Obeying Master Cross

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I met the Alpha who I vowed to never ever see again. I hate this world. I hate myself for being an Omega. I hate nature. I hate myself. I hate this Alpha who's looking at me like he owns me. I do not belong to anyone.

Romance / Fantasy
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Introduction: Welcome to Omegaverse

Being in a world ruled by a hierarchy of nature is something I despise. I hate it. I hate the way it works, how nature works. I hate how it defines who I am and who I should become. I hate being born an Omega.

Ninety percent of the population are the Betas. The unproblematic, ordinary citizens who don’t have to carry the burden of the two remaining kinds of people in the world. Nothing is special about them yet I envy them so much because I know they can live their lives as they want to. No rules to follow, no expectations to be caged in. Still below in the food chain but still living as normal as they can. I envy this mere fact so much. I envy them, all of the Betas.

Why haven’t I been born to become a simple Beta?

Following in the nine percent of the population are the Alphas. The top of the food chain, the wealthy, the famous, and the dangerous Alphas that make the world revolve by their power. Naturally born beautiful, intelligent, multi-talented, and perfect.

Then there are the Omegas. One percent of the population and the lowest of the kinds of people to ever exist. The people who hold the biggest burden of simply existing in this world.

No else can really imagine the complications of simply being born to a kind of person you didn’t even ask to become, aside from us Omegas ourselves.

If the Betas are unintelligent and untalented, it is because they lack the abilities and all they have to do is develop themselves to be and to do better.

If the Alphas are unintelligent and untalented, they are sick because no Alpha is born less than perfect.

If the Omegas are unintelligent and untalented, it is in their nature. They are naturally programmed like that.

And I am part of that population.

I am an Omega but I’ve already proved myself to be an Alpha worthy. I have established myself far from what is expected of me. I know that to myself because I’ve strived my hardest to be where I am now. I am ever better to some but...

I am an Omega.

I belong to the kind of people who experience Heat and are subjected to mating with an Alpha partner. If you’re lucky enough, you could simply find a loving Beta partner and live your life happily. But if being an Omega itself is not the worst thing in the world yet, being fated with an Alpha is even the biggest unfortunate thing to ever happen to any Omega.

Your whole life is already dedicated to be controlled within the rules and the ways of nature. But being played with your own destiny? To actually think that you love a person just because he is your DESTINED Alpha? That’s the biggest bullshit the Omegas didn’t deserve to have.

Yet some would think that being an Omega is the most powerful thing in the world, that it is also because of our Heat.

The Heat only happens to an Omega being who reached his full maturity. Meaning to say, he is ready to mate. He will continue to have it like menstruation to Beta women; but instead of monthly, the Heat often comes unexpectedly. Just like a queen bee releasing its pheromones for its bees to know that they belong to her, an Omega releases his own pheromones that attract the Alphas. A strong scent that can drive anyone, even the Betas, crazy.

With Heat, some Omega knows how to make the Alphas and Betas revolve in their control, to have them on their palms. A powerful, dangerous move.

With Heat, it is what made the Omegas the lowest of kinds to exist. You are subjected to mating and you are looked down upon as sex objects.

With this Heat...

I met the Alpha who I vowed to never ever see again.

I hate this world. I hate myself for being an Omega. I hate nature.

I hate myself.

I hate this Alpha who’s looking at me like he owns me.

I do not belong to anyone.

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