I am the pastor's daughter

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Let take a journey through the life of Ifeoma a pastor's daughter ... My name is Ifeoma Njoku, I'm seventeen years old. That's the cliche way of introduction but so what? I'm a pastor's daughter,born into an over religious Igbo family. So let me give you the dos and don'ts of a PD(pastors daughter) 1. Be respectful at all times 2. Always wear a smile on your face 3. Never miss any church activity 4. You have to be in a department in the church 5. Never keep male friends 6. You are not allowed to participate in 'wordly' things 7. Do not wear anything about your knee 8. You have to be perfect 9. Everybody in your church is your relation. Refer to them as auntie,uncle,brother,sister,daddy or mommy. Ifeoma has tried has best to keep the rules. At least she hasn't gotten into so much trouble - I think... But what happens when she breaks the ultimate rule. The one that is unspoken... What happens when she dares to break that rule? And she can't help it? Join her story. Let's find the ultimate rule and the heartbreaks,joy, happiness,misery, punishments and rollercoaster that comes with breaking. They say rules are meant to be broken. Hhmmn... You never can tell.

Romance / Drama
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