Five Favours

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Life is swell

When I awakened, there were no pillows in-between us. Instead, I was in a position similar to spooning. Theo had one hand on my cheek, the other past my shoulder. It made me wonder how he managed to sleep in such an uncomfortable position. I quickly stood up not thinking about the bulge I had felt pressing against my behind. Instead, I adjusted my shorts that presumably rode up during the night, and ignored the pain in my *acnestis (due to the uncomfortable sleeping position).

I took a shower at my preferred one thousand degrees before realizing I had left my clothes in the room where Theo was still sleeping. I threw the towel on and dashed out of the bathroom in a hurry. I quickly got carried away though, and while probing around entered what looked like a walk-in closet. It did end up unsurprisingly, being one.

I picked out a baby blue crewneck sweater that I recognized with the familiar polo logo sprawled on the left. I picked out one of his grey shorts, pulling the rope as tight as it could go as my waist was small. (I was still unsure if that was a good thing.) To my dismay, Theo had woken up I watched him pandiculate before looking down and going red. I felt a bit nauseant from the whole mission, but it was funny seeing Theo like this.

I thought of his mom and I wasn’t sure how I didn’t notice he was biracial. His hair was curly and thick and sometimes admittedly made me think about wanting to run my hands through it. His eyelashes were long and I gazed longingly hating how a boy got to have amazing eyelashes, and I didn’t. His skin tone was darker than mine, yet I passed it off as a tan, but now taking it in his skin was far darker than a simple tan.

“Umm... You should probably go downstairs and get breakfast I’m going to be here for a while.”

“Ok,” I lazily replied

It had been 10 minutes, and my dory-like brain could neither find the dining nor retrace my steps back to the bedroom. In the enthusiasm of my confidence, I forgot to remind Theo that his house was indeed a mansion, which I had not yet gotten accustomed to. I was in what seemed like a music room with violins, pianos, and a harp with its wrest pins falling off. I concluded that the harp was the least liked. I ran my hands through the music folders trying not to be too perturbed about how I am very much lost.

“I was looking for you, your food is ready, and stop snooping around.” Theo’s dad said sternly.

I, although thinking of a snarky reply went to breakfast instead.

“Oh, there she is Theo just got here and was worried and asking where you were.” She hugged me, I was still in envy of her clear skin and flawless body. For a woman whose age I guessed would exceed thirty- five, she looked far younger. “I heard you guys are going on a date, so I won’t keep you waiting” she pushed us outside hastily but I still caught her winking at Theo’s dad before she giggled. It didn’t take much brainpower to work out what they were going to do afterward.

“You’re wearing my clothes,” Theo said concealing a small smile.


I was too hungry to reply fully, I was happy thinking I was going to eat breakfast. This meant when I realized that I wouldn’t be, I hoped the walk or drive would be so rapid that my stomach wouldn’t have time to eat itself. This plan of having food in front of me as quickly as possible did not include talking.

“You are so Uhm, verbose today,” He said sarcastically.

“Trying to impress me with big words are you.” Just that sentence took all I had in me to say, I was so fatigued and starved that a proper sentence took a lot of my energy.

“Wow what is this an actual sentence from you”

I nodded to spite him and also conserve energy, he rolled his eyes before what I presumed was a driver got out of a black Ferrari, the sleek design made me wonder if I was even going to fit.

“Gosh, how the hell are you so rich,”

“My dad is in the mafia,” I couldn’t tell if he was joking, but I still chose to believe it.

After small talk, we reached a mall. I had never been this perplexed. I looked at him to get an answer but, he was already out of the car. I stood out of the raised doors and sighed. Guess even rich people like taking dates to apple bees.

“Ready to go shopping?”

I was now confused as to why after he took me to a mall, I didn’t think we were going Shopping. It was probably because food was all that filled my thoughts, I was undernourished especially after “dinner” last night.

“I’m hungry, Theo,”

“Oh yeah, you’re right... I’m sorry, I forgot, I’ll get Mr. Russo.”

“It’s fine, chill out,” He was very flustered and I had the urge to kiss him. Instead, I trapped him in my arms, and took in the close contact, never wanting to let go. And I was happy he didn’t let go either because my energy was plummeting, and I was scared I was going to faint soon. When I looked up at his face it was a darker shade of red and he kissed my forehead.

That was the day I knew, I, Thea Angela at least had one friend. I was still wishing that I had introduced my name as Thea so we would be matching.

We at first went to eat at a local pizza place, but Theo was so disappointed at the ‘disgusting’ pizza. That he, to my disbelief, threw out the food. I was thankful that I could get two slices in so I wasn’t still completely starved. We then entered, after about ten minutes of walking, a very opulent restaurant. Where it was expected of you to reserve and wear your best dresses. We did neither but we somehow managed to enter.

“We meet again Theo.” A blonde waiter in her 20′s (That is an actual case) flirted. Ok maybe I wasn’t sure she was flirting, but she was still a b1tch.

“Hey... Um, show us our seats,” Ha! He didn’t even know her name take that, not that I cared.

“This is the reason I like you, you’re such a charm taking your assistant to dinner,” she looked at me up and down scrutinizing my being.

Theo was so uncomfortable although he was hiding it on his stern face, he was shifting his feet and his hands were shaking. I took to hold his hands and looked the waitress straight in her face.

“We’re dating actually. So are you going to do your job? Or keep staring at Theo like he’s eye candy? Because if you do...” I paused to think about what I was going to say next, laughing at myself I decided to channel any stereotypical blonde b*tch from any show ( basically pig but up-branded.)

“I promise the rest of your life won’t be very easy, or you could lead us to our seats and no further action will be taken.”

“Sorry, ma’am,” The waitress looked down quickly leading us to our table before going her way. I turned back to see Theo smirking at me, and was scared to hear him talk, and when I thought Theo wasn’t going to put his two cents in everything. His inflated ego mixed with audacity speaks saying...

“WOW... I didn’t know you liked me we haven’t even known each other for two full weeks. Am I that good-looking?” Although I knew he wanted me to laugh, I instead gave him a straight face which meant he awkwardly laughed at himself.

“Gosh... The only reason I even lied was because that waitress was making you uncomfortable. Therefore I had to make up something as it was better than you just awkwardly standing there prolonging this situation. So please be useful and get me food.” Ok, I wasn’t channeling, I was just hungry.

The food came when he rang the bell and I wanted to cry, it was the small portions but luckily he understood the look I gave him, and he gave me his food too it was bread and caviar. Although my dad was Russian I had never even tried this, mainly because we didn’t have caviar lying around. I still stuffed it down my throat, trying not to decide if I actually liked or detested the starter.

“I’ll make them get bigger portions of rice and stuff,”

“Thanks, I’m sorry for being a...”

“It’s fine, I deserved it. I just got a bit confident seeing you in my clothes, it made me happy.”


“I don’t know you just look ravishing.” The next few words he said leaning and it was barely a whisper. “And you are making my heart race just thinking about you, keep my clothes,”

I went tomato red and hoped more food would just come already.

“While we are here, why don’t you tell me about how you almost got arrested.”

When we arrived back at Theo’s place, with bags full of clothes and food it was still four. Yet I didn’t speak to anyone for the rest of the day putting myself in books and preparing for school tomorrow. Until I had to go to dinner and the whole time I looked down and didn’t speak. Even though Theo many times would glance at me and attempt to start a conversation. Every single time I would ignore him. I got an actual portion of the most amazing pasta which was the only thing I liked during the sad, sad, dinner.

My room was ready therefore there was no spooning Theo this night, even though admittedly it was pretty nice.

Gosh you need to stop yourself

Don’t judge me we might have just met but he is hot as...

“How hot am I?” Theo stopped my train of thought and confessed that I was indeed speaking out loud. He was smirking and in his hands the clothes I had left in his room, including my underwear which he held up proudly.

Oh, someone kill me right now...

Acnestis-The part of the human back between the shoulder blades, where you normally can’t reach, (I learned the word today.)

WOOOOO!!!!! It’s February, hoping COVID ends one of these days

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