Five Favours

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Cherry on top

An ideal first day back at Forres high would have gone something like this:

I marched down the halls of empty-headed high schoolers, feeling their amazed gawks on me as I passed by.

That’s right bitches. Stand and stare.

I owned it and I knew it everyone worshipped me I was always the main event...

(It didn’t quite appear like that)

I had changed a lot over the summer, as evidenced by my new choice of wardrobe. Today I sported a long sleeve top sleeveless blue vest paired with a cute white skirt, which was far shorter than anything I could have never dared to wear before.

I looked good and I knew it.

I broke out of my self-appreciative reverie due to incessant coughing in front of me.

My eyes narrowed as I stared at the form of my best friend soon to be ex-best friend, Marissa. She gazed at me adoringly most likely wondering what could have happened to me.

" Heyy...”

I ignored her, trying to act unbothered and cool but I knew it would come off as cringy.

She anxiously putting her legs up and down. She quickly stops it and starts walking to hide her nervousness.

“It was a mistake HUMANS MAKE THAT” she speaks getting louder and louder until she was yelling at me. “I’m sorry” I wasn’t sure what act she pulled that she was saying sorry for, but I don’t ask.

“Humans make those...We know who’s failing English.” I correct her “ it was nice speaking to a backstabbing bitch” It felt like I was in a movie and I loved it.

“What is going on here,” Dash speaks frustrated. Dash was my ex-bestie... lover and everything in between. He cools down slightly and his once warm ocean eyes I once loved were replaced by icy distant ones his shirt was a size too small and his well-sculpted abs he had gained over the summer were on display. Although he was hot I knew it, so did he that is why instead of me admiring it I hated it. Disgusted I felt bile rise in my throat. It felt like an eternity before I responded deciding to play with his ego a bit.




“Nice to meet you” I give out my hands making it seem like I was giving him a handshake I try not to laugh much, as his face becomes sour, and his ego comes to a crash. He always had an ego problem.

He reaches out to my hand

“And you are?” he says playing along a weird grin placed on his face

I quickly snap my hand out leaning it back and before he notices what I’m about to do there is a loud bang. The world freezes, his cheek is bright red his ego is broken. He was shocked, but quickly it fades into anger and I run away.

I stop running and turn around, surprised he is not chasing me but kissing Marissa the cheat.

Here is a quick list of what she ( who I should be calling a pig) had done.

The pig almost got me arrested long story...

The pig had used my boyfriend to cheat on me.

pig the stripper created a fake Instagram that had been ripping my heart each day writing horrible things about me. . Do you notice how fat she is ... she should kill herself ...

She used me to look better

Stole any boy I had a chance with.

She lied to me to make herself stay close.

I was broken.

It was then I realized I and dash never really dated, my feelings were never relayed back to me. I was uglier than everyone here, it would be stupid to think someone would genuinely like me.

I went to the janitor’s closet crying to myself, the closet was going to be my second home... I hadn’t noticed I had been there for so long until I had heard a bell signaling it was lunch.

I ran to the toilet to fix myself, no one was ever going to see me like this.

I sighed realizing that I hadn’t brought spare makeup. So I wiped my eyes, and I decided to go with my ugly bare face, decorated with insect bites I had gotten over summer.

I rubbed the remaining makeup off violently

“Holy sh...” a guy had just wandered in, I hadn’t seen him before I stood there stunned for my loss of words

“W-what are you doing here”

He looked confused for a second before starting to pull down his trousers.

“I am not a boy with long hair, Pull up your trousers this is the ... shoot it’s the boy’s bathroom isn’t it.”

He fumbled with his zipper and pulled his trousers back to a more appropriate position.

“Yep weird place to meet isn’t it? I’m Theodore but call me Theo What your name? And I just thought you were Trans or something”

I stood there stunned how he didn’t find this awkward. in the heat of the moment, I did something I might regret I told him a fake name, although it was my middle name it felt unnatural coming out of my mouth.

“Angel,” The name slipped out and I cringed knowing even if I tried very hard I would not live up to my name.

“Angel well you want to sit together for lunch?... I’m ... I don’t feel like peeing anymore.


It was lasagna today how ironic my school decided to serve the best meal on the worse day.

I had said I was vegetarian so I could get some fries, the lady shook her head and pointed to some baked potatoes, I went for it but now longed lasagna.

I sat with Theo at the table, waiting, more like hoping for something to happen because the silence was deadly.

“Hope you don’t mind some of my friends will be coming.”

I shrugged not caring much thinking it was his first day therefore It wouldn’t be too many people.

Oh was I wrong...

The table was filled as swarms of ten thousand men came towards us...Okay maybe I am over exaggerating but close enough.

“This is Angel we met in...”

pig comes out of nowhere and openly flirts with Theo “hey, you look good today.”

They looked at each other as if they had known each other for years. Theo smiles before introducing me to all the people sat at the table. I wouldn’t remember half the names by the end of it.

“And that is...” Theo said

“A hoe”

“What?” Oh no did I say that out loud?

“Marissa” I corrected myself

“Yeah, you know her?”

Yeah, she got me arrested and cheated with my ex-boyfriend behind my back.

The table was dead silent.

Guess I said that a little too loud too


The person stopped and feeling instant pain across my stomach, and I could taste blood making its way up my mouth, That was not Marissa

Well that is the cherry on top

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