Falling.... Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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Taking charge.

He paused, feeling her breasts pushing up against him. He reciprocated, putting his arms around her to hold her there as she turned her face up, inviting him to kiss her.

This would go as she intended now. It was out of his hands. She didn’t complain, or seem afraid that he was now obviously pushing at her as she moved closer to him.

It had been a deliberate move on her part. She needed to feel him, in turn, against her, even if he was hard against her, until he moved it--that ever-so-obvious-item--to one side, to be not so obvious. Fat chance of that!

It was still obvious. No matter where it was, there would be no hiding that.

She wondered if she dared introduce him into that space between her legs at the top so they could move closer together, except, that might be moving too fast at this early stage, and she didn’t want him to be put off by her being too obvious to him, and for him to retreat from her, though she knew he wouldn’t retreat now, or he wouldn’t be like this. Everything about him told her, so unmistakably, that it would always be ‘full speed ahead’ between them after this.

They’d come a long way in a short time, and she wasn’t going to lose any ground in this progress. They had to move this forward while they could and get this ‘first time’, behind them while they could, and while they were still alone.

Once they got over to his mother’s house, his mother would corner them both and would never let them go until she’d learned all of the news; what they’d done, what they’d spoken about. She had stopped them both from learning so much about each other all of those years ago, and now it was being changed in the blink of an eye.

His aroused condition told her everything about his feelings for her. She wouldn’t touch or hold him just yet, as she wanted to do, but soon, and she’d have to go about that very carefully, but it had to happen… they would make love… before they left here.

“Let me get dried, first, and then we can….” He daren't put it into words.

She returned to sit on the toilet seat lid, flushing it, now that she could, without scalding him if he’d been having a warm shower. She could see him much better now; see what she would face, conscious of his almost uncontrollable eagerness for her, for him to have a rod like that. He knew she was watching him, but at least he didn’t turn away or try to hide himself from her again.

This was the first time she had seen him like this, in the flesh, but she’d often tried to imagine what he looked like, there, trying to spy on him in his bedroom, and even once... to try and spy on him in the shower.

He almost fell over, watching her, eager to move this along between them now, however it would go.

He watched her sitting there with her legs apart, more for balance, than with thought of exciting him. Everything she did would excite him now.

When he was dry enough, she stood, took the towel from him again, picked up his shorts and underwear and walked back to the front of the house.

She spoke to him over her shoulder. “Now, you can put that second application on me, please, Malcolm.”

She was going to leave him like this? Without anything to cover his nakedness.

Of course, she was going to leave him like this. He smiled. It had been deliberate on her part. She could be the aggressor, where he couldn’t.

He watched her walk back to the front of the house, following her, but not too closely, so that he could see all of her, liking the way she moved, with her hips swaying, and what he could see as she turned and smiled at him, with him like an eager puppy following her as she encouraged him forward with a proffered reward…. Her body. It didn’t help his condition. He became even more breathless, and even more priapic, if that were possible.

He had no choice but to follow her. It was as though she had him by the balls, and he had to follow wherever she led him by those.

She perched herself up on the table as before, lying back on his clothes and on that towel when he got to her, leaving him nothing to cover himself with, as he saw to her again.

He saw the game she was playing. He would need to give in gracefully. It was time, and she wasn’t going to let him avoid it, no matter what he pleaded.

“You can keep your doctor’s hat on, Malcolm, if you want to, but I don’t have to wear it too. I let you get away with so much while you saw to me, and you made your excuses as you tried to ignore me, though you did relent enough to decide we could marry so that you could examine me closely, down there.” She had liked to see his shyness at that time.

“Now. More of this lotion on me, please.”

He was being given no choice. He figuratively ripped his doctor’s hat off his head and eagerly obeyed, knowing where this would be likely to go now. He had never been so hard in all of his life, but she didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned about that.

She should be concerned. Once he got that started into her, there would be no stopping it or changing her mind.

He picked up the bottle, determined not to give in to his embarrassment or shyness as she smiled at him. This was her game now, wherever it would go. As if he didn’t know where that would be.

He positioned himself beside her as before.

“No, Malcolm, you shall not stand to the side like that. I want you where I can see you, and control what you are doing. I want you to stand down there.” She pointed to the foot of the table.

He didn’t argue but moved where she pointed as she put her legs apart, inviting him to move closer to her.

“Come closer.” Said the spider to the fly.

He swallowed hard, knowing what she intended, knowing that he should give in, and not fight her. He would never fight her. She’d always be in charge of him now.

“Closer.” Her eyes were sparkling, and she had her tongue between her lips as she focused and concentrated, looking at him approaching her with that intimidating weapon of his… aiming… getting ever closer to the target. Except she wasn’t intimidated by it.

Any closer and they really would be married in that most basic interaction, though that was already her intention for him.

It was a relief, in a way, not having to make this decision himself, but having her make it for him. It took most of the responsibility for what was going to happen off his shoulders. He could plead entrapment, if it got to that. It wouldn’t.

“Almost there.”

How close did she want him to be?”

Dumb question. She didn’t just want him close. She wanted him buried in her, just as he wanted to be in there too. He might not survive this feeling.

He’d better not ‘come’ before he got into her.

“Now you can reach my forehead again. Start there.” Her forehead was furthest from her mind, and from his.

While he tried to focus on that, she had other intentions that she could now move forward with.

She’d touched him too, at last, then she held him snugly. He felt her smear something smooth and slippery along him, startling him. She’d been into his bag and had found a tube of Vaseline to ease his way.


He groaned inwardly and gave in, feeling her directing him where he should not be going, but where he had dreamed of being all of these years.

She was steadily directing him now, giving him no choice. Who needed a choice at this stage?

He felt other things happening to him as he leaned over her, feeling that she was pulling at his upper thigh, constantly trying to get him closer to her, and sensing other changes. He was pushing at her, feeling more of her. Feeling soft moistness at first, then a growing tightness around him as she pulled him and directed him into her, and then, enveloping warmth and moistness.

She’d got him started into her!

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

He should shut up. It didn’t feel like it was hurting her, the way he was sliding so easily into her, like he belonged there.

“You won’t hurt me. I’ve prepared for this moment for a long time, Malcolm. I knew it would come eventually, but I didn’t know when.”

She raised her heels to the edge of the table, opening herself even more, letting him see exactly where she wanted him to be, and where he was already started into her. That, didn’t help. But who needed help, and with what?

He felt like a snowball on a journey, rolling down a steep hill, gathering momentum, and with no chance of reversing any of it. It would end in only one way.

“Closer. All the way in, Malcolm. Don’t worry about hurting me.” He’d given up on that, ten seconds earlier. He was getting into the mood of it for himself now and wouldn’t have been able to stop, even if his life had depended on it. His mind was already closing down.

They both needed this to happen now.

“This is ten years overdue between us Malcolm.” She was able to pull at his leg better, as he got closer into her.

“All the way in, Malcolm. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time, so don’t dare hold back from me now with talk of, this hat, or that hat, or worrying about hurting me.”

What the hell was she talking about?

He’d gone past that stage, but leaned over her, pushing steadily into her until he could go no further. He would have only a few moments of relative sanity before he came, and his mind closed his mouth down, leaving him with only this, to consider.

“You’ve no idea…Cassie… how much… I’ve wanted to… to do this to you… or for so long.”

Shut up. Focus.

She’d known. She had all of him now, and it had not been too much of a challenge for her body.

He lost all power of speech as the mood took over, his hands, full upon her breasts now, feeling her hard nipples under his palms, driving him even farther along.

She held him close to her, listening to his labored breathing… his noises… his voice catching in his throat as he built up to that final moment…moving so delightfully within her, and then… and then… that final, powerful thrusting action as he reached his climax with her.

His brain closed-down, and he became little better than a gibbering idiot as he almost drooled all over her breasts. His breath felt like a blast of hot, furnace-air upon her body and her face. He was making whimpering noises as he fought for air, stiffening up, above her, and pushing hard… pushing… pushing.

“I’m there.” His strangled voice was not recognizably his own.

He certainly was, there. He’d seized up; rigidly catatonic, pushing, always trying to get deeper into her.

She congratulated herself at her success, with so little effort on her part other than to persuade… then to direct him. She smiled inwardly, letting him finish with her over the next minute or so as she stroked his face, holding him in her, and then pulling him down to kiss her. This would be often repeated between them now.

She had him now! Hook, line, and sinker.

She let him come down from that peak, still holding him close upon her, within her.

Once he opened his eyes and looked at her, she knew it was safe to speak. It was the calm… the sudden exhausted calm, after the storm.

She smiled up at him triumphantly and stroked his head as he pushed harder into her again, not wanting to lose this wonderful sensation of being in her, moving her along the table-top under him. They’d waited too long to do this.

She laughed softly. “At this moment, Malcolm, I consider that we are properly married as we should be, and as we should have been, long before now. It takes a lot more than mere words to be married.”

He had no intention of coming out of her too soon, after waiting years for this to happen between them. He was nowhere near finished with her. There would be at least another one or two interactions like that before they had to leave.

“Did I hurt you?” He knew he hadn’t, but he needed to hear her say that.

“No, Malcolm, you didn’t hurt me, but don’t be in a rush to come out of me either.”

He wouldn’t be. They were on the same page about that.

“I’ve waited too long to experience this, to have it gone too soon. You can kiss me and rest on me here for a while.” She kissed him, feeling her kiss returned as he looked down on her, still breathing hard, still getting rid of himself into her, taking his weight on his elbows while resting gently upon her breasts.

Everything about her, excited him. There would be more of that, very soon. Making love to her like this, was one of those things that he would never get enough of, now that they had got started.

“This was a good first time for me, Malcolm. Thank you.”

“For me, too.”

His comment surprised her. “But I thought…”

“This is all I ever wanted. You and me, like this. Boys are all talk, and they try to give the impression that they are studs. I wasn’t. I couldn’t take advantage of any girl like that, not after I’d met you. I didn’t want to betray you, our memory, or what we felt for each other, which is what it would have been.” Even though they had never met?

She was stunned, but in a nice way.

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