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I’m head over heels in love with these pink bundles on my lap. They just got me cleaned up, and the girls are swaddled, little pink caps on their heads.

“Can you believe how tiny they are?” I ask Jace, his chuckle making me smile.

“I know. I’m almost afraid to touch them. They’re like the size of my hands.”

“Not quite.”

Jace stands from his chair and goes over to the bag I packed, rummaging around until he finds his camera. He’s been finding any excuse to take photos, and even though I have no makeup on and my hair is a tangled mess, I let him snap a few. Then he sits on the edge of the bed and turns the camera around, kissing my cheek as he takes one of us. He sets his camera on the couch in the corner just as his cell phone starts beeping, and I know it’s because we have some anxious family in the waiting room ready to meet these two.

“They can come in now, Jace. Go get them. You know they’re chomping at the bit.”

“Yeah, probably. You’re sure you’re up to it, sweetheart?”


Winking at me, he’s gone from the room a second later, and I’m alone with my babies. I’m sore as hell, but I get as comfortable as I can manage, lifting Emily and Grace into my arms. Their heads are nestled together on my chest, and I swear I’ve never felt such an intense love. I never thought I could love somebody more than their father, but I was wrong.

This kind of love is unbreakable.

I have no idea how much time passes when the door to our room opens and Jace steps back inside. “I have some people who would really like to meet the newest members of the family.”

He steps aside, and Drew comes walking in, his parents and Mason right on his heels. Jace maneuvers around them so he can be back at my side, and he reaches down to pick up Emily. Anna starts crying, and Mason fights his own emotions when he strides over to kiss my cheek.

“Congratulations, little sister. You did so good.”

“Thanks, Mase,” I choke out, reaching up to cup his cheek. “Would you like to hold her?” I ask him, voice thick with tears, and he nods, reaching out for Grace.

Jace hands Emily to his parents, and then he comes to sit on the bed next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders so I can lean my head on him.

“What are their names?” Drew asks, and I look up at Jace, giving him the go-ahead.

“Well, Mom has Emily Anna, named after the beautiful woman holding her.”

His mom cries harder, pressing a kiss to her little forehead.

Jace smiles and continues. “And Mason, you’ve got Grace Evelyn, born four minutes after her sister.”

His eyes lock on mine as soon as Jace says her name, and my big brother crumbles, a few tears slipping down the side of his face. I fight my own tears as he runs his finger down the side of her cheek, softly cooing to her.

Our girls are passed around to each of the most important people in their lives, each told how much they’re loved. It’s been almost a year since I met Jace, and I never would have imagined this would be our life in such a short amount of time. I have no doubt in my mind that Jace Miller was brought into my life for a reason, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

He gave me love. And now he’s given me our family.

“You know, sweet girl, it’s not nice to throw up on Mommy,” I say, laying Emily down on my bed so I can get her changed. Jace is in the nursery changing Grace’s diaper, and I just finished feeding Emily, only to burp her and have spit-up pour down my back.

Her small coos are like music to my ears, and leaving her in the middle of my bed in her diaper, I toss the dirty onesie in the hamper and pull another burp cloth from the laundry basket, getting myself cleaned up as best as possible.

“Hey, babe, can you bring me a clean onesie when you come back in?” I yell to Jace, and he tells me he’ll be there in a moment. Wiping the spit-up off Emily, I haul her into my arms as Jace comes into the room, a pair of cotton shorts slung low on his hips, holding Grace to his bare chest.

“Excuse me, where is your shirt?” I ask, pulling the onesie from his hand.

“Uh, the dresser?” He raises his eyebrows at me.

“I pushed your babies out of my vagina, and I still can’t have sex for almost three weeks, and you come walking in here with no shirt on, baby in your arms, looking like a whole-ass snack. Not cool, Jace Andrew Miller. Not cool at all.”

Jace laughs, the sound booming, and I suppress my own laugh, biting down on my bottom lip. “You think I don’t feel that way too, Stell? Like I’m supposed to ignore those gorgeous breasts that are at least two sizes larger. Why do you think I take so many showers?”

Shaking my head at him, I get Emily into her clean onesie, kissing her cheek when I’m done. “Well, little lady, you are ready for bedtime. Now, if you would only sleep for more than three hours, we’d be perfect.”

“It’s this troublemaker’s fault,” Jace jokes, holding Grace up.

“Yeah, she takes after her daddy.”

“You wound me, baby.”

Pushing myself up against the headboard, I lift my knees so I can settle Em on my lap. Her big blue eyes flutter when I run my thumb over her forehead, and she yawns. “Yeah, Em, I feel the same way.”

“Does Gracie need to eat, or can I put her down?” Jace asks, and I hold an arm out to him.

“She needs Momma kisses, and then she can go down.” With Emily still in my lap, I take Grace from him and give her a big smooch on the face. “Good night, sweet girl. Momma will see you in two hours.”

Laughing, Jace leaves the room, returning a few minutes later to put Emily down too. He comes back into the room not much later with the baby monitor in his hand, dropping onto the bed next to me. Resting his head on my shoulder, he presses a kiss to my jaw and groans.

“Is it terrible that I hate putting them to bed?” he asks.

I look down at him, one brow raised. “Why?”

“I already miss them.”

“They really have you wrapped, huh?” I giggle.


Jace switches on the television, and we both only make it about halfway through a rerun of Chicago PD before we’re out like a light, exhaustion taking over.

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