My Mate Has Fins

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Alice is a mermaid with a werewolf mate. Just the idea of a mate is enough to want to make her take off for the hills, but add the fact that he's a werewolf that can track her scent? Now she has a major problem. Now Alice needs to decide on if she's going to accept her mate, or if she's going to keep running from the thing that she loves most in the world. This is their story. Excerpt of the story from chapter 3: I finally start to get to a shallow spot in the water, so I know that the shore is not far away, which is a very good thing because I have tired myself out to the point where I need to catch my breath. It gets so shallow that I cant swim anymore so I begin to drag myself up onto the shore. I make it up far enough that only the tip of my tail is still getting wet because of the on coming waves. I lay my head down in the sand and breath heavenly so that I can take enough oxygen back into my lungs. suddenly, there is a shadow standing above me and when I look up, I see the horrifyed expression of my mate. Well crap.

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Chapter 1

Alice's POV

I just wanted to know real quick what you guys thought of the cover, if anyone knows how to make really cool covers and wants to make one for me, that would be absolutely amazing!


I was not expecting my alarm to be so extremely annoying when I woke up, so when it first went off, it gave me a bit of a fright. As the first beep went off, I immediately sat straight up in my bed and grabbed at the sheets anxiously. I have been plagued with dreams lately and they were starting to affect my sleeping habits. I quickly got up and picked out an outfit for myself to wear for the day, seeing as it was going to be my first day at a new school, I wanted to look semi nice but not too flashy at the same time. In the end, I decided that I would wear a mint green t- shirt and a pair of tight fitted blue skinny jeans.

To top the look off, I did something simple with my hair, put on a pretty bracelet, and put some tan flip flops on my feet. When I had finally finished, my mom called me down the stairs so that I would not be late. I personally didn't understand why my mom was so worked up about me going to school with the humans, she says it's a good form of social interaction, but I say it's a waste of valuable time and energy when I can teach myself everything that I need to know in half the amount of time that a teacher could when she was focused on thirty kids per class. We quickly got in the car and started the 10 minute drive to the school that I'm going to be learning at.

My parents and I just moved down to Pacific City in Oregon because people up in Washington were starting to become suspicious of my family. My family was, dare I say, different. My mom and I are both mermaids so we stop aging at about twenty five, my dad also has some pretty horrible anger issues, especially when he was drinking. When he got really angry, he would lash out at my mom and I. He has only hit me a few times but he hits her quite often. The people that lived next door to us were starting to notice all of the bruising that she had and she was starting to run out of excuses to placate them.

My mom and I can’t fight back because we are stronger than humans and could end up really hurting somebody. The final reason that my family had to leave is because the weather reacts to my emotions. When I cry, it rains, when I'm angry, (depending on how mad) I make storms that could wipe out a whole city, when I'm happy, the sun is out, when I'm neutral, it does what it wants. When my mom pulled us up in front of the school, she parked, leaned over and gave me a side hug before I got out. "Look honey, I know that this is not what you want, but in order for you to be happy, I think you need a little bit of normality in your life. Make some friends that will support you and make you happy. Please? For me?"

I tried not to roll my eyes as I opened up the car door and replied, "Yeah, okay mom. I love you." "I love you too, Alice," she said, but right as I was about to close my door she started up again. "Oh, and Alice? Don't forget to breathe, I know it seems bad now, but maybe you’ll really like it!" This time I did roll my eyes and didn't even grace her with a response as I closed her car door and started walking up the stairs to get into the building. Nestucca valley high school is the name of the new hell whole that I'll be attending for the next 7 months. I can't believe that my mom would do this to me, this is absolutely, positively cruel.

I enter the building and make my way over to a door that obviously leads to the main office of the school. When I walked in, there was a young woman, maybe in her early 30's, sitting at the front desk. When she heard the door close she looked up and met my eyes. "Oh, hello, you must be Alice I presume? You're new today right?" I gave her an odd look, how could this woman posible know that I was the new student? “This is an extremely small school, only about 80 kids per class and I've never seen you before. I assumed that since you were the only new student we were getting, it was you. Am I correct?”

She had a very melodic voice that a person could listen to for hours on end. I nodded my head in response to her question. I'm a very quiet person when there are people that I am not familiar with around me, so in public places, I often don't talk a whole lot. "Well, that's wonderful news, I really hope that you enjoy it here, I find that most of the students at this school are very well behaved so you shouldn't have a very hard time making some friends!" What is it with all these people and making friends? I swear to the god up above, is friends all these people think about in their days? No wonder a school year takes so long, all these people do is socialize with each other all day long!

The lady behind the counter quickly gave me my schedule and locker number with a combination. As I was making my way to my locker, I was looking at my schedule to see what kinds of classes this school would have given me. For the first period I have Geography, second period I have Biology, third period I have English, then I have my lunch break, fourth period I have Spanish Language, and last but not least, fifth period I have Algebra 2. These classes are all fairly easy, I should be able to keep up and do well in all of them, even Spanish, even though I'm starting up at this school about two months later than all of the other kids here.

Just as I was getting to my locker, a girl that is about my height ran into me from the side. She has crazy long black hair with dark purple tips and her clothes consist of a neon purple turtleneck sweater and black ripped skinny jeans. When she looked up at me, she looked mortified and ran off before I got the chance to say anything. Suddenly, a group of huge guys ran after her, they looked to be chasing her out of the school. They smelt so weird, I knew that they weren't human but they left too fast for me to be able to catch their scent with halls full of people. What a weird group of kids. Now that I knew that they weren't human, I needed to be extra cautious and have my guard up at all times.

Nate's POV

My wolf had been edgy all morning, I could feel him pacing around inside my head and it was starting to give me a headache. I slammed the backdoor of my house and took off out back to the beach. Taking a walk on the sand always helps my wolf and I calm down a bit, it can be so relaxing, just listening to the waves come up and meet the shore. I love the ocean, I think it helps relax the soul and it always helps me think with a clear head when I need to make an important decision. I rolled my eyes as I looked at my watch, seeing that it was time for me to get into my car and head to school.

I needed to finish the last year of my schooling in order to take over the alpha position from my father. But just because I knew I needed to finish the schooling, did not mean that I wanted to or enjoyed it. The only part that was remotely pleasing was the social interaction. I quickly got into my grey Ford truck and took off for school, I can't be late because I hate it when the teachers nag at me about how my education should be more important to me, seeing as I needed it in order to become the alpha of my pack.

I noticed that the closer I got to the school, the more my wolf would huff and puff, no pun intended, about how we were going so slow compared to all of the other people headed to the school's campus. I only continued to ignore him and turned my radio on, hoping to block him out a little bit. When I got to the school and got out of my truck, my best friend and future beta ran up to me and started talking a mile a minute. "Dude, have you heard about the new girl? I have never smelt anything like her before, she smells like a human but smells like the rain and ocean at the same time! Maria tried to talk to her since they had their first period together, but she couldn't get the new girl to talk to her."

Maria is my best friend Mark's mate. I would drive with Mark and Maria to school to help save gas, but if Mark doesn’t drive, he just tries to make out with Maria in the back seat and it drives me insane. "How would I have heard about the new girl when I just now got out of my truck Mark?" I asked in disbelief at his question that most people wouldn't have asked. "I figured that you might have heard about her through some gossip, it's literally all anyone at the school has been talking about! This is a werewolf school, and she is definitely not a werewolf by the way she smells. She has better watch out, or she’s going to be the next Paige!"

He laughed at that and I couldn’t help my smile of satisfaction. Paige was one of the only students that wasn't a wolf at this school, she is only part of our pack because her dad was a high ranking warrior before he died. Paige’s mom is a full blood witch, one of the only good ones in the country, and that makes Paige half witch and half wolf. Paige’s mom became part of the pack when she mated with James, Paige’s dad, and when James died, she never left the pack. Clara, the witch, is a very touchy topic in the pack, most of the pack hate witches, as most are evil and they don't think that we should have anything to do with them.

However, she is one of my parents best friends and she helps the pack in too many ways to even consider kicking her and Paige out. It doesn't stop most of the pack members at the school from beating the daylights out of Paige though. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Paige, but I don't like her either so shouldn't expect any help from me. I guess I would find out about the new girl and see what was up, I had my first period with Maria too, so eventually I would smell her. As we walked into the building, I immediately caught the scent that Mark was talking about, it was the same smell that you smell before it rains when it has not rained in a very long time with just enough salt to make it smell like the sea.

The smell drove my wolf and I batty because of the way that it affected me. It felt like all of my senses were turned off so that all I could seem to focus on was the girl that made the scent. When I walked into that classroom and I saw her, I swear my heart stopped beating. Then my wolf did the one thing that I would never forget in all of the years that I lived. He said the one word that would change my life completely. MATE.

Thanks to everybody that is giving this book a try, I really love to write so my sister recommended this app for me to get some feedback from an outside source. I want honest comments, so if you have any ideas for this story, I would gladly take them into consideration! For those of you who don't like my story, because I know not all of you will and I'm perfectly fine with that, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, Please don't leave any terribly rude comments, I won’t take them to heart and they will only be deleted!

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