Five Favours

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The Before, After and Consequence

She ran through the streets indecently clothed but that was the least of her problems. Her eyes scanned her surroundings and for a second she forgot about real life, she forgot she was running from death. She wondered why she would have even thought about coming back, she hated herself for it. She hated how she, looked, felt, and everything else. She hated how her ribs now poked out, and most of all she, hated her dad, oh how she hated her dad.

She quickly noticed that her blood left a trail, which anyone could easily trace, and her dad was not stupid. she lead it to a random house before she sucked in her self-worth and ripped her shirt, or what remained of it, and tied it against the biggest wound. It was on her leg, where the shattered glass had been used. It happened all too quickly, one minute she was running the next she heard a car, she hid in the bush scared that it was all too late, but she wasn’t caught. And sometimes when it was night and dark she wondered how different everything would be if she didn’t notice the blood trail, or if she had stood for a second longer.

This all started years ago on her first day back when her father didn't find her useless and she still had life in her...

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