Just With You

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A couple hours later, I pull into our driveway and find that Jace isn’t home yet. He went to his parents’ to help Drew and their dad hang up Christmas lights. Carrying his gift into the bedroom, I leave it on the bed as I kick my boots off, my coat thrown on the chair in front of my vanity. We’re going out when he gets home to pick out a Christmas tree, so I need to get this wrapped before he gets back.

Along with the Canon I got him, I also picked out a really nice leather bag for him to carry it in and an extra storage card. Grabbing the wrapping supplies out of the hallway closet, I carry them back into the bedroom, quickly going about the task at hand.

I’m placing everything back in the closet when I hear the sound of Jace’s truck pulling into the driveway, and I hurry back into the bedroom, slipping his gift underneath our bed.

I realize this was a dumb idea when I can’t get back up so easily, laughing at myself when I grab onto the blankets to try and pull myself up.

“I’m home!” Jace’s voice shouts from the living room, and I groan.

“Jace, I need your help!” I yell back, and his heavy footsteps bound toward the room in seconds.

“Are you okay?” he asks, rushing forward to help me stand up. By the time I’m securely on my feet, I’m doubled over laughing, the entire situation ridiculous.

“I got down to put something under the bed, and I couldn’t get back up.”

Jace starts cracking up as he sits on the bed, pulling me between his legs.

“I have a surprise for you,” he tells me, both of his hands spread across my stomach. The babies kick his hands, and we both smile.

“Oh yeah? And how long do I have to wait for it, Miller?”

“Three seconds. I just need you to kiss me first.”


Wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, I press my lips to his, his wicked tongue tracing the seam of my lips before plunging inside, tangling with mine. Thanks to my damn hormones, I’m three seconds away from ripping his clothes off and having my evil way with him, but he pulls back, running his thumb over my kiss-swollen lips.

“Come with me,” he whispers, standing from the bed.

I follow him down the hallway, and he stops in front of the spare bedroom still housing his workout equipment. Kissing my forehead, he opens the door and steps aside, allowing me to peer inside.

Holy shit.

My eyes blur with tears when I see what he’s done. Gone is all of his workout gear and equipment, the room now fully redecorated and painted a soft pink with creamy white trim. Two matching cream-colored cribs sit side by side on the longest wall, with soft white bedding in them. Walking around the room, I see a brand-new rocking chair in the corner and a small bookcase next to it, empty but for our framed ultrasound photos. On the top is a photo of Jace and me at the party where we announced the pregnancy.

On the opposite wall of the cribs stands a matching changing table, already filled with diapers and various other items. The windows are covered with pink-and-white gingham curtains, and the carpet has been replaced.

“Jace,” I whisper, tears falling down my cheeks.

He comes into the room and immediately cups my face, his eyes shining bright.

“This is an early Christmas present. If there’s anything you don’t like, we can change it.”

“No, it’s perfect,” I gush, my arms around his solid frame in a second. My hormones get the best of me and I sob into his sweatshirt, overwhelmed with love. He gently cups the back of my head, holding me securely to him. After a moment, I calm down and pull way, going up on my toes to kiss him.

“I love you so much.”

“You have no idea how happy I am that you love this.”

“When did you do it? And how the heck didn’t I notice?”

Jace goes over to the cribs and runs his hand over the railing. “Dad and Drew helped me out. Remember last weekend when you and my mom had your girls’ day?” he asks, and I nod. “We ripped up the flooring and got all the painting done. The next day, when we went to see Garret and Sadie, I left the door unlocked, and Drew was here while the floor guys installed the new carpet.”

“You sneaky, wonderful, amazing man,” I murmur, and he scoops me into his arms again.

“I love you, Stella. You and these babies have completely changed my life. In a matter of six months, you gave me everything I didn’t even know I was missing, so no matter what, I’m happy to do anything for you. Okay?” He kisses the tip of my nose and I pull back.

“What time does the tree farm close?” I ask, and I know he got the message when he lifts me bridal style and hurries me back to our bedroom, depositing me on the bed.

“Fuck the tree farm. I’ll cut down one from the backyard if I have to.”

As I crack up laughing, he yanks his shirt off and begins toeing off his shoes. In minutes all thoughts of Christmas trees are gone when he slides inside me, our mingled groans the only thing filling the room.

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