Five Favours

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TW: Sexual assault. (It is in italics.)

Crystal and Theo were dating. That was all school talked about the next day, well that and the fact that Theo and I got detention for two weeks.

What was worse was a week into the horrible detentions with Theo. I had still not heard a word from my dad or mom, even though it was now Tuesday and I had left a week and some days ago. Things with Theo and me were more robotic and awkward than before. Things in school, on the other hand, were horrible whenever Theo wasn’t around. I was labeled a ‘homewrecker’, and Crystal’s favorite thing to do when she wasn’t leeching unto her new partner, she was throwing me against the nearest locker and saying rude comments to my face.

On a good note, I met Cole. He was a great guy and one of my friends at school. Lila was the other friend of mine.

Cole had light brown curly hair and spectacular green eyes, although his hair wasn’t as curly as Theo’s was, it still beat my slightly frizzy and dull brown hair. Lily, on the other hand, had shoulder-length dark hair. Her mom was Korean, her dad American. She had marvelous clear skin, striking brown eyes, and always wore a smile.

“Hey,” Cole muttered, I was taken aback by his sudden appearance but decided to play it off instead.

“Hey, were you looking for me?” I asked, not sure why he was here.

“Yeah, you weren’t at the cafeteria, so the library was my second best guess.”

“Yep, you know me so well.” I rolled my eyes and concentrated back on my sandwich.

“You know people at school don’t care anymore right? They’re just weirdos with nothing else to do.”

“You think they don’t care.” I took another bite savoring the taste of the cheese and ham baguette. “I personally think everyone hates me and wouldn’t care less if I died. That’s Supported”, I took another bite, taking my time to chew, “by the fact that about ten people have called me a ‘home-wrecker’ today. Honestly think some people should use glue sticks instead of chapsticks.” He laughed at my last remark, and I felt a slight blush grow on my face at his low laugh. His expressions soon turn dark and he looks at me, eyes empathetic, and says.

“You should have told me I’ll beat all of them up.” I giggled, actually giggled like a little child. Mainly because Cole wasn’t someone you would expect to beat anyone. Although he was athletically built and about 6 feet tall. He was also the kindest soul and wouldn’t hurt an ant.

“You’ll beat them up, will you?” I questioned, raising my eyebrows.

“Yeah, I will...” he uttered before looking down at me and adding “Don’t give me that face, I know taekwondo.”

“Sure, you do...” I said sarcastically, He then proceeded to pull me up, showing me some of his ‘killer’ moves. This was the happiest I had ever been.

This quickly ended with me against the wall of the empty library. We both stared at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. I felt his eyes wander down to my lips, and my eyes did likewise. We were so close and I didn’t care if I only knew him for a week, because all I wanted was to feel his soft lips on mine.

This is it. I’m about to get my first kiss at 16 years old, I will finally...

“ANGEL!” A voice proclaimed, but before we had time to let go of each other fully, Theo caught sight of us.

“What the hell?” He paused, and a spark of... Jealousy? Flashed through his brown orbs. “Angel your dad’s here.”

“Ok, I’ll get going,” I quickly disposed of my half-eaten sandwich and finished my water. I turned back to see Cole just watching me.

“Should I come with?”

“No,” Theo said, and before I could object, he pulled my hand and we headed down the halls.

It was a quiet and tense walk, and the hallway felt never-ending. When we finally reached, I couldn’t recognize my dad. He looked as if he had aged ten years, and his hair was grayer than usual and his face held a grim expression which contrasted his soft features. His face more wrinkled and when he looked up I was faced

His face no longer held a smile. It was evident that my life was not going to be the same.

“Dad! I’ve missed you so much.” I was so happy, I was finally going to see him and go back home.

“I was just going to tell you that I’m back, so come back to the house at 6 we need to talk.” Then he left, no kidding he just left. What happened to, hey? how are you? He could have just texted me that

" Well, that was... Very underwhelming.”

“Theo? You’ve been here this whole time.”

“Yeah, why?”

“It was peaceful for a second, so I thought you weren’t here... Guess I was wrong.”

“Gosh, what did I deserve your insults?”

" For me to insult you, I would have value your opinion first,” I smirked, honestly just wanted a chance to use that one.

“Is your ass jealous by the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth,” He countered and I was taken aback

“F*ck1ng dildo,” What? It was going too fast and I couldn’t think of something better.

“Is that the best you got?” He challenged

“I think ‘dildo’ is an acceptable insult,” my face lit up as I thought of something else to say. “I would call you d*ck but you aren’t real enough,” I looked around just to make sure no-one was here, while we were spewing insults at each other. No-one was around, but I did notice that we were much, much closer than when we had begun. So close that I was sure that I could hear each heartbeat.

“That doesn’t even relate to me,” He burst out laughing, taking a step back, and although it was the truth, it took me a while to think of that one so his revelation hurt me a bit.

“It does you’re just stupid,”

“Would you like me to remind you that I get higher grades in every test we do?” Honestly, that currently wasn’t hard to do. I had been flunking this last week, my mind too occupied, and I even failed a test for the first time in a year.

“You should try studying it’s good for you.” He took my silence as a small victory and left. Leaving me standing in the vast hallways. Even though I knew the whole school so well, I felt so lost.

English was boring, as usual, I used to like it as well, that was before Mr smith. The whole lesson is Mr. Smith trying to look down on girls’ shirts, the guy is a f*cking pedo. I winced thinking about the incident last year.

“Mrs... Angel,” he looked at me and I wanted to vomit, his cold grey eyes that were indented in my memory forever.

“Yes?” I was shaking, that’s what I hated the most, the fact he was fine and I was still torn apart.

“You call me sir in this classroom!” I knew that was some kind of his weird fetish but I complied anyway.

“Yes, sir”

“Continue reading,”

Wait, we aren’t doing Shakespeare?

“Umm... W-what page?” Can he even apprehend what he did to me?

“Stay after class, Athella read.” Sh*t, Mr. Smith was a pedo I can’t be alone in a room with him. I turned to Lily for help. But her head, like everyone else’s, was in the book. I couldn’t even concentrate, a girl in front of me did end up turning around and showing me the page we were on but I didn’t even turn to it I just nodded.

I kept thinking about what happened last year when I had to stay after class.

“Hey sir,” I tried to sound confident hoping that he hadn’t seen me. I had never cheated on a test before.

“You cheated,” His hands went for my shoulders but brushed my boobs before getting there. I winced, trying to step back. I couldn’t though, he was holding me down with all his might.


“Call me sir,” His hands went down to my thigh caressing it, as he had done before, but this time his hand went higher.

“Sir what are you doing?” I wanted to cry and scream but no noise came out.

He didn’t reply instead, his hand went down my back, he roughly put his hand over my butt groping it. I couldn’t speak, it was like I was frozen in time, it wasn’t my body but was merely a capsule. I didn’t know why my mouth made for speaking didn’t do its job.

It was when he harshly drew down the straps of my pink top and bra that I knew this was real. He clamps his hand over the small mound of my right breast. I am cold. I am useless. My tongue is stuck in my mouth, and although I’m screaming no noise escapes. He explores my breast with his fingers as if it belongs to him. I finally get my voice back and become more aware of what is going on.

“Stop, please.”

But it was like I never spoke.

The bell rang bringing me back to reality, and in less than 10 seconds the class was no more, and I never once opened the book.

This was a hard chapter to write but it had to be done. Every 73 seconds someone is sexually assaulted and 15% of those are under 18. Females aged 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or SA. So if you ever have dealt with Sexual Assualt or rape, just know you aren’t alone and they are always people you can talk to. What that vile, disgusting human did does not define you! You are a survivor.TW: S*exual assault. (It is in italics.)

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