Five Favours

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Rumours and Detention

Oh, someone kill me right now.

“Is this yours?” Theo held up my black lacy underwear and I felt my skin crawl, my face turning tomato red.

“Theo, stop.” I put my hands up to my face in alarm, hoping this will all be over soon.

“Sorry, goodnight.” He didn’t genuinely apologize no, he giggled. Then disregarded my clothes on the floor.

I got a mere 4 hours of sleep that night thinking about everything that had just happened. I kept reliving the events again and again.

“GOODMORNING,” A loud voice boomed, waking me up. I suddenly wished that I took upon his mum’s favour of me skipping school on Monday.

“Theo, get out!” I looked straight at him, pulling my duvet towards myself. I mentally facepalmed myself for sleeping with just a bra on.

He glanced at me for an uncomfortable amount of time before he finally left my room, leaving me short of breath.

“Oh sorry, forgot to tell you to be fast. Breakfast is ready, and I’ll walk you this time so be ready in 15 minutes.” he quickly added as he re-entered

I got out of bed when I knew he was properly gone, and took the quickest shower. I brushed my teeth, while at the same time I thought about cutting my hair shoulder length. I haven’t ever had a major haircut, this led to my hair draping over my whole back.

I finally put on clothes I put on jeans and a sweater. Sorry, let me rephrase that in case you didn’t understand. I put on GUESS jeans and a HERMES white sweater. This was paired with a real pearl necklace and after much thought, I ditched the Swarovski earrings. For the shoes, I was wearing FREAKING Dr. MARTENS.

I cannot emphasize this enough get your parents to ditch you so you can hang out with your millionaire friend.

Walking through school with Theo was eventful, I liked the attention though, well until it was lunch and half of the school thought I was pregnant with his child.

Yet again, I and Theo headed for the same table. It was full of shared laughter and jokes, well that was before we reached. Silence overtook the entire cafeteria and Theo confidently glanced at me before turning back to the table.

But as soon as we reached, all color drained from the faces before us.

Theo’s POV

“Bro, so did you guys bone?” Tyler Atwood decided to chirp in, and I wanted to kill him so bad.

“I haven’t heard someone say bone since like 2012, but then again, I would like to entertain the Idea that your peasized brain would...” Angel started, but I was not in the mood.

“ENOUGH! Tyler, get the hell out of this table.” I couldn’t bear it anymore, I hated everything that was happening right now. I couldn’t even invite someone to my home without gossip.

“Thanks, can Malissa or whatever your name is, also go away?” Gosh, this girl was going to be the death of me. She just stole my mojo.

“So now, all of you explain what the hell is going on.” Most people ignored me and continued their whispered chatter...

“You’re living with her.” Crystal exclaimed and for a second all my walls broke down.

“Yes, I am Crystal.” I looked at her straight in the eyes, but her eyes could not meet mine. I broke her, somehow.

“Why... Why would you do that?”

“My girlfriend needed help and I had to give it to her.” The word girlfriend slipped my mouth as if it was real. I shrugged and acted nonchalantly, trying to keep a poker face.

Silence took over. Jared looked at me with so much disappointment, that I had to look away.

“Help? She needed help and I didn’t?” Her eyes were full of tears, that was when it hit me that I didn’t know anything concerning her current life. My phone was filled with notifications from her but I didn’t check even one. Angel was all that filled my head that whole weekend and I...

“I’ll leave...” I looked back and Angel was on verge of tears, and half the cafeteria was openly looking at us.

“No! You’re staying,” I tried to calm down, but my temper rose when I said no. I didn’t mean to alarm anyone but the whole cafeteria was still watching our every move.

“Well done, your dad will be so proud that you got a girlfriend. Who thought the day would ever come...” She looked at me before glancing at Angel, who under her gaze shifted. I reached for her hand to comfort her. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what this whole breakdown was about. We kissed once for under 20 seconds then after we didn’t do anything remotely close to that. “She’s beautiful though, good luck with your relationship.” Sara and Noami stood up to leave with her, but she told them to ‘leave her alone’.

A minute later of awkward standing I felt my hand suddenly lose its warmth, I kept begging her to come back. It was too late and it would be selfish to go get Angel. I don’t know what I was thinking.

“CAN EVERYONE MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!” I shouted and, the whole cafeteria finally stopped looking in our direction.

“Hey guys,” I gave the fakest smile and sat down.

“That was a dick move,” Sara expressed, disturbed by what had just happened.

“How did that even happen, I thought we were fine?”

“You guys kissed, then she waits for you to ask her to the ball. You don’t. Then you ignore her the whole weekend, then you come back with a girlfriend. Yet you’re implying she overreacted. She even picked a dress for the ball and everything, all of us thought you guys were going somewhere. Then you pull up to school with that sl... person and ignore all of us the whole time then come to lunch and ask ‘WhAtS wRoNg’. Sara ranted for way too long and I felt myself zone in and out. But I didn’t miss that she was going to call her a slut, although I felt my jaw tighten I chose to ignore it.

“We were hanging out on Tuesday, and we kissed but soon we both pulled away. It wasn’t anything serious and...”

“Oh, you’re stupid. Bro, she’s liked you this whole time,” Jared interjected.

" I know she liked me, but I don’t like her back.” I countered even though I truly don’t know if I had feelings for her.

“You liked her like six days ago,” Jared persisted

“Yeah I thought I did but, I don’t know.”

“Now you have a girlfriend? Wow.” Sara questioned, and I shifted under her intense gaze.

“No, she’s not my actual girlfriend,” I confessed.

“Theo, you have known Crystal for about 17 years your whole life. Half of that time shared mutual feelings, you can finally date her if you just say you like her.” I was going to correct him about my age but chose not to. I was turning 17 in a month or so, therefore it did not matter.

“You guys know my parents when they see Crystal a day after I just brought Angel to the ball,” I stated, trying to change the subject.

“You brought her to the ball?” Sara and Naomi said in sync.

I wanted to add that we had been living together for the past week. I didn’t.

Can the following head to the principal’s office: Sara, Crystal, Angela, and Theo.

Sara huffed visibly pissed off.

" You are so lucky that you’re my friend. Because if it were someone else dragging me to the principal’s office, I would kill.” Sara said.

I didn’t know why it sounded like she wasn’t lying about killing someone.

" Look, if you don’t date her, there will be blood on your hands. Her dad died, by the way, the funeral was on Sunday.” Sara walked away, leaving me to realize the dire situation I was currently in.

Crystal loved her father, and when her parents got divorced she was 7, they divorced mainly because her mom was an alcoholic. You can guess it was an easy battle to win in court. But she still saw her mum for three months each year, and each time she would come with bruises. Now her father died, and she needed someone.

But I couldn’t date her even though it seemed that was my only option.


I didn’t really edit this chapter, going to go over it later on, but hoping it wasn’t too bad to follow.

I did this chapter to work on my skills in terms of speech as many criticized me on it. So I hope this is a lot better.

A lot that happens in this chapter also ties in later on, and I needed to set the foundation of how life was ‘before’

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