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"Running away from her problems it has never been an answer or even an option for Ella Jones, not even when she had to face her demons. Little did she know that at the age of eighteen, her inner demon would finally be let free and gain control of her life. It's that bad? It's all too be seen Keep in mind though... what’s a demon if not a fallen Angel? Her demons, perhaps, happen to have names....and her life, indeed...had already changed on a specific night two years ago, where everything happened to be destroyed and lots or, almost everything....

SeaLand - Aria
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1. Introduction

When life doesn’t go as planned, everything seems to be getting in your way and the demons from your past control your life and dreams, there are two roads that you can take to survive.

The easy one, which is the one that makes you run away in the vain idea of starting a new life, but really, it’s just time-consuming as your demon will come back one day, knocking at your door stronger than before and, there is a second one, another way. Face your demons and don’t make them have the best out of you. Perhaps, Ella chose this road, but with her Demons, she did way more than face them, she embraced them, and what happened after, it’s all in here.

2 years ago.

Opening my eyes at the sounds of voices screaming in my head I’m right away overwhelmed by the sound of a beeping machine close to me and the strong smell of antiseptic and blood that seems to be planted right in my nose.

My head hurts like a beach and I don’t think I can feel my body anymore. Where I am? And what’s going on? I try to open my mouth to ask those question but no sounds are coming out of it, instead, I have something down my throat a tube perhaps, and why it burns so much? Dad...Elijah? Where are you ??

Beep * beep* beep*

“Mr Nortwood, Mr Spencer ….We need to talk, let’s go outside” The voices in my head are muffled and too far away, although I’m sure I’ve heard correctly, Ace and Nathan must be here...but where am I?

Burn, I feel my body burning and tearing apart, excruciating pain is taking over my lower body and everything is becoming blurry, far away. The voices, the smells...everything seems to be going away from me.

“ Dad? Elijah...were are we?” There is a big light around them and my body feels weightless, I am weightless a rush of calmness and warmth creeps down my spine and I see my man coming closer. But they are not alone...no there is a fiery mass of curly hair just behind them, and the face framed by them it’s smiling at me...My heart aches and, I know, I must be dead…

“ Mum?”

Then everything comes to memory, the car...the crush, the explosion...screams, blood...pain.

Where are they going? Why aren’t they waiting for me?

“ Mum? Dad...please...wait”

*Beep* Beep* Beep**Beeeeeeep* Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Black, everything is black and finally, I don’t feel a thing anymore. I’m air, free, weightless, thin and invisible...just simple fresh air.

Hello everyone and welcome to Ella's life.
This is just the introduction, so don't be mad if it's short.
If you are going to read the story any further because this chapter has interested you, well, thank you. Although...there are a few things you should know...and maybe a few of you already knows:
1. English is not my first language, not an excuse but is how it is. I am trying to improve day by day... I can't promise that you'll find no grammars, punctuation or typos error. Sorry
2. Steamy scene? Yes, you're going to find them...if you don't like it, well you know what to do.
3. Strong language too...not a lot, but it's going to happen.
4. Unconventional, but that's what this story it's about.
5. It's all coming from my bored mind and wild fantasy, Lockdown is still keeping me indoors.

Well, that said. Feel free to go ahead and, most importantly, don't forget to comment, share and review the story, I love to hear your thoughts.

Love x

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