front of her.

So, with a huff, Bruno opened a couple of drawers on his dresser. Then he began to slowly refold the clothes on top of it, putting them inside. He soon had the folded clothes all put away, and he saw she had hung up all his dress shirts and pants.

Then, Bruno stood back and watched Veronica.

Veronica found his box of shoes and bent to place them in the bottom of his closet skillfully. Dusting off her hands, she turned to eye the room. “Well, I suppose that helped a bit. What are all these boxes, though?”

Bruno forced himself to take his gaze from her and look at the unlabeled boxes. “Who knows. I think those boxes were filled with random things I packed and brought. Half of it probably should have been given to the Salvation Army or something. I had my own house in Florida, and so did Felix. When we decided to bunk together here, a lot of his stuff was in better shape than mine, so we decided to use his.”

Opening a box, she pulled out a plastic bowl. “Like kitchen things?”

"Ja, mostly. I’m not the world’s best cook, so, yeah. His furniture was also in better shape, mostly because he’s never home. Anyway, instead of getting rid of everything, I ended up just bringing it all with me. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of it.”

“Well, at least now you can go through the boxes since they don’t have clothes all over them,” Veronica mused before yawning.

“Come on, let’s get out to bed. I left out a t-shirt for you to wear,” Bruno told her as he picked the t-shirt off the dresser and handed it to her. “The bathroom is right through that door. I’m just going to tell Felix you’re staying and turn off lights.”

“Okay,” she agreed. The turning, she walked into the bathroom.

He stared after her for a moment, then shaking his head, he went to find Felix.

Felix was in the living room watching the news. He turned to look at Bruno as he walked in. He quietly asked, “Is everything alright?”

With a heavy sigh, Bruno sat down and shrugged. “I don’t know. She says she wants to make it work, but Felix, I…” he paused to clear his throat, “I almost married a vampire girl not long before Leo met Camilla.”

“Huh… I mean, I figured you had someone because you were always gone,” Felix said, then added, “then suddenly you weren’t.”

"Ja, well, she was on her way to meet me when she met her Geliebte at the airport. I had given up all hope of finding mine, and so had she. She was a lot older than me, but we got on well and figured we could make it work,” He gave a humorless laugh. “I felt like at the time fate was laughing in my face. Now? Now I guess I know why it wouldn’t have worked out since I’ve now met mine.”

Felix leaned back and closed his eyes. “You are a good man Bruno, and she’s lucky to have you. It would help if you make her realize that. Even I see that it won’t be as easy for you as it was for our Bruders, but that’s alright because everyone is different. Just don’t give up on her yet.”

Bruno smiled. “Thanks, Bruder, and goodnight.”

Then standing up, he headed back to his room, where he found his Geliebte fast asleep in his bed with a smile on her face.

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