Five Favours

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The party invite

It had been a week since my ex-boyfriend, dash had punched me in the middle of the cafeteria, (real classy I know) two days since he changed his status to “in a relationship” and months of emotions had come flooding in each day.

I quickly went downstairs out of my room. My parents weren’t home so I quickly put on the flares that I had bought at a thrift store for just five dollars, I adjusted my shirt flung a black jacket around myself, and put on my school shoes.

School started at 8:15 so when I woke up at five this morning by screaming I rolled and rolled yet didn’t stand up till I heard the doors lock. This signaled no one was at home it was 7:45, I had skipped breakfast. I ran to school so I could get to class 10 mins early.

I entered English and went to sit at the very back middle, but a little someone had put her butt on my things, again... Sat there was Melissa.

“What...the ...hell,” I said astonished she would

A. Come to class before me (She had never done that before)

B. Sit on my seat.

“Hey,” blonde bitch dared to speak to me.

“Get out !” I was now screamed

“Why should I ?” she smirked

I tried to push her off my seat in a weak attempt to get her off it, but it didn't work.

“Stop” Theo the little brat breaks up the fight which I am embarrassed to say I was losing... badly

“Angel are you ok” My breath hitched when he pulled me I turned around and our lips brushed for a second or two, his hazel eyes were looking intensely at me checking for injuries and it wasn’t hard for him to find them.

“What do you think,” I said rudely still looking at Melissa or Malissa or the preferred pig

“She isn’t the only one who was-” Melissa tried to intervene But was interrupted

“Let us get you cleaned, come here” Theo held my hand and I felt the warmth go through my body.

Theo led me to the accessible bathroom recently added for school publicity, the disabled person who suffered from cystic fibrosis, Tarz left two years ago due to bullying and the school didn’t even try to help her. The music which I didn’t notice was playing before was playing quite loudly in the uncomfortable silence between us and he started dancing randomly to a lot by 21 savage although I thought this would actually make it more awkward than it did. I started singing very awkwardly he dropped his phone on the tabletop as murder on my mind started playing,

This is such a teenage boy playlist I thought to myself wondering if ‘All girls are the same’ was due to play next.

He lowered the volume his face awkward not knowing what to do.

“Sorry, so let us start this s-situation. Umm, shoot your nose is bleeding.”

“I’ve never had a nose bleed”

“There is a first time for everything ”

I scrunched my face questioning the awkward conversation we just had. he handed me tissues and I pressed on my face not sure what to as he hadn’t given me instructions.

“So I was wondering if you could come to my school party thing on Saturday, I’m sorry this is such short notice”

Yes dadd... gosh I’m down so bad

“I don’t think I can, I’m so sorry,” I decline nicely, knowing if my parents found out I would be crucified, then slaughtered, and then have my head put on a stick, then thrown away to be eaten by squids or something.

“Please come, it's gonna be so fun... I know we just met but, here’s the card it has the address and stuff to get you into the party.”

“Thanks.” I took the card glancing over

“Ok, are you okay now?”

“Yeah I feel good now,” I said quickly going to the sink to wash my face ‘all girls are the same’ was playing.

“Okay let’s go,” Theo in one swift motion put his phone in his pocket and unlocked the door his smile so genuine I was left swooning.

Snap out of it his music taste is questionable.


I rushed out of there after him but also tried to look the hot kind of beaten up and I thought I looked okay until...

“Why is your face like that.... i-it kinds of looks like a duck,” he said in between laughs.

So looking hot was out of the equation.

When I reached home it wasn’t the half welcoming environment I expected but shouting and crying, me being too tired to be curious just went to my room and locked the door. I picked the card and quietly got ready.

It was already six, but this party started at seven-thirty. So I showered and tried not to imagine the scenarios going on downstairs or the situation I had with Theo just hours before. I put on a red dress that I hadn’t worn before. My mum had gotten it on my 16 birthday and I was turning seventeen soon. The dress was midi and was scrunched up slightly on the sides. Although the neck would be quite revealing in theory, my A cups made that hard. The flimsy strings and soft satin material were making it hard for me to keep my hands off myself. I paired it with black heels before it dawned on me how I was meant to sneak out of the house and drive to this party.

The doorbell rang and I quickly took off my heels and put my robe over my dress.

I ran down the stairs quickly opening the door I was surprised seeing as my mum and dad seemed to be both asleep and no-one was at the door.

It was Theo, and he was wearing a very nicely fitted tuxedo or suit I don’t know the difference.

“umm... are you not coming?”

" Yeah, I am give me a second.” I ran upstairs getting my heels and phone and the entrance card before quickly going back.

“Your robe...” I took it off and took in his stunned expression.

“How did you know my address...”

“you look so pretty ” the dress hugged my figure and I for once felt pretty as well.

“so... let’s go.” I can’t believe I just met this guy a couple of days ago, I won’t let him go mainly because I had a fear of being alone forever but also because he was hot.

If you see Tyran I mean to say Theo I went over it to make sure but I still make mistakes, but what do you think about him nevertheless.

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