Falling.... Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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Cassie holds all of the cards now. And she knows it.

He pulled her down the table with him as he regained his feet, then pulled her closer to him as he pushed, to ensure that he was still deep within her as her knees raised up beside him to help him. Words were not needed at that moment. Ten years of wanting… waiting… wondering, had just been pushed away from between them, and it was an unbelievable relief for them both to have got this moment behind them.

He looked into her face and kissed her.

“I’ll try not to come out of you just yet until much later, if I can. If you can tolerate this.”

She approved. She didn’t want him to come out of her either. She touched his face, giving her approval.

It had taken them ten years to meet properly, face to face, for the first time, and then just an hour or two to get to where they were now. It had been worth the wait, though it had been frustrating for them both.

He liked the way she was smiling at him, her face flushed, looking up at him, just as his was flushed, with his hands going back to sit full upon her breasts as he leaned over her to kiss her, ensuring that he would keep his place in her body.

He had fallen in love with her, sight unseen, years earlier, in a hundred different ways, and that feeling had been re-enforced in every way by what they now knew of each other, and what they had done at last.

He was still hard enough that he wouldn’t retreat from her until he made that conscious decision to do so for himself, and that decision would be a long time coming, the way he was feeling. He wanted to do this another two or three times at least, before he came out of her, or left her for any reason.

“Now, let’s get back to what we were doing, shall we? I think I can do at least two things at once, for a while anyway.”

It would give him time to recover as she tried to sense everything about him in her body, with her vagina clamped tightly around him, but she had no choice about that. He had stretched her to the limit. She would soon get used to this ‘full’ sensation, and she would keep coming back for more.

She passed him the bottle of lotion and watched as he poured it into his hand and then went back to her forehead and nose, as he had done the first time, applying it with his forefingers of his other hand.

His phone went.

He looked at it on the table beside them and sighed. “My mother, again.” Her timing was impeccable. At least she hadn’t called five minutes earlier.

He quickly smeared the rest of what he had on his palm across her breasts as he smiled at her, taking the rest of it off his hands by wiping them across and under them, as he looked into Cassie’s face.

His mother would keep ringing until he answered it. She knew where he was.

“You’d better answer it, Malcolm.”

He pushed the button with his knuckle, as Cassie laid back, beneath him, smiling.

“Hello, mother. You’re on speaker.” He thought he’d better warn her again.

“What are you two doing over there? Having a party? I expected to see you set out by now.” She’d been watching for them?

“I’d hoped so too, Mom, but other things came up.”

And how! But nothing he could tell his mother about.

“Some things cannot, and should not be rushed, Mother.” He gave a little push at Cassie as he said that, smiling at her, leaning over her to kiss her again.

His mother wouldn’t know what he was talking about, fortunately. Unfortunately, she may have heard that kiss.

“It’s taking you a long time. Are you sure you don’t need help?” She was ‘fishing’, listening for what she could hear, like any nosey and concerned mother, seeing two people she loved above all others in the world, coming together again after such a long separation, and knowing within herself what they had to be doing.

Help, was the last thing he needed at the moment.

“Though I suppose you two have a lot to talk about, now that you’ve met for the first time, so I suppose some things should not be rushed.” She began to appreciate some of it, but she wasn’t going to ring off. They may have got straight down to the important stuff. Talking would be put off until later.

“We are catching up slowly, Mother. Some things, take a little more time, and we very much need to talk.”

Even while they were doing… this other thing.

Truer words were never spoken. His mother could read into them, whatever she chose.

“So, how does she seem to you?” His mother was not only impatient to see Cassie again, but was anxious to know how they were dealing with each other, yet she was also resigned to the fact that she would also be sidelined about what she most wanted to know—had they become intimate yet? How quickly had it happened? Had he been considerate and gentle?

‘She was a little tight, at first, getting into her, Mom, but she saw to that. We managed very well, I would say. We’ll do it a couple more times before we leave here. I suppose I should warn you that we will be fucking our brains out, every chance we get, going forward from here, Mom, so don’t be surprised if we disappear, from time to time, for a quickie.’

But, of course, he said none of that to his mother.

“She’s everything I remembered, Mom… and more. Much more. She is also much more beautiful than I envisaged.” Cassie blushed with pleasure.

Nice tits too. Very stimulating. He rested his hands on them again.

“You should have given me a photograph of her.”

Preferably naked. Though he had a lot of those photographs of his own now.

He knew his mother wanted to swear at him for what he wasn’t telling her. She wanted to hear him say that he was madly in love with her, on first sight, and she with him, and that they were making up for lost time. She wanted to hear those details that mothers revelled in hearing. She began to wonder why he said nothing about that.

Maybe they wouldn’t dare. Maybe it had got out of hand between them already? She ached to know, but she couldn’t come out just like that, and ask, but she could listen.

“Put me on screen, Malcolm.”

No bloody way was he going to do that!

Malcolm ignored her, of course... which was the same as letting her know what might be happening, but without confirmation of it.

She could fish for what she needed to know without ‘seeing’ that they were both naked, and what they were still doing with each other.

“I expect you now know why I tried to keep you two apart?”

He sure did. To stop them doing what they were now doing at last, after such a long and tormenting drought.

What did she think she knew?

He said nothing. He wasn’t going to get pulled into that kind of conversation.

“You were both so ready for trouble, I was at my wit’s end. I hoped I would be there, when you two met at last, but it wasn’t to be.”

Her idea of them ‘meeting’ each other, would have been nothing like this, but much more sedate and genteel.

He preferred this way.

“Is Cassie there? I don’t hear her.”

What did she expect to hear? Her begging for mercy?

“I’m still here, Mrs. Robertson.”

“Your voice is muffled. Are you alright?” She was. It was the other orifice that was blocked, and getting most of the attention.

“Couldn’t be better. Getting all fixed up again now. Such a relief.” She sounded happy.

How could a few fishhooks take so long? Something was not as she assumed.

“He wasn’t too rough with you, was he? He always wants to rush things. He has no finesse... not like his father.”

Cassie had noticed Malcolm’s eager impatience now, but that had mostly been her doing, once she’d get him started. However, his mother wasn’t directly asking about this last phase of them making love, and she couldn’t tell her.

“He was very patient and very gentle with me, and we are, as you guessed, having our long-overdue conversation at last.”

Intercourse without words, in one furious, climactic act... with an encore or two to follow.

“Good. I’ll expect you to tell me all the exciting news when I see you.”

Better not.

Malcolm was getting hard again and was pushing at Cassie once more, in a way that suggested he wouldn’t be long in coming again. He’d better cut this conversation short.

“I’ll ring off now, Mom. We still have things to do. We’ll be there in about half an hour.”

“No, Malcolm. Wait…!”

He stabbed at the button, breaking the connection before his mother could say any more or hear what was happening, and then focused upon what he was already doing again, pushing into her, losing his mind already.

“I’m coming again. I had to ring off before she heard us.”

Cassie chuckled and focused on helping him as he became more agitated, pushing into her again.

“Are you sure… I’m not hurting you… my love. When I’m eager… like this… I must feel… quite big for you… for these first few times.”

‘Quite big’, was relative.

“Don’t be so modest, Malcolm. You are gigantic, relative to what I imagined, but we had to find out for ourselves.” She tried to move in synchrony with him, amplifying what he was doing.

“The first time is always the worst I think for any woman, but it wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought it would be. With just that little bit of lubricant on us both, I hoped you would be able to go into me fairly easily, and you did. I’m glad you didn’t come out of me after you came that first time, or I might have panicked... tightened up when your mother called, and you would never have got back into me without a shoe-horn.”

They could both smile at that.

He stopped talking for a while, closed his eyes and began to move in that special way again as he concentrated, beginning to get breathless again.

He warned her… “I’m coming again.”

She already knew that. There was nothing she could do about it other than to let it happen, and participate in her own way by helping him. Her turn would soon come.

She was more relaxed under him this time… no more surprises to deal with.

She waited for him to climb down from that emotional high again, and to recover his breath. This was all new to her, though she had often seen her sister on the receiving end of this, enough times, and with never enough very horny boys to suit her sister’s nymphomaniacal needs.

“If we don’t do it, as we can now, while we are here, we may never get chance over there. Mother will be intent on learning about the last few years, and keeping us apart again by talking us to death, even if not deliberately.”

As he recovered his breath, and talked, he picked up where he had left off applying that lotion, going delicately over her breasts again. He liked touching her. She liked to be touched. She liked this other that was happening to her too.

“Your mother may have guessed what we were doing to each other, Malcolm, when you wouldn’t put her on screen.”

“You think so? I hope not, but I couldn’t let her see us both naked, and with us still doing this. Some things should not be interrupted by one’s parent, and a little bit of bareback riding is one of them.”

Cassie found it funny. “She’ll take one look at our flushed and guilty faces, and she’ll know by the way we look at each other what we did. But I don’t think I care.”

“That’s the spirit, my love.” He kissed her. “She’ll soon get used to us. She’s pretty broad-minded.”

“She might phone again.”

“I was thinking the same thing. She didn’t want me to ring off as I did.”

He smiled down at her. “We should get dressed, just in case. I’ll have to put her on screen, next time, as we try to look innocent.”

She held him by the arm. “In good time, Malcolm. There’s no need to rush now. You don’t have to come out of me yet. I like the feeling of you being here at last, and that was only the second time. You might be able to manage to come again.”

He wanted to, and he would, with this kind of encouragement from her, and they would still be a while here. There would be time enough for almost anything to happen.

He had presence of mind enough to pick up a couple of those paper towels from the table.

“We’ll need these for when I come out of you, or you’ll be dribbling me, all over everything.

“I don’t think we shall tell your family that we made love on the kitchen table, or they may not want to eat off it.”

He still didn’t withdraw from her.

She wouldn’t tell him that this had been where his sister had most often been nailed, so as to avoid soiling her bedding too obviously.

They laughed, and talked, as he waited to see if he would revive once more. It was too soon.

“Okay, I’ve been greedy enough. If I tire myself out too much, I may not be able to get across the lake with you, and you might have to rescue me to stop me from drowning.”

He stood up, and slowly withdrew from her as she watched, amazed at the size of what had been in her. It looked like he’d grown, in there. She’d be open for a week after that, or longer, except he wouldn’t be absent from her for long enough for her to close, as she once had been.

She joked with him about it as he held a paper towel against her there, to catch what he could, as he leaned in and kissed her, looking into her face. He would always want to be kissing her, and doing this, too.

“Are you sure I didn’t hurt you, my love.”

“It didn’t hurt me at all. It was startling, of course, that first time, and I expected it to hurt, considering the size you are, but it didn’t. Not that much.”

He was very attentive to her down there as she felt him running out of her. When she looked, she saw that the towel was lightly stained with blood.

“I know I didn’t have a hymen. I didn’t feel any pain, or anything tear. I would have known that, I think.”

“I may have stretched you a little.” She would have known that too.

She watched as he knelt between her legs and inspected her there, to be sure.

“You are open, but I don’t see any tearing, or other trauma, not like we sometimes get through the emergency after some awkward juvenile games, or rough sex.”

He leaned in and kissed her down there.

She held his head, feeling giddy about what he was doing, closing her legs gently upon his head, beginning to gasp, herself, not wanting this to stop, holding him there. It was all so strange to her.

“You lie still. I’ll get everything for you.”

“I wish we didn’t have to get dressed, Malcolm.”

“Me neither.”

“I am sure your mother has the binoculars or telescope trained over here, so we can’t be too daring.” Maybe she could even see them through the open door!

She watched him drop the paper towels into the top of the wood stove. They’d soon be dry, and they’d be gone when anyone lit another fire in there.

“My suitcase and clothes are in that first room on the left.” She pointed.

He didn’t want to leave her, even for a minute. He helped her sit up, and moved close into her again, just touching into her with him still being hard, as he held her breasts, under them, kissing her and then them. This was all so new to them both.

They would have a busy night ahead of them, one way or another once they could be alone.

As much as he wanted to go fully into her again, he knew he shouldn’t. He sighed, kissed her again, and went to gather up her clothes.

She leaned back and watched him go, taking her weight on her hands. Even her bandaged hand was not too sensitive.

She saw him sorting out some clothing for her. She liked to watch him. She’d never seen a fully naked man before… those boys with her sister didn’t count.

She suddenly noticed that his phone was still active where he’d left it, beside them. He hadn’t turned it off, as he’d thought, as they’d made love for the second time!

Oh horror! She wanted to scream.

His mother must have heard everything they’d done…was still hearing... all of those intimate noises, the heavy mouth breathing, the cries and the gasps, and their conversation following that, after he’d come again. What hadn’t she heard?

She swore under her breath, and pushed the button, cutting that linkage off.


Her ears burned.

How would she be able to face his mother after that?

“Malcolm?” She was almost panicking now.

“Yes, my love?”

She thought better of telling him about that oversight.

“Can you find everything?”

“I think so.”

She’d better not tell him.

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