Falling.... Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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Ask, and it shall be given. And so willingly.

“Before I dress you...” He hesitated, almost apologetically, even blushing… “if you don’t mind… if it isn’t too soon again.”

He looked at her, and blushed, to raise the issue again so soon after they’d just coupled, waiting for her to gently decline, or to parry him in some way.

His over-eagerness to make love to her, might cause her a problem, but she could not know how absolutely desperate he was, again, to make love to her.

He was too eager, and too damned obvious (as she could see for herself), but she already knew what his problem was…desperation... wanting to make love to her again. She’d seen the changes and was learning, already, to recognize that intense look in his eyes.

She reached out to him and grasped him familiarly now… after all, this had been in her body, so it was half hers, if not more; ‘possession was nine-tenths’….

This would often be in her body now, so she would lay claim to it and become as familiar with it as she was with her own body. It was up to her. She decided that she would never refuse him.

She smiled at him, understand his mood, and laid back down along the table, encouraging him forward between her legs, helping him find her and get started once more. She felt him go back into her again with only a little help from her. He’d already blazed this trail earlier, and she was still open enough, lubricated, and ready to receive him.

“Please stop me if I’m hurting you, or if you feel I am being too eager.” He 'was', being too eager, but she seemed to understand his need.

He moved into her very slowly, watching her face to make sure he wasn’t hurting her, no matter what she told him. It would take many times like this, for her to get fully used to him doing this relatively violent thing upon her, with him so fired up, eager, like a raging bull, and unbelievably hard and stiff.

He would soon be breathing all over her body, beneath him, like a dragon, down the final stretches, which were not so far away, and were always over too damned quickly as far as he was concerned, when his mind closed off all other sensations except those to do with ejaculating into this warm, welcoming, and wonderful woman who seemed to understand him.

He calmed his mind down after that, slowly recovering his breathing, not immediately coming out of her.

“Thank you.” He must sound almost childishly grateful. He had never felt this way before… so needful. He was still pushing, still getting rid of himself. Those last few sperm had not been expelled with any force, as the others had... they’d staggered out. He felt so grateful for such a mind-blowing pleasure that she was allowing for him, while not judging him.

She smiled, thinking ‘she’, should be thanking him… for getting them started down this track. He hadn’t needed to thank her for something so necessary that she’d helped him start. She’d invited this. He might have been too shy, or cautious to make the first move, so she had.

He backed slowly out of her without thinking, not liking the sudden shock of leaving her warm body like that. He wouldn’t do that again, but would withdraw from her even more slowly the next time, or he would let his own body decide... when he dropped from her in satiated exhaustion.

He saw his sperm leaking down, out of her open vagina, trickling down her perineum, and down onto his shorts that she was lying on.

What the hell!

He couldn’t think of everything, when his mind was like this. He used his own underwear from the table, still trapped under her, to catch that, still leaking from her, seeing everything about her there, that he’d only dreamed of, up to this day.

He pulled his mind back to where it should be.

“I’ll help you dress now, and then I’ll load everything into the kayak, and we’ll go.”

He reluctantly slid her panties over her feet, pulling them up on her, taking his time about it, not wanting to hide any part of her, before running his fingers around the edge of the legs. She watched his face the entire time, seeing how sight of her body and touching at her so intimately like that, disturbed him, and sensing his reluctance to hide it away.

He followed those with her socks and sneakers.

He looked at her and sighed. “Shorts, or skirt?” He’d brought both.

“That loose skirt with the broad, elastic waist-band.” Nothing tight on her.

Her shirt was next. He had to fasten it for her, unavoidably touching her breasts as he did that… deliberately pausing and touching, sliding into the open shirt to hold her breasts again before they were hidden away.

He was losing it again, and sensed that she knew it.

“Thank you.” She was thanking him now, but the pleasure was all his, he felt sure of that.

He was also looking at her again in a way she was beginning to recognize. A look of desperation, as well as of apology. It was a hungry, questioning look, asking that same question again.

But he’d just come!

She shouldn’t question it. He was ready to do it again, already? But, of course, he was. He was a man, discovering for the first time, what he’d missed for the last ten years. He’d never lost that erection, and he might never lose it when she was close to him. He wanted to make love to her again. At least he wanted to try, one more time, before they left here. It could be a few hours before they were alone again, after this, and that would be too long for him and possibly for her too, now that she recognized his need for her.

He tried to rationalize his greed. “We won’t get much chance to be alone this evening, when we get back.” So we need to do what we can, now."

She understood and agreed.

She hitched herself back onto the table, letting him remove her panties for her and to undo her shirt. He undressed her again, wanting there to be nothing in their way.

It took him longer to come, that time, but he was also much gentler about it, as though he were savoring it, to keep that memory of her body in his mind, locked away to be treasured, like some valued present that only ‘he’, needed… much as he had treasured her panties after he’d recovered them before they went into the wash, years earlier.

He completed dressing her after that. He wouldn’t go to the bathroom and wash himself down there. He wanted to know that she… her vaginal fluids… were all over him down there, drying on him

He’d soon be in the lake, launching that kayak. That would be wash enough for his privates. He’d have to shower when he got home, anyway.

“Now that we are both semi-respectable, and pass muster, or we will be as soon as I put my shorts and shirt back on, we’ll go down to the Kayak and get over there.

“You can be in the Kayak. I don’t want you to get wet, and I’ll either push or pull you, as I swim with you, or I’ll sit behind you, straddled across the back (holding her, looking down the front of her shirt; not daring to touch with his mother watching them); that’s the advantage of a sea-kayak. We’ll be well-loaded too, so we’ll take our time.

“I’ll stow everything else in the back compartment and down along your legs. You can sit and enjoy the scenery while I paddle, and talk.

“Mother will be watching us every step of the way.” He thought he’d better warn her. Which meant that he wouldn’t be able to slide his hands down into the front of her shirt as he would always want to do.

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