Five Favours

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My dad was late, which was weird as he was never late. When I was younger, he would scold me for being mere seconds late. Yet I stood there and waited, and before I even knew it, I was crying my eyes out. I was scared he was never going to come. I cherished the great memories of us together as a family, me, my mum, and my father. My dad came a few moments later, stumbling to get out of his red car. I was happy that I was just overthinking it. I was happy he was finally here.


My home was a mess, vodka bottles were thrown around the house as if part of the decor. Little dots of white remained on the table, but, for my sanity, I didn’t dwell on it. A single bloody knife sat on the table and many other artifacts that I had not seen prior. Everything was different and I was ashamed to have wanted to be here. I didn’t know why I was overreacting so much, he was still my dad. He wouldn’t harm me, but I couldn’t ignore the different ambiance this house and my dad had.

Time: 7:11

I sat down on a couch and looked up at the clock. Although I thought I wouldn’t be able to hear the ticks it overpowered all my senses. I was terrified of what was about to be announced.

“Welcome back I missed you,” I shivered that was what Mr. Smith said to me when the doors closed.

tick, tick, tick, tick

“I missed you too.” I was shaking, I didn’t know why. Theo saved me, he didn’t even touch me, Theo ran in and dragged me out.

Why was I scared of my dad, he would never hurt me. My dad was amazing and funny, he wasn’t cruel. He would always love me

tick, tick, tick

“Are you okay?” My dad asked. No, I was not ok but I couldn’t tell my dad about Mr smith I couldn’t even tell Theo.

tick, tick

“I’m happy you’re here,” I took a sip of the tea I didn’t notice he had presented before me. It burned my tongue but I continued to drink it anyway. “What did you want to tell me?” I curiously took the next sip and let it sit in my mouth.

“Your mother...” He started, and I took another sip


“Is dead.” He finished

In sheer surprise, I spat out my tea and it all went on his face. I was crying, shaking my head, yet he sat there stoic.

“no, no, she can’t be dead, are you sure?”

“DO YOU THINK I’M A LIAR?!” His voice scared me, this person in front of me wasn’t my dad. I couldn’t help thinking if he had killed her.

“Dad, you’re drunk.” I was trying to calm him, not that it was working.

His face was red and his eyes bored into mine. It was almost in slow motion his hands met my cheek emitting a loud bang.

That was the first day he hit me, what was worse was I still forgave him.

This soon became my daily ritual.


After a while nothing hurt anymore, it was a state of euphoria. Knowing you are about to die knowing that someone there is going to kill you. Yet even though I wanted to die, I couldn’t, it would mean that I had failed. That my whole life accounted for nothing.

I could hear echoed voices behind the grand door, but what they were referring to was unknown.

“She’s really valuable, we could sell her.” One voice said

“Or just eat her.” another deadpanned

“Do you really think she knows the secrets of Erie?” A man’s voice questioned doubtfully.

“If she didn’t she would be dead by now.”

My hands were tied behind my back, and my legs chained with metal so stiff, I gave up trying. Like always I was helpless and dull, the type of person you would like to avoid. I started shaking my hand and recalling every youtube video I watched about this topic. Yet the ropes still stuck to my wrist like a second skin. They were so tight I was losing blood circulation, and fast.

The door was about to be opened, the lock was shaking, I didn’t take my eyes off it. Twisting my hands on the rope hoping I could save myself. My hands were soon free, I took a pin out of my hair freeing my left leg. I held the brown pin against my lock and started attempting to free myself.

The doors were open, and just like always, I failed.

“What do you think you’re doing!” Just like I remembered her, green eyes and brown hair and a birthmark on her wrist. She held her right pocket, where her gun was, and swiftly pointed it at me.

“Wait” I immediately recognized the voice and the cold grey eyes, John smith “Let me have her for a bit,”

“Of course, have fun with her.” Just like that she left, someone who was meant to care about me.

He tore my shirt and stole my dignity.

I was helpless.

I felt so alone.

He dug his hands down my pants and behind him was my father, not saying a word.

I struggled to try to break free of his touch, kicking my free leg to his groin.

"You bitch!"

he reached to his right and hit me over with a metal rod. The pain was tremendous and I struggled to keep consciousness.

“You’re not allowed to do that, we need to keep her a virgin.”

Who’s we?

Yet I was already far too gone to question.

This chapter might be short but a lot in this chapter give clues on what is going on. So try to catch the many clues in this chapter alone.

Sorry for the delay.

Please comment I’m lonely AF. (Would also love if you could tell me if they are any errors,)

Hope you liked it :)

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