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"You're joking, right?" I ask, staring back at my father. Hoping like hell, this was just a poor, tasteless prank. He narrows his green eyes; a pair of matching ones I genetically inherited from him. He doesn't say a word. Instead, he takes a sip of his drink, all the while keeping his gaze on me. "Do you see me as the joking type?" He points out, lowering the tumbler. Angela is to be married to a man she does not know. She dutifully boards the plane, and lands New York. From here on out, Angela’s quiet secluded life no longer exists. Alessandro Rivera, a mercenary who's set on revenge. Only his plan backfires, and the one person he never wanted to get hurt, did. Please, if you're enjoying this books, then hit the heart, even better write a review. Doing those two things, keeps the author wanting to continue with the book. Thank you for adding my book to your read list :)

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Thelma Louise
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Author Notes

Rough draft, newly finished book.

⚠️Before continuing, please note, this book is aimed at a mature audience. There is sexual content and talks about abuse. ⚠️

It's not for the faint-hearted.

Keep this in mind while reading. I will come back to edit from time to time. This won't affect the overall plot of the story.

If for any reason you have a complaint, please connect with me first before jumping to the report button. There isn't a need to involve the headquarters of the Wattpad community.

I have spent hours, weeks, months and years creating this book, so it goes without saying, please don't copy my work. I have only uploaded this book on this platform. There is only an English version, and at this stage, only ever will be.

Speaking of English. This is my first language. Everything is translated using my trusty learn to speak Italian handbook, so if for any reason I have written a sentence down wrong, please inform me. I mean no disrespect.

Without further ado.

Obsession is a mafia romance. These men are cruel but it doesn't mean they can't love.

Sometimes they just need an Angel to balance out the Devil within - and sometimes vice versa to help the innocent become better equipped with the outside world.

Now step into the world of Angela Bonetti and Alessandro Rivera.

Love and Obsession.

Two parts of a coin.

There is no love without Obsession, and if you aren't Obsessed with your love, you can replace it easily.

No love can survive without Obsession

-The _soulful_words-

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