Obeying Master Cross

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Chapter Four

“You like Kei.”

Ronan chuckles and runs his fingers through his hair. There was no point in denying it because he knew by now everyone would know that he was rejected by Kei. That sucks but he knows he can’t do anything about it. He did this to himself. They have been friends for the longest time and liking his friend didn’t happen overnight—it grew as their friendship went on. He wished he just kept it to himself.

The moment Kei wanted to pretend with him to avoid Heath? That sparked hope in him. Hope in such a way that even for a tiniest chance, he could confess to Kei and Kei might like him, too. Stupid of him to think that way when it was so obvious that the only man Kei ever wanted was Heath even if how complicated those two’s relationship is.

“Sucks being an idiot.”

It was Cross’s turn to chuckle. “You’re not only an idiot, you’re also brave as fuck. You do know that you risked your friendship with him, right? You could’ve ruined it and boom! Kei has rejected you plus he might doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore.”

He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, that’s for reminding me that.”

He’s really an idiot for making things complicated. He could live on without telling Kei about his petty feelings but damn. Idiocy can really attack anyone when they are most desperate.

What would happen to their friendship? He doesn’t know anymore. By the look Kei has given him, he prays that Kei isn’t really thinking about cutting their friendship away.

This is the time he also wishes not to be himself. He is an Omega and Kei knows that. Elijah, too. He doesn’t want to blame it on that because he knows Kei doesn’t care less about what he is. He purely knows why Kei rejected him and that’s simply because Heath already has his heart. But still.

What if he isn’t an Omega?

“You know what, just come with me.” Cross suggested with that silly grin on his face.

He doesn’t know whether to trust that grin or not. “Come where?”

“Lam is having a party at his house. Not really a party but there would be lots of alcohol. Why don’t you drown yourself with beer so you could forget that your first love just rejected you?”

That made him laugh.

The offer is not a bad idea at all and it sounded very pleasing for him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronan felt sore in all the right places and he’s already having himself-curses for breakfast. He shouldn’t be feeling this satisfied but who is he kidding? He’s being a hypocrite—he loved how satisfied and sore he is right now despite hating the Alpha who did this to him.

Damn himself really.

He left the moment he was sure that Cross was sleeping soundly. It was hard to do so because he felt deliciously tired that his body was literally trying to glue him to bed. He needed to sleep but what’s more important than doing so was leaving as early as he can. Was he running away? Yes, definitely yes.

And now, with barely any sleep, he’s already in the hospital again and trying his best to focus and his co-doctor Kei and their friend Eden. Maybe he should have just taken the day off so he could have had a decent rest.

He’s really trying his best but all he could think of was what happened last night and how his body is longing for more. His Heat might have subdued because of the damn take-you-to-heaven sex but he’s still in his Heat period. In short, he’s still as horny as fuck and remembering what that asshole Alpha did to him is not helping at all.

Every touch, kiss, and thrust… all of those are somehow embedded into him and he doesn’t know how long his body is going to recall every second of it. Every mark Cross has managed to put on his body felt like they are burning—not that it hurts but they sure do serve as reminders as if he isn’t reminded enough of what wonders Cross did to him.

“You’re not even listening, Ronan!” Eden pouted and scoffed.

Even Kei rolled his eyes. “Shit. You looked so fucking whipped right now, Ronan. If you’re going to daydream then you shouldn’t have joined us.”

Ronan shakes his head. He should tell them what happened because sooner or later they will find out that—

Before he could even finish his line of thoughts, a squeal from the nurses caught their attention because none other than Doc Elijah, Heath, and the least person he wanted to see today, Cross. He doesn’t have the slightest idea why these three are together but it wasn’t questionable why they are here now. Elijah is going for Eden, so is Heath with Kei. Cross?

He is not even in the slightest denying the fact with himself that he is fucking wet right now just by looking at this Alpha’s face. Same arrogant, asshole face that he can’t stop imagining from last night.

Kei immediately looks at him suspiciously and whispers. “We’re going to talk about this.”

That’s going to be the longest talk they will have because he knows he’ll need to explain everything.

* * * * * * * * * *

Whenever this asshole Alpha grins, Ronan perfectly knows not to trust it. It’s been years and that grin is still the same—almost silly-looking but being so much more than that.

They are here now in his clinic and he is trying his best to ignore his brain for repeating what happened here yesterday like a broken movie. Of course, he’s failing miserably but he kept thinking that he isn’t a damn horny teenager so he should behave.

“I’m surprised you can still walk normally; you should have taken the day off, doc.”

He pushes all the times he almost fell just this morning out of his mind. “Cut the crap and go straight to your point. What do you want?”

Cross laughs and it sounded so good even if it’s so evil. “Oh, Ronan, always angry with the pleasantries.” When he grins again, this time Ronan can already feel his Goosebumps. “I want the end of your deal.”

That fucking deal he agreed on of this man would fuck his Heat out. Which this man didn’t disappoint in doing what he promised to do. Why did he even ask why he is here when in truth is that he has been waiting for him? Stupid, Ronan.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Don’t want what?” Cross asked as if confirming what he just asked.

He suddenly felt this rush through his veins and he knows why might this be. This fucking Alpha in front of him is trying to call the Omega in him and it wasn’t going to be long until he’s going to be begging again. Damn himself, damn this man.

“Need I remind you, Doctor Ronan Olwen, that you’re already mine?”

If those are the magic words for Cross to look hotter? He sure did hit them good. Cross looked more dangerously sexy as he looked as if he was pissed for his question. Never in life he thought he’d have some kind of kink for someone who wears their suit ruggedly… But look at him now—being the biggest hypocrite. How can he hate such Alpha then admire him at the same time?

He was suddenly aware by how Cross looks right now. All his facial expressions, all the little movements—it all screams dominance and arrogance and that pleases him to see that.

He is blaming this fully on his Omega self. This slutty Omega inside of him that’s already praying that Cross would ravish him again.

Fucking fuck, Ronan, you’re fucked-up.

He remembers well how he said yes to being Cross’s, that he has to do whatever he wants…

Cross suddenly chuckles. “You lost the dare and that means I get to do what I want with you. You also agreed upon doing whatever I want in exchange of fucking you hard. You know what, doc? You’re currently neck deep with your conditions with me.”

Before he could even piss Cross more, he was already cut off by this man’s deadly glare.

“I don’t appreciate you playing games with me, Ronan, and I hope you know how to keep your words because I’m already sick and tired of going hide-and-seek from you for years.” Cross stood up and Ronan swore to himself that the Omega in him almost kneeled for how strong the Alpha aura he was releasing. “I came by to tell you that I need you tonight.”

He couldn’t speak—literally couldn’t speak.

Then Cross smiles before walking in front of him to hold his chin. “I need to see you tonight, doc, and I’ll know you’ll come. You know what I can do to those people who don’t live up to their words.”

He already nodded before he could even think about doing it.

Cross grins. “Submission does suit you well.”

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