Obeying Master Cross

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Chapter Three

Ronan is panting and shaking from all the fear inside of him.

He didn’t ask for this. He didn’t want this. He never wanted someone to be involved with his miserable self like this. He never wanted to ruin his friendship with anyone like this.

“You didn’t tell me that you’re an Omega.”

Cross is his friend—WAS his friend—until what happened has already happened. The fear inside him is still strong and he couldn’t look at Cross the same way. This guy assaulted him and even if it was his Heat’s fault… The flashes of how Cross looked at him remains vividly in his mind and he can’t remove it.

He has never seen someone like that—someone who terribly wants to have him, to own him. Cross’s eyes told him everything and that was what scared him the most. He saw how much he wanted to take him. The images of him trying to do the things he could even imagine keeps playing in his mind like a broken record.

Nothing happened. They didn’t have sex. But the moments that they “almost” …

He kept chanting in his mind that it was also Cross who saved him, who saved them both. He was the one who gave him the shot. He was able to control himself and not continue on with what was about to happen. He wanted to have all the reasons not to feel this fear of Cross but the images of how he looked at him are something really more traumatizing and stronger than his need to forgive Cross.

Cross laughs sarcastically and wipes the side of his mouth. The blood from the wound that he caused by biting this guy’s lip is dripping down to his neck. “It is the most vital thing you need to tell your friends, Ronan, or did you forget that I’m your fucking friend and a fucking Alpha? How can you not fucking tell me that you’re an Omega?!”

He flinched by the way he shouted. He wanted to answer him, to tell him why he decided not to tell him. He wanted to, but he fucking can’t even do it. Instead, what escaped his mouth was: “you do know that by now our friendship is over, right?”

Cross laughs again and this time, he shivered upon hearing it. “Now you’re telling me what? That this friendship is over? Bullshit!”

“Being Alpha is not an excuse to assault anyone, Cross. You fucking disgust me!” Ronan doesn’t even know anymore where he is getting all his strength to have this argument with Cross, but here he is—telling these things that he didn’t even mean.

Cross didn’t do anything. Cross didn’t do anything. Cross didn’t do anything.

He wanted to own you.

“Is that what you really think of me, Ronan?” Another laugh escapes from Cross. “Well then…”

Cross started walking to him and he started shaking more violently again. He thought Cross would touch him again but he didn’t. He just levels his face to his and grins like a complete evil.

“Let’s make a dare, Ronan. Let’s never see each other again because he if we do…” He looks at him—looks at his entirety. “Trust me, you don’t want to ever see me again since that’s what you want.”


* * * * * * * * * *

“What do you want?”

It was too late for Ronan to regain his control over himself. His Heat is already burning him to the core and even if he loathes this very man in front of him—the Omega inside him is already hurting him as he continues on with his idea of rejection to this Alpha.

Every cell inside his body is screaming and begging him to let this man fuck him. He wants this man now and it’s literally hurting him.

A dangerous grin curves onto this man’s lips. “Kneel.”

He wanted to punch him real hard but it would cause him his death at this point.

With all the self-hatred and might that he has remaining, he kneeled in front of this Alpha.

That grin turned into an evil laugh. A moan almost escaped his mouth when this man grabbed his chin. He wanted to push him away but with just that simple touch, it felt so good he wanted to cry even more and beg for it.

His touch burns more than his own Heat and he wants it. He wants more of it.

“Submission really suits you, doc. Now, say my name.”

After all the fucking years that have passed—this man is still the same asshole he once knew.


* * * * * * * * * *

In every text book and every sex education session an Omega child can read and have, the most basic thing it teaches is about Heat suppressants and how important they are. An Omega’s Heat is natural and unavoidable. In the process of Heat, a male Omega’s body is preparing itself for pregnancy. It will hurt, really hurt, because it will feel like your own insides are on fire. That’s where the suppressants come in action. A synthetic yet the easiest way for an Omega to subdue his own Heat. A vital must-have with a law regulating it.

Yet those same text books and same sex education sessions will not tell anyone how an Omega can benefit more from having sex with an Alpha. It will never tell the satisfaction one can have with this energy-consuming intimacy. No one can really justify that fact except for the people who truly experienced it.

Like what’s happening right now…

Ronan doesn’t know where to focus himself anymore—he’s lost.

He’s lost in the pleasure of having Cross deep inside him. He never even imagined experiencing sex this way around. He never imagined that he could be filled and stretched all the way like this. He never knew his body could do all this.

He never had this kind of pleasure before and he doesn’t want this to end.

Every thrust, every groan, every time this man’s grip tightens on his waist… He can’t remember now if his own clinic is soundproofed because if it isn’t? The whole hospital can now hear his uncontrollable moans and loud begging for this man to fuck him more.

He never even imagined having to be in this kind of situation—an Alpha fucking him like both of their lives depend on it.

It feels so good, so addicting, so fucking satisfying.

One deep thrust again and that made him come for the nth time.

Cross pulls out of him and before he could even protest, he just removes his condom to wear another one. This time, the man sits on his swivel chair and pulls him with him.

“Sit on me, Ronan.”

That damn grin! Only if he could wipe that asshole grin, he would do it; but then again, he’s too lost with the pleasure from this man and the sensation is already leaving its marks in his core. He can’t think of anything else but this man. How can he ever want this to stop? This man is so good, he feels so deliciously good.

Gently, he sits on Cross’s lap and guides himself to have his pulsing shaft inside him again. A long groan escapes from both of them and, without words, they were already moving together to reach their nth orgasm.

Cross is one big man and his shaft is no joke. It is huge and mad and pulsing and it pleases the Omega inside of him in the lewdest way possible. He likes how his thickness is stretching him, how it almost rips him, how it marks him as if trying to remember how his ass feels like.

Making him grip on his shoulder and holding his ass steady, Cross moves on his own to thrust faster inside him. It was too much and all he could do is beg and moan and cry for more. His nails are already digging onto Cross’s shoulder.

“Fuck, Ronan! You feel so fucking good!”

Cross told him that he smells like flowers. He doesn’t know how true and how possible that is, but Cross himself? He smells warm, he smells how your most comfortable space would smell like—like how home would smell like. Despite how their bodies are tangled up in chaos, how the air is filled up with sex—Cross smells so gentle and warm that why it’s addicting. He smells peace and security that the Omega inside him craves for.

He could only grab onto his hair now and memorize how good this man feels inside him.

He was close to coming again but this time and when he did, Cross came too.

“More. I want more.”

* * * * * * * * * *

When they said that an Omega will only reach true heavens with an Alpha, they were not kidding about it.

They ended up being in the nearest hotel and Ronan isn’t exactly sure how they ended up here. One thing he’s only sure of, though, is that he is totally spent and satisfied. He’s Heat subdued almost as fast as a suppressant would take effect on him but this time it’s better—sex with an Alpha is better than any medication invented.

He felt refreshed and fulfilled. He felt satisfied. Never in his life he felt like this during his Heat season and now he can finally say that he understands how fulfilling it is to have sex with an Alpha during these times. He knows now why an Omega could do everything just to have his own Alpha.

He understands now and he fucking hates every detail of it.

He fucking hates this man.

After all the years that have passed, who would have thought that they will meet again because of the same thing? His Heat—and this time around, he really lost to his desire and to their long-time dare. The dare he didn’t know will still exist years later from when this man demanded for it.

Now, another condition was formed between them and he agreed upon it. It’s not like he doesn’t have a choice, he just didn’t want to choose anything else even if how ironic that sounds. For sex, yes, he did it for sex. This man is cunning enough to use sex against an Omega in Heat and he can’t do anything about it now, and it’s not he will be strong enough to disagree. He doesn’t know what this man could be capable of doing more in the future.

He doesn’t know how long he has been staring at Cross’s peaceful, sleeping face but he continued on doing so.

Cross has been his friend but with the accident that happened between then, it was ruined even before he knew it and understood fully what’s happening. He remembered shouting the words that he didn’t mean, he remembered choosing to hurt this very man; but what happened already happened. It’s not like anything that happens now can change their past…

If someone would ask him if he has what ifs in his life, despite how much he wants to deny it—Cross is one of his biggest “what if”. Forgiving and forgetting what happened between them feels like ages ago but he’s too stubborn to let it go. He’s too stubborn to admit to himself that he really did fully lose to this man and he was not entirely mad over that fact.

He sighs and shakes his head. What the hell is going on with his mind?

Years did this man good to say the very least. Gone was the boy who he became friends with. Who would’ve thought that he’ll get to meet him like this and see how fine of man he has turned out to become? Now, he already had experienced what the Alpha in this man could offer…

Damn, he really hates this man.

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