Just With You

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It takes us about ten minutes to reach my house, Jace knowing this area like the back of his hand. He turns into my driveway, parking next to my own car.

“Nice place,” he says, and I smile.

“Thanks. I’ve only been renting it about a year, but I love it.”

Jace gets out of the car and rushes around the hood to open my door. I grab my key from my pocket, and we walk up the front walkway and step onto the small front porch. I’m sliding the key into the lock when my hair is brushed to the side, Jace’s lips finding my neck. A shiver runs through me, and I have to really focus my attention on unlocking the door. We step inside, and I toss my key and cell phone on the entryway table. Jace shuts the door behind us, and I hear him turn the deadbolt. Then he strides over to me and hauls me up into his arms.

“Bedroom?” he growls, running his lips up my neck.

“Second door on the right,” I force out, dropping my lips to his.

Jace rushes to my room with me still securely in his arms, fumbling around in the dark before dropping me onto my bed. His weight leaves the bed and he finds the light switch, bathing the room in a golden glow.

“I need to see you. You’re fucking stunning, Stella. Before I even knew who you were, you caught my eye.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Miller.”

Toeing off his boots, he swaggers over to the bed and climbs on, making himself comfortable right on top of me. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I find that he’s hard as hell and pressing himself right where I need him. My earlier arousal kicks up a notch, and I rock my hips against him, needing to speed this up. It’s been a long time since I had actual sex and not just my battery-operated friend.

Jace kisses me, his weight pressing me down into the mattress. But clearly he’s in no rush, not bothering to get to the next step. Sitting up onto his knees, he grabs the hem of my tank top and pulls it over my head. His nostrils flare when he sees my lacy red bra, and he dips his head, pressing kisses across my chest that sear my skin.

He slides his large hands under my back, and after fumbling for a moment, he gets the clasp of my bra undone. Lifting it from my body, he tosses the bra aside, his eyes filled with desire as he cups my breasts in his rough hands. I let out a gasp when his thumbs rub circles over the sensitive nipples, my breath catching when he bends down to take one in his mouth, rolling it between his teeth. My chest heaves with my heavy breathing. I shift my hips, trying to rub against him, to gain the friction I so desperately need, but he shifts down, pulling his head away.

“Shit, you’re fucking perfect,” he groans. He runs his hands down my stomach, fingers trailing under the band of my jeans. Popping the button, he slowly slides down the zipper. As I lie in anticipation, he reaches behind him to pull off my boots, tossing them toward my closet. Hooking his fingers into my jeans, he pulls them down and throws them over his shoulder. I should feel exposed in my lacy underwear, but I don’t. I feel beautiful and completely wanted.

Jace grips behind my knees and spreads my legs, leaning forward to run his nose up my center. “Fuck, you smell good,” he groans. He rips my underwear down my legs and spreads me for him again, his eyes locked on me. I’m so wet, and I know he can see it.

Jace gives me no time to react before he lowers his mouth to my pussy, his thumbs spreading me. His wicked tongue runs up and down, circling my clit. Moaning his name, I arch my back and thread my fingers through his hair.

My hips begin to move of their own accord as he devours me. I’ve been hanging on by a thread since he kissed me in the club, and I know it won’t take much to make me climax. Pushing up to my hands, I watch his tongue work me over, and his eyes lock on mine. I never in a million years thought that would be so damn hot, but his eye contact makes me bite my bottom lip, sweat breaking out over my skin.

With his eyes still locked on mine, he slides two fingers inside me, instantly curling them while he tries to find that special spot. It doesn’t take him long, and I cry out at the sensation it causes. Jace hollows his cheeks and sucks my clit into his mouth while his fingers move faster, stroking that spot, and I drop down to the bed, my back arching as I begin to convulse around his fingers, my legs shaking with the intensity of my orgasm.

Gently, he slows his movements, coaxing me through the last of my climax, wringing every bit of pleasure he can. Through half-lidded eyes, I watch him wipe his mouth on the back of his hand, a cocky smile on his face. Standing from the bed, he rips his shirt off, and I’m finally awarded with the first look at his bare chest. He’s tall and lean, built like a swimmer with a toned six-pack and a smattering of light chest hair. His eyes on me, he undoes the button on his pants, the noticeable bulge in his pants painful-looking.

In one swift move, Jace yanks down his jeans and boxer briefs, his hard cock bouncing against his lower stomach. I swear, my mouth waters at the sight of him, long and thick. He’s gonna feel freaking amazing. Reaching for his wallet that fell out of his pants, he grabs a condom and winks at me.

“I only have one of these, so we’re gonna have to make the most of it.”

“Hurry up,” I groan.

Tearing the foil with his teeth, he rolls the condom down his hard shaft, then climbs back onto the bed and settles himself on top of me, his cock nudging at my entrance. Cupping my face with one hand, he takes my lips with his, the kiss unhurried and lazy. His tongue tangles with mine, and I feel his other hand reach down between us. He sucks my bottom lip between his teeth at the same time he begins to enter me, my body stretching to accommodate him. I cry out into his mouth, and he hooks his arm under my waist.

Slowly he begins to move, and I swear his cock touches places inside of me that have never been touched before. Every nerve ending in my body is on fire, like I’ve been zapped with a live wire. Jace pants into my mouth as he rocks his hips, the need slowly building between us.

“Jace,” I whisper against his lips.

“You feel like heaven, Stella.”

Wrapping my legs around his narrow waist, I meet him thrust for thrust, the muscles in his back bunching beneath my fingers. Jace grunts loudly into my mouth, and a drop of sweat runs down his temple. Grabbing my leg, he hitches it up higher, and his cock rubs within me in just the right way. Tearing my lips from his, I throw my head back and moan, my voice echoing off the walls. Jace runs his tongue up my sweaty neck, and I swear he growls against my skin.

“Jace… I can’t….”

“You can. Let me take you there, baby.”

I don’t know if it’s the endearment or the deep husk of his voice, but I shudder under him, my second orgasm building fast. Sitting up, Jace takes me with him, and I straddle his lap, that delicious cock still deep inside me. He grabs my ass and helps me move up and down, his face buried in my neck.

Gripping his shoulders, I ride him as hard as I can, the need coiling in my lower belly. We’re both sticky with sweat, and my hands slide off his shoulders, grabbing his biceps tight. Jace groans, and I use one of my hands to grip his hard chest, the hair soft under my fingers.

“Shit, I’m so damn close,” he bites out, and I nod, my forehead falling to his. Circling my hips, I arch my back when he thrusts up on one of my down strokes, causing him to bottom out inside me. “Stella.”

“I’m coming,” I moan, hips moving at an impossibly faster speed, grinding my clit against the base of his cock, my legs shaking.

Jace wraps his arms around my hips and begins to fuck me, his own orgasm creeping up. In just a handful of thrusts, he slams me down onto him and buries his face in my sweaty neck once more, a loud bellow vibrating off my skin. I hold him to my chest as we both breathe heavily, our bodies shivering with the aftershocks.

Jace rolls us over and lays us down, kissing me with a gentleness that almost takes my breath away. Carefully, he pulls out, and with a kiss to the tip of my nose, he moves into my en suite bathroom. I hear the sink come on and I roll over, completely sated and exhausted.

He comes back a minute later, a washcloth in his hands. He gently cleans me up, and after throwing it into my hamper, he climbs back into the bed, pulling me against his hard chest. I try to keep my eyes open, but it’s no use. In minutes I’m falling asleep, and the last thought I have is that I hope we can do that again before he leaves.

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