Just With You

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My girlfriend is the best. Honest to God.

Never in my life have I met someone so selfless and kind. So giving and loving.

Finding her on the other side of Walker’s, I can’t take my eyes off her as I watch her talk animatedly with Garret and Brody. Garret says something to her, and even over the noise in this place I can hear her laugh, that beautiful smile of hers lighting up the room. Taking a sip of my draft beer, I set the glass on the counter and turn to see Eli walking toward me.

“Hey, man,” he greets, holding a hand out to shake. “Sorry I’m late. Got stuck helping cover a shift today.”

“Ah, no worries. Happy you’re here.” Turning to the bar, I order Eli a beer, and when it’s ready, I hand it to him.

“So, do I finally get to meet this lady of yours tonight or what?”

“Yeah, she’s over there talking to Walker.” When I catch her eye, I wave. She turns to Garret and excuses herself before coming toward us.

“Hey,” she says to me, reaching up for a kiss.

“Stell, I want you to meet Eli Holt, the guy whose ass I have to escort everywhere. Holt, this is my girl, Stella Cole.”

Stella holds her hand out, but Eli reaches down to hug her softly, and I smack his shoulder. “Watch it, man.”

“Oh, calm your tits. I’ve heard about this girl every single day for the last what, two and a half months?”

Stella blushes and I laugh, pulling her against my side. “It’s really nice to meet you, Eli,” she says. “Jace has told me wonderful things about you.”

“All lies,” he tells her, and she starts laughing.

“I don’t believe that. Thank you for coming tonight. It’s been great.”


Hearing someone yell her name, we all turn to look behind us and I see Ashley, Stella’s best friend, come rushing over. I’ve only met her a handful of times, but she’s a really sweet girl. The two hug, and then Stella turns her toward us.

“Happy birthday, Jace.” She hugs me, and I thank her before she turns to Eli. “Hi. I’m Ashley Goodwin, this girl’s coworker and best friend.”

“Eli Holt. Nice to meet you, darlin’.”

he two begin a conversation, and I quickly realize that Stella and I are no longer part of it, the thought making me laugh. Looking at her, I motion toward the hall that holds the bathrooms, and she nods. Stepping into the dimly light area, I back her up toward the wall and gently cup her face.

“Did I ever thank you for tonight?” I ask, lips just barely grazing hers.

“I think you did, but feel free to again.”

“Thank you,” I whisper, and with that, I capture her mouth with mine, both of us grabbing on to the other, fighting for control. I wrap her arms around my neck so I can lift her, then push her back flush against the wall. She tightens her legs around my waist and gasps when I yank away, my lips finding her neck.


“What, baby?”

“Take me home.”

No further words are needed, and I set her down on her feet, pressing one last kiss to her swollen mouth. Grabbing her hand, I walk us out of the bar, yelling goodbye to people as we rush out to my car. I stop her as she begins to round the hood and pull her to me, groaning when she runs her tongue along my bottom lip.

“Fuck,” I mumble, wishing like hell that the parking lot was empty so I could just take her on the hood of my car. Forcing myself to calm down, I help her get settled in my car and then get in, heading for home as quickly as I can. While we drive, Stella reaches out to rest her hand on my thigh, and I smile over at her.

After I pull into my driveway, we’re in the house in a matter of moments, both of us completely worked up. Dragging her into my bedroom, I kick the door shut, needing her in my bed now. Stella reaches out to unbutton my shirt, and when she gets to the last one, I push it off my shoulders, groaning when she drops to her knees in front of me, hands fumbling with my belt.

“Stell….” I start, but I don’t get another word out, my pants and boxer briefs pulled down my legs, her warm hand softly stroking my cock. She looks up at me with a smirk, and I swear my eyes roll to the back of my head when she takes me into her mouth. Watching the woman I’m falling in love with on her knees with my cock sliding between her lips is almost more than I can take.

“Fucking hell,” I groan, reaching down to softly grab the back of her head, guiding her up and down on my cock, her right hand reaching up to grab my stomach, my abs tightening under her nails. Her other hand jerks me in time with her mouth, and I know it’ll only be a matter of minutes before this will be over. “Babe, you gotta stop. I’m not blowing in your mouth.”

Pulling off with a pop, she uses her thumb to wipe the corner of her mouth, and I rush forward, picking her up and tossing her onto the bed. She laughs, and while I kick out of my pants, she shimmies out of her dress, leaving her lying in bed wearing just a pair of white lace panties.

“Jesus, you had on no bra all night?” I force out, crawling after her on the bed. Her laughter dies off when I hook my thumbs in her panties and yank them down her legs, immediately spreading her. She moans out my name when I use a thumb to tease her clit, carefully sliding my other inside her, stifling a growl when I feel how wet she is.

Bending over, I continue to slowly fuck her with my finger, using my tongue to trace fast lashes over her swollen clit, needing her to come so I can slide home. Her legs shake when I begin to suck, her hands clawing at the back of my head.


Looking up her body, I watch her back arch as she tightens around my finger, moving my mouth in slow pulses so I can drag out her release as long as possible. It’s only when she pushes me away, her legs trembling, that I lean up and drag my hand over the back of my mouth.

“Fucking beautiful, baby.”

Reaching for my nightstand to get a condom, I tear it open and roll it down my cock before leaning down to take her lips with mine, biting down on her bottom one.

“What are you waiting for, birthday boy?”

“I’m waiting for you to ride my cock,” I tell her, leaning over to nip at her pert nipples. Her chest moves up and down on a shaky breath, and I flip us over, sitting up against the headboard.

Stella straddles my hips and I hold the back of her head, devouring her mouth as she begins to lower herself on me. We both moan into each other’s mouths, and I fight like hell not to come right away. Her pussy feels like fucking heaven, and I wrap my free arm around her waist, holding her close to me as she begins to move.

As she pants into my mouth, her hair falls around her face. I brush it back, using it as an anchor to hold onto as she slams up and down on me, her walls rippling around my cock.

“Holy fuck,” I grunt, sweat beading on my forehead. Pumping my hips from below, I reach down to gently rub her clit, and Stella cries out, hips jerking forward.

“Oh my God. I’m so close.”

Flipping us over, I wrap her legs around my waist and begin canting my hips, unable to get close enough into her, my bed creaking with each of my hard thrusts. Bending down, I don’t slow my movements, my face buried in the crook of her neck. Stella curls an arm around my neck, and I groan loudly.

“Touch me,” she pants, and I lean up to brush my thumb over her sweet spot, watching her body light up as soon as I do. I grip the top of the headboard with my other hand, white-knuckling it as I slam my hips into her, the only sounds in the room our hips slapping together and our loud moans.

“Fuck, Stell. I need you to come, baby. I’m right there.”


Pushing down on her clit with my thumb, I change the angle of my thrusts and her back arches, her hand slamming up against the headboard. Her hips meet mine, and she tightens on me so much that she takes me with her, my orgasm hitting me like a freight train. Dropping my head to her chest, I groan out her name and bury myself to the hilt, hips jerking as I spill myself inside the condom. Our bodies tremble as I roll us to the side, my face buried in her sweaty neck.

“Jesus, Stell. That was….”

I kiss her roughly, and she smiles against my mouth.

“Happy birthday, Miller.”

I flip her back over, and we spend the rest of the night tangled up in each other, only stopping to sleep before waking to do it again.

Yeah. Best birthday ever.

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