Obeying Master Cross

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Chapter Five

Cross is trying hard to calm himself down. He’s breathing too harshly and he’s controlling it by taking slow and deep breaths one at a time. With his heart’s pace, it still seems to be attempting to break his chest bones. He splashes more water on his face then looks at his reflection through the foggy mirror in front of him.

He wanted to laugh at himself but all he could do was smirk like crazy.

Where in the world he got all that self-control? Fucking hell—with his current state now, he knows he had reached his limit hours ago and in all the miracles there are, it didn’t seem that way. That what has been amusing for him, he has lost his control and he could have bitten Ronan with how intense their sex was… and he didn’t.

He was waiting to fully lose control over himself because with how Ronan released his pheromones, it was enough to drive every Alpha in that very building crazy. It was too much even for him. It was too intoxicating, too addicting, too dangerous. He swears he could have bitten Ronan.

But he really didn’t.

He looks at the marks and scratches Ronan has left him, too, and that made him grin wider. Last night’s reminders of how intense the sex they have shared. After all of those years that have passed, who would have thought that they will end up having sex right at their first meeting?

It was like continuing the inevitable, continuing what they postponed to happen. To think that this is also the sole reason why their friendship got broken the first time—

He took another deep breath and let it out loudly.

All of his unexpected control over himself last night is taking a toll on him now. This time, he really laughs at himself.

Sex with Omegas should always satisfy him but with what he and Ronan shared last night? It was far from reaching satisfaction. It was a start of addiction because all he knows now is that he will never, ever let Ronan go again. It wasn’t about satisfaction anymore—it was finding what will keep him sane forever.

Sighing again, he left the bathroom. He doesn’t know if he could ever control himself like that again.

He looks at the empty, chaotic bed.

The whole room still smelled like Ronan—it smelled like flowers. Calming and at the same time triggering madness.

Ronan. Ronan. Ronan.

Time to meet his doctor again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kei slams his hands on the table and glares at Ronan. “He did what?!”

Ronan sighs again for the nth time today. After that meeting with Cross, he doesn’t know where he is getting this last drop of energy. He’s really tired and he needs to sleep but he really can’t blame Kei, too, if he wants to know everything now. Even Eden is worried but chose to still stay silent. He doesn’t know though if he’ll hear an earful from Elijah because he’s with Cross; for sure he would already know things, right?

He repeated again what happened minus all the details of their steamy sex. That would be too much information and Kei is an Alpha. He knows he wouldn’t understand the struggle of Heat. But with Eden? Being both Omegas, he knows what happened was out of his control and understands him that way.

Eden calms Kei this time. “You can’t only blame one party, Kei, because we all know that both are at fault here. Ronan didn’t bring with him his suppressants and that’s the biggest fault. Cross, on the other hand—”

A knock on the door cut off what Eden was saying. It was Elijah.

“Both are old enough to know what they did and know how to take responsibility for their actions. Regardless of being Alphas and Omegas, we are not teens anymore. Both of you should let Ronan rest because we all know that he needs it and he’s still on his Heat period.”

Kei scoffs but then sighs. “Okay, okay. But this conversation is still not yet over, Ronan.” After that, he already storms out of the room.

Eden looks at him apologetically. “Rest well, Ronan, and don’t think about Kei too much. You know he’s the most worrywart. Shall we call the driver for you?”

Elijah takes Eden’s hand. “We will call the driver for you, Ronan, to take you home and we’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer. You can also take the week off even if your Heat has subdued.”

He finally had his first smile after this stressful morning.

At least, he’ll get his rest before facing that asshole Alpha named Cross again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cross never paid attention to Ronan until he decided to give up on Eden. He’s an Alpha himself and he knew he doesn’t stand a chance in breaking what Fate has decided for Elijah and Eden—and that’s the problem. Now, all his attention is focused on something, or rather someone, else.

He doesn’t know why everyone seemed to be oblivious about this but it was so obvious for him that Ronan terribly likes Kei.

Ronan likes Kei so much that it makes him pity Ronan more than he should.

Like his situation with Eden and Elijah, what Kei and Heath have is something unbreakable despite how complicated it is. As an Alpha, he can not only see but he can strongly feel how possessive Kei is towards Heath, regardless of pushing the poor Beta away all the time.

That sucks and that is what really makes him pity Ronan.

“There you again, Cross, lost in your thoughts of women and who to fuck.”

That made him chuckle. “I don’t need to think about it if they are the ones willing to be fucked, right?”

All of his friends laughed, too.

“Yeah, right, and all you’re thinking about now is who to choose.” Lam shakes his head.

He just grins. “What were you saying again?”

“About the party at my house! Since we all want to get wasted, drinks on me.”

That sounds awesome for all of them since they all need to get wasted. He simply said he’ll text them if he could come because even if he wants to join them, he doesn’t know if he would be really available that night.

He excused himself and left. He doesn’t know where he’ll go but he rode on his big bike. Before he realized it—he’s already at the Medicine Department.

Why is he suddenly having the urge to see Ronan today?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cross knew that Ronan would defy him. He knew it but he didn’t actually expect him to not come after all his warnings. It makes him mad and it makes him want to do very, very bad things but…

Sighing, he fished out his phone to call Elijah. “I need Ronan’s address.”

Someone should really give him an award for finally being less than the asshole he is and for taking things into consideration before acting out on his anger.

When he finally received Ronan’s address, he immediately called his driver to take him there. He should have taken his bike tonight if he just listened to his expectations that Ronan will not meet him.

The condominium where Ronan stays is a very private one, he’s glad that Ronan is smart enough to choose such a facility to live in. He needed to make a few calls to finally be allowed to go to Ronan even without the doctor’s approval.

Clicking the doorbell as calmly as he could and without the thought of breaking the door, Cross waits patiently for Ronan to open the door. He should be civil at first but he already has the reception manager, who’s already shaking in fear, at his side in case Ronan doesn’t open the door.

Luckily, Ronan did open the door.

Bloodshot eyes and pale, Ronan tried so hard to look at him through his glasses.


He looks at the manager and smiles. “You can leave us now, miss. Thank you.”

He didn’t wait for the manager’s response nor even Ronan’s reaction; he simply went inside and closed the door behind him.

Ronan coughs, he couldn’t even look at him straightly without squinting his eyes as if for clearer vision.

“W-What are you d-doing here?”

What if he was here?

He was mad because Ronan didn’t come to their meeting. He wanted to be really mad at him because he doesn’t like it when someone tests his patience. He was mad that he needed to go here. He was mad and that’s exactly why he is here.

“Should I take you to the hospital?”

Ronan looked surprised and looked as if about to tell some remark but instead, he shakes his head. “I don’t like the hospital. J-Just leave, I’m sick and you d-don’t need to catch some virus.”

That made him chuckle. A doctor that hates the hospital when he is sick? How ironic is that?

Before Ronan could even protest, he scooped him up in a bridal lift.

“I’m not going to fuck you because I don’t do sick people.”

Ronan scoffs.

He chuckles and grins evilly.

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