Five Favours

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Social reject

After the small talk and only 20 minutes of walking, we finally reached where the party was happening. The ‘house’ was a mansion making me confused as to why I didn’t know it existed as it was only about a mile away from mine. It was engulfed by greenery and although we entered down a path mostly hidden. I wondered how I missed the enormous gate almost taking up the whole street when we reached the back entrance. Theo smiled and told me he just needed to drop his coat through here. It looked like it was at least a three-story, although I was quite well off in the way my parents didn’t have to work exceptionally hard to provide us with meals. I was not this rich.

“Someone lives off daddy’s money cause wow” I turned to him and watched him go a tomato color.

I entered and it dawned on me that I hadn’t been invited to party ever except the pig birthday parties, so I made sure to stick to Theo until I physically couldn’t. Except it wasn’t the 'party' I expected the party was formal, everyone rocked floor-length dresses except the few minorities but no-one’s dress was as revealing as mine.

“My parents said I had to bring a date and I thought.”

" The thing is that you didn’t think, I wish you told me that would have made me feel better I look like... Different I look different than the others.” I cooled off thinking about what he had just said. “Wait,” I paused yet again all the pieces connecting in my head. ” This is your house, fine I’m not mad but you owe me a real date, money, and...Five favors.”

“I don’t think I told you before but you look ravishing, and I will be honored to go on a date with you. ” He chuckled and ignored the first few seconds of my rant.

The night went by quite quickly resulting in me not even being able to stand still by the amount of champagne I had cunningly sipped, but also because my heels had started to kill my feet.

just like my dad was going to try to kill... Oh, wait this is too early on.

We met his parents and his friends(or forced business friends there was a faint line in-between.) His parents just gave off rich, the mother’s voice was sultry and I was surprised when she hugged me, she was wearing a floor-length green dress which was off-shoulder which complimented her ebony skin. The father I was sure was a mafia leader and there isn’t more I can say.

“I never thought I would see the day, you are so beautiful.” The mum said I can her skin glowing and I was jealous of her clear skin.

“Well we are only 17 he still has a lot of time,” I felt the tension so I quickly added “Well... we still have loads of time is what I meant, and” I paused and met his eyes for the dramatic effect. ” I cannot wait to see where it takes us in the future.”

His dad just stood there the whole time arms wrapped around his wife watching me with judgment.

“Oh you two are such cuties”

“Mum stop.” Theo moaned and turned red

“Anyway, I’ll go leave you two to chat.”

The father opened his mouth to talk but was already being dragged by Theo’s mum.

Does his parents not know we just met this week.

“Sorry about that, my mum wants me to get a girl.”

" You’re seventeen? And we just met can’t believe she thought we were dating and going to get married or something.”

“That’s my Mother for you. Also, my dad wants an heir to the business, which is in his eyes “suitable” and “well-equipped”. ” His face was still bright red and I laughed meeting his eyes.

His life was set out for him he had his dad’s business if all fails he was set to be rich in the future and I wished I had his life.

Oh I wish I appreciated my life at that moment because it just got worse from there

When the party reached its plateau and the chatter died down it was time for us to leave I checked my phone quickly, surprised no angry messages from my dad, instead it was a text which mirrored the chill parents in any TV series. Stay with someone this week the house is unlocked but I do not want you there unsupervised. I need to leave for work and other matters, don ....I’ll be back don’t worry.

My dad was an accountant, so that was an obvious lie what surprised me was the “other matters” that was that referring to.

Theo and I moved to one of the last groups of people and I zoned out again.

I would’ve run to the house thinking it was a kidnapper if I didn’t see the last sentence don were my first ”words” and he always laughed at how often I used to say it. The only problem is I have no friends right now so I guess Theo is going to have to give me this favour.


I looked up to Theo before nodding in response now becoming fully attentive

“You were gone for a few just making sure you were all right.”

“yeah I’m great”

“So let me walk you home?”

“Yeah... I’m going to be blunt, my dad’s not home and the door is locked so as one of my favours or wishes you could say, is I could stay here.”

“I’m not a charity,”

“Come on Theodore you have to,”

“No don’t call me that, and don’t you dare think about going to my...”

It was too late I was already going towards his mother to inform her of my stay and just like that I had a home, his mother told me she would “inform the principal that I was feeling ill and will not be attending school on Monday.”

I made sure to tell her “That wouldn’t be necessary.” and that I would be staying for a week. I don’t think I had ever seen someone’s smile grow so much in just mere seconds.

Four Favours left I guess.

Although I still felt hurt that my dad or mom hadn’t even cared to call and make sure I had a home and was safe. I wondered if I was only out of the house because I was going on a run, how different of a situation I would be in.

Until next week I guess, or whenever my dad will come.


The room was stunning the bed had a headboard decorated in gold and I had to shut my gaping mouth. It even had a second floor to the room which revealed a game room and a mini living room.

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to stay in my room tonight.” The rich guy said as if that was a bad thing. He had a whole two-story bedroom, I was confused as to why I would ever see that as a bad thing.

" Trust me it’s not a problem.”

...(Time skip)...

Dinner was an Italian Six course, which in theory I would be stuffed, but the portions were so tiny. Leading me coming out hungrier than when I first started eating, I quickly changed to the only ‘pajamas’ i could get at the time a pair of black booty shorts and a plain white top.

“Hey” Theo barged in giving me a spare toothbrush

“Thanks” I was only thankful he didn’t come a few seconds earlier when I was butt àss naked, mainly because I didn’t want him to see my very flat chest... But I guess also because of decency?

After brushing my teeth I headed upstairs still mesmerized by the beautiful minimalistic decor

“Angel” I heard a mutter from downstairs but chose to ignore it.

I looked at the childhood pictures up in frames taking note that I hadn’t seen his sister at dinner.

“Angel” I quickly muttered an incoherent response before looking back at the photos.

I made sure to take a few pictures for leverage laughing to myself.

“ANGEL” A voice boomed and I was sure that I saw the pictures rattling.

I quickly ran down the stairs


“What were you doing the beds ready”

“Ok? I was heading for the couch.”

Theo looked so distraught when I said that.

“Sorry but no one sleeps on those couches they were expensive. Your sleeping with me, and I mean that both ways” he smirked his tone suggestiveand I was too tired to even care. I put pillows in the middle of us and let sleep consume me.

How would you react if someone you had just met told you, you had to share a bed?

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(I am just trying to go through some backstory before plunging face-first into the plot)

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