Falling.... Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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Home at last!

His mother wasn’t at home when they arrived, but there were the smells of fresh bread, baking, and other cooking, pervading the house.

She’d been busy, preparing dinner for them, knowing they would be hungry.

Cassie had barely touched breakfast, and he’d had only those sandwiches and milk for his lunch, before he’d rushed out to deal with Megan… who’d turned out to be Cassie.

What a mixup that had caused for a few minutes. And then, what a relief it had been to discover that mistaken assumption.

It was still a peaceful end to the afternoon. The lake-water was still pleasantly cool. He could have swum back, naked, as he’d first thought of doing, leaving his clothes dry, in the kayak with Cassie, for when he climbed out.

In the trees by the shore, he would have been out of sight of the sun-room and his mother, higher on the bank from the landing place. No one would have known, and he could have got dressed on the shore in dry clothes as he’d joked with Cassie about how the cold water shriveled up his balls into a tight little sack, and murdered his pecker. She’d have got a kick out of that.

His mother had left them a note about what she’d prepared for them, requesting that Malcolm phoned her when they got in. They both read it.

‘Malcolm, after you rang off, I found I needed to run a few errands with Cassie being here to stay with us again. I won’t be long.’

Maybe she hadn’t heard that intimately embarrassing conversation they’d had after all, after he’d ‘thought’ he’d disconnected, but that, was surely too much to expect, and his mother was being diplomatic about it, rather than wanting to admit to hearing anything. There was nothing they could do about it anyway, not now, so it wasn’t worth worrying about, but Cassie was concerned about the impression his mother might have got of her, being so eager to let herself give in so easily to her son.

‘I left something for you both on the stove top, on a low heat, and there is fresh bread on the countertop. Eat. Don’t wait for us. We may have to eat out, before we get back. I set the table for you. I’ll be back about eight, with any luck, with your father, and we’ll talk then’.

He checked his phone. It was six-o’clock now.

“I’ll phone Mom, and tell her we made it. She says not to wait for them. I know we are both, hungry. I’ll check you over again, and X-ray your hand after that, but first, I should have a quick shower, and get a shave.” He rubbed over his face, feeling the stubble. She could hear it rasping.

“If she phones before I finish, you can answer it, please?”

Cassie checked the pot, gently simmering on the stove, as he disappeared down to the bathroom. Everything could wait.

He left the door open, hoping she might join him as she’d done in her parents’ house.

He wasn’t disappointed, seeing her come in behind him as he climbed into the shower.

She sat on the toilet seat lid again, dressed this time, waiting for him, not wanting to be separated from him, now that they’d shared the ultimate in intimacy with each other.

He knew the feeling, glad to see her join him. It might not be so easy for them when his mother got back.

As before, she watched him shower and, this time, shave quickly, just passing the razor over his face as he checked for roughness. When he stepped out, she met him with a towel, but let him get dried for himself, as she stood back and watched him, liking everything she saw. They needed to learn everything they could of each other before the house filled again. They’d talk all through the night, anyway.

“Ten years ago, when I got in late from school, and showered, I used to leave the door ajar then, too.”

She’d known.

“You were all that was on my mind. I often hoped that you would wake, and join me, but… you were too young to learn about me. And Mom was guarding you too well.

“If you didn’t know it, I confess that I took your panties out of the Laundry hamper. They went with me everywhere. I even slept with them under my pillow.”

She chuckled. He was outrageous, but she'd needed to hear him tell her that.

“I knew it had to be you.” She blushed. “I deliberately left them on the edge of the hamper so that you would see them. I noticed that they’d gone, while the other ones had been returned. Only you, would be doing that. I wasn't sure that I understood it at the time, but I soon clued in. It seems that we both fantasized, and dreamed, and now we don’t have to anymore. We can do all of this together now.”

Except for that unpredictable entity... his mother, and what she would say about it.

Hell, what could she say? They were both consenting adults, old enough to decide what they wanted.

His mother would probably insist that they each sleep in their own rooms, until she had a better understanding of where this relationship would go between them. She would still want to be protective of this ‘daughter’ she never had, while protecting Cassie from this predatory son, that she knew so well.

“I was glad about today… eventually. Then, I realised it would be you, and not your father, who would be seeing to me. I was never sure how we would meet or what it would be like. You have no idea how embarrassed I was to have you see me like that.”

He smiled and kissed her. “I guessed. How could you not be embarrassed? However, it took me a while to put you, and the Cassie I remembered, together into that body. It was such a relief to know that you were not, Megan, but it threw me for a loop at first. I’m glad it happened as it did, giving us no room for guessing.”

He walked around, still naked, aroused again after that shower and knowing that she would always be as curious about him as he was about her.

He was not put off in any way by her presence, or by her watching him. He even leaned in, to steal a kiss from her, as he tossed his clothing into the laundry hamper behind her. He wanted to do so much more. He still wanted her, she could see that about him but they still had other things to get out of the way first.

She followed him into his bedroom, sat on his bed, watching him sort his clothes out and dress. She was curious about everything he did. It didn’t help his condition. There was only one way to deal with that, and that was up to her.

He looked at her from time to time, smiling at her silent attention. The look on his face did not show the same focused desperation for her that it had on the other side of the lake, but it wouldn’t be far away.

She knew the reason.

They both felt a different atmosphere in this house. It was slightly overpowering, hanging over them. It was not as relaxing for them both, as it had been over there. It was the hovering shades of his mother’s efforts to always get in the way of what they wanted to do with each other, even then, no matter how far apart she kept them. It would take a day or two before that uneasiness faded completely away, and they would catch up with their galloping hormones, and set the house bouncing.

"Malcolm. I could...." She didn't need to say any more.

He knelt on the floor in front of her, teased her panties off her as she opened her shirt for him, and then he rose up over her, going into her yet again.

He might never recover.

Afterward, when they were tidied up once more, she took his arm and walked with him back to the kitchen, getting him sat at the table. She could get the food onto the table with one hand.

They were both smiling.

He watched her, as she watched him, smiling knowingly at each other, each secure in their certainty of what the other was feeling and thinking. He wanted her again, would always want her, and she wanted him to want her.

He sighed, punched the number for his mother, and waited.

“You got home and got my message. Good.”

She didn’t hesitate.

“Eat. Don’t wait for us. I can’t imagine you had much to eat over there. We’ll all sit down and talk after we get home. We’ll catch up properly, on the weekend.

“I left some clothes out for Cassie to change into. Get those shorts of yours into the wash. Dress like you’re on call, because you are, until your father gets back.”

She hung up, not wasting any more time talking to them. She seemed busy in many other directions.

After they’d eaten, he tidied the dishes away into the dishwasher after rinsing them off as she stood behind him, holding him close to her, knowing what would happen when he turned around. She'd taken her panties off, ready for him to find her as he soon would.

“I’ll bring everything in from the Kayak and put your suitcase in your bedroom.”

She watched as he did that, opening and closing the door for him.

“Come on. I still need to X-ray that hand and your abdomen to make sure I didn’t overlook any bits of hook I might have missed, and I want to check on that sunburn too.”

He had more on his mind for her than that, while he had her clothes off, but he would have to hold himself back, or surely he’d scare her.

He tidied a few things around. “Now, my love, I need you up here.” He patted the small examination table.

He watched her climb onto the table, putting her head down onto the paper, covering the pillow, as he moved the X-ray unit head into position, high above her, for the moment.

“Where do you want me?”

He strove to remain professional, rather than answer that as he wanted to. “I’ll get you to lie on your left side, close to this edge and I’ll get it set up.” He stood back and looked her over.

“Yes, about there.” He hesitated. “Those metal snaps on your shirt will interfere. We should get your shirt off first.”

He was serious.

She sat up as he unsnapped the buttons and took it off her, revealing her breasts again, causing him to hesitate.

He leaned in and kissed them, and then her. He could do that for her now, where he couldn’t, for any other patient.

She said nothing. She would have been disappointed had he not done that, or been attentive to her in some way. Her skirt soon followed.

“Now, lie back down again. I want your left hand, palm up, here”—he patted the table— ”and we’ll get the skin of your abdomen and your hand in the same shot.”

He arranged the X-ray source, above her, adjusting its position so that the light shining down onto her, through the collimators, showed the extent of the activated beam, for when he took the shot. He brought out a lead blanket and arranged that upon her, so that only part of her superficial abdomen, and her hand, were exposed. Her breasts, hips, and most of her body were protected.

She could feel the weight of that lead shot, resting on her.

He smiled at her. “This is to protect our future offspring, just in case we got one started in here”—he rested his hand, lovingly, on her belly— “and to shield your life-long complement of ova, from the beam.” He adjusted her final position, then arranged the electronic, detection surface beneath the table. It would be an instantaneous reading... recorded, and stored in the computer.

When he’d made the shot, which took barely a fraction of a second, he came back and showed her what he saw on the screen. There were no bright spots on the negative image, showing bits of metal, but she could see the bones in her hand and her fingers.

“All clear. I don’t have to go digging again.” She was as relieved as he was to learn that.

“What now, Malcolm?”

“I would like to put more of a different kind of lotion on that sunburn. I will need all of your remaining clothes off for that, if you don’t mind, so that I can access your upper legs too.”

She thought she knew what would also follow that. She could help there, just by being herself, looking at him, being patient. He wouldn’t be able to refuse.

“It is, necessary in my medical opinion. I’m not just playing, though I expect we’ll do that too… if you won’t mind.”

It would be a foregone conclusion.

She blushed up at him, but said nothing and did not stop him, as he gently eased her panties off her.

He was getting good at this.

“Don’t worry, my love. I locked the door.”

“Will we make love, afterward, Malcolm.” She knew all about him, it seemed. She’d also known the answer to that question before she’d asked it.

He smiled. “Yes, my love. I sincerely hope so, if you will allow it.”

She would allow it.

Sometime after that, he was the one to follow her, with her, smiling, walking naked ahead of him, through the house to her bedroom, as he watched her get dressed in turn, ready to step in and help again. She would need his help to dress in the clothing that his mother had sorted out for her and laid on her bed.

He helped her dress again, first, gently removing a few damp tissues (because of him, again) from between her legs, putting the crumpled tissues in his pocket, kissing her, before he pulled up her panties for her. He didn’t really want her to get dressed.

Her bandaged hand still restricted what she could do for herself.

She also had a much better, and broader-strapped bra that provided more support for her, and it didn’t need to be pulled so tight as the other would have, so she didn’t baulk at wearing that. She let him see to that for her, knowing that he would want to kiss her and hold her breasts again before he reluctantly hid them away.

His mother would have noticed if she wasn’t wearing a bra, and would be likely to give him hell for that, rather than her. She would know where to lay the blame... after that blasted call.

His mother had always preferred seeing Cassie in a dress, rather than have her dress as a tomboy, but this was the first time for Malcolm to see her this way.

From the look on his face, she took his breath away, and she knew it.

Now, they could sit, and talk, holding hands as they sat across from each other, waiting for his parents to get back.

Perhaps now he would dare tell her about his fantasy of sitting across from her at the breakfast table, as that prehensile part of his had snaked across to her under the table, moving her panties aside, and….

He told her, seeing her smile.

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