Obeying Master Cross

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Chapter Six

Cross can see it clearly. The love Eden has for Elijah and so does what Elijah has for Eden. Even without the Fate between an Alpha and an Omega, even without that unnatural blessing or curse—the love these couple shares is something wonderfully made.

It sucks knowing that.

Cross sighs and dials the number of his grandfather. Tonight is supposed-to-be the night when he will ask Eden for his final decision on his proposal; he’s sure his grandfather is eager to know the result of their plans. Unfortunately for his old man, he wouldn’t bring good news.

“I’m dropping off this proposal. They are Fated to be together and none of us can go between that.”

Those are his only words before hanging up.

Eden finally notices that he has been here all this time. “Cross!”

Turning to his position, he wanted to grin at how possessively Elijah holds Eden’s arm. He also wanted to tell the man that there’s no need for that but it’s still fun for him to see how this Alpha reacts. Damn. It suddenly hit him—he never, even for a little, felt that possessiveness for someone.

He walks to the couple. “No need to be on your guard, Mr. Campus Moon. I wouldn’t do anything stupid anymore.” He focuses on Eden. “I see that you made your decision.”

He is surprised to see Eden’s sudden uncertain expression. He can see how the poor Omega is holding himself back from something and it sinks into him…

Eden slowly—forcefully—pulls away from Elijah’s grip.

Eden is willing to defy destiny for their families’ sake. He is choosing him.

He wants to be the less asshole that he is and tell this couple that he already decided to back out from their families’ stupid proposal, but he couldn’t help but to want more to see what will these two do next.

“As long as they wouldn’t do anything to Elijah, I’m willing to marry you.”

Cross can see how Eden is struggling to hold up his own words. Even Elijah looks like he is ready to do something stupid—like beg to him.

Fucking hell. Fuck destiny. Fuck Fate.

He once read a passage from an old book that stated how nothing could hurt an Omega more than trying to separate him from his Fated One. Same goes for his Alpha. Damn nature and it’s quirks. How could something—someone—decides about this shit everyone could suffer from?

Fate is indeed unfair.

Before Elijah could utter a word, he already decided to stop this.

He sighs and takes the velvet box that Eden has been holding this entire time.

“I’m taking this back with me—same goes with my proposal.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been so long since Cross decided to be the less of an asshole he is and it reminds him of so many memories. Who would have thought that he will be able to do it again in this lifetime?

He looks at Ronan, who is finally sleeping soundly.

It took this man almost an hour just to be comfortable with his presence and trust him that he will not do anything before finally going back to sleep. Touching Ronan’s forehead again, it would seem that the medicines are still not working.

Would it be best if he just brought Ronan to the hospital?

The most surprising thing that happened today is not that Ronan felt at ease with his presence—it’s his self-control again.

Ronan smells like flowers again. Milder but still as fragrant.

No words can express how tempting it is for him to ravish Ronan’s lips and fuck him again. He laughs to himself and runs his fingers through his hair. What did Ronan do to him for him to have this seemingly unending self-control? Was it a spell? A curse? Was it a potion that would finally behave him?

Looking at Ronan’s sleeping face again…

Ronan is the definition of an angel that has fallen from the heavens. Not as pure with how he is blushing now from his fever—more like a tainted angel that would make anyone sin for wanting him.

Brushing Ronan’s soft lips with his thumb, he sighs and shakes his head.

“What are you doing to me, Ronan?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronan feels like his head is being split into two and he knows he will puke all on his guts out any second now. He doesn’t know how he will stand up nor move himself to vomit properly—he can’t even open his eyes—until he felt the strong arms guiding him, almost carrying him.

He tried opening his eyes and with success, he can see now that they are in his bathroom. Vision is still blurry but at least manageable.

“Lean. I will support you so you wouldn’t slip.”

It’s not like he had a choice or what. There was no way of controlling himself from his violent vomiting. He doesn’t care anymore if he will literally puke all of his insides because what matters most to him is to let this all out of him.

He doesn’t know how long his head is in the toilet, the only thing that he’s sure is that he absolutely has no energy left after that. He can’t even feel his own body now.

“I’m going to bathe you.”

All he could do is nod.

It was like he fast-forwarded to the moment he was being carried back to the bed again. The bath was heavenly and now the bed also felt heavenly. Probably he died from puking his guts out and he’s in heaven now?

He was drifting off to sleep again and he doesn’t know whether it’s a part of his dream or not but…

He felt something on his lips—perhaps a kiss?

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronan felt a lot better when he woke up and opened his eyes again. He felt refreshed and energized that he almost forgot that he was sick just a couple of hours ago. He doesn’t feel heavy nor dizzy anymore. The only thing that he feels now is hunger. He’s hungry and the smell of food coming from the outside of his room is not helping at all.

He thought he was strong enough but he almost tripped the moment he tried to stand up. He curses at himself for the false strength that he felt. It gave him a moment to balance himself and walk but when he was sure that he could move, he did and went outside of his room.

He was immediately welcomed by Cross’s sexy back with all the delicious foods on the table.

He can’t tell anymore which made him hungrier.

All the inhibitions aside, he can watch Cross prepare food all day long. He can watch those back and arm muscles flex as he moves.

Well, fuck. Since when did he ever let the slut of his Omega side come out like this?

Cross finally turns around and with that smirk, he knows that this man knows that he was being watched. He simply rolled his eyes and took his seat.

“You could have just ordered food, or in more sense, you could have cooked all of this with your shirt on.”

Cross laughs and that mere laugh sounded so good. “Never liked take-out foods and I don’t cook when I have my shirt on. Dig in, I’m sure you’re hungry.”

They both did and for him, this breakfast was the best that he had in months. Damn, he really needs to learn how to cook himself. Home food will always taste better than his take-outs or hospital’s cafeteria foods. It’s new, random information for him that Cross knows how to cook, not that he cares about it but at least he’s not eating take-outs this morning.

Even the coffee tasted amazing.

He was about to ask Cross what he was really doing here when he remembered that they were supposed to meet last night. Ditching Cross has been in his mind but he didn’t do it intentionally this time, he got sick.

“About last night—”

“You were sick and that’s the biggest alibi you have for not meeting me last night.” Cross said nonchalantly but he could still hear his angry tone, but this man smiles again before taking another bite off his bacon and looking at him. “How are you feeling?”

He clears his throat. He wants to scold himself for being easily distracted with how Cross’s Adam’s apple moves from swallowing. “Better. I feel better.”

From the way Cross licks his lips then his fingertips to drinking all of that orange juice—he should really throw a shirt to man’s face. Never again he would allow this man to stir him up like this with his tiny supposed-to-be non-sexual movements. Damn him.

He hates how arrogantly this man knows how sexy he is.

“Since you’re still on your Heat period, I decided to move our meeting when it ends. It should take a couple of more days from now on, does it? But today we should go with my plan of bringing you to the hospital.”

That made him frown. “What for? I’m feeling better—”

“Didn’t it occur to you that you might be pregnant?”

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