Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Satan's cruel joke

It's been 3 days since the bleacher incident with Carter. Life has been a bit normal since then because apparently my father disappeared after trashing our house. He never came back, never texted or called or picked up any of our calls.

I do not know whether to deem this a blessing or a punishment.

My mother was, to say the very least, worried. Not for my father but for our school fees, this month's end was near and if my father doesn't return, we do not know how we'll pay our school fees.

I don't even know why I said life has been good cause fuck that, life is being a bitch again.

All through my first four classes I could not concentrate on anything. All I could think about was what the hell am I going to do now?!

My mum suggested we file a missing person's report with the police but I do not want that man back, I just want his money. But how is the question.

I don't know where he keeps his credit cards or bank statements or anything related to his money for that matter and neither does mum. She suggested she'd start looking for a full time job which will still not solve our problem!

Cause let's be real who the fuck will give her a job? A 48 year old women who hasn't worked since she was 26?! We are screwed!

Subconsciously I had started tugging at my hair as I was sitting on my desk. I realised this when I heard Mr. Devin, my math teacher's voice.

"Ava I'm sure math is not THAT difficult to make you want to pull ALL your hair out?" He said while chuckling a bit. He was a sweet guy, one of the nicest teachers in this school.

"I'm sorry Mr. Devin, I was just having a hard time understanding all this" I told him, trying to be nice since he was just a bit worried.

"It's alright dear, if you really can't understand, I can arrange for another student to tutor you on this topic" he replies sweetly and goes back to teaching.

I did have trouble with math but my personal troubles were wayy too much which gave me no time to concern myself with equations.

Time flies by as usual and I soon find myself sitting alone in the cafeteria during lunch. I only got an apple because once again gentleladies and gentlemen I have zero appetite. I nibbled on my apple, just trying to think of some way to get that kind of cash to pay, at the very least, Ray's school fee.

I looked around the cafeteria and soon found Carter at his rightful place among the jocks and populars. Thank gods he isn't in my math class or he'd be here, poking away at my brain, trying to get me to spill my deepest darkest worries.

Should I just become a stripper? Would people even want to see me strip? I don't like seeing myself without clothes...well fuck.
The next option is prostitution which I definitely can't because why would someone pay to have sex with moi?!

So the best options are out of question. I can't ask Pramod for an advance cause let's be honest the old dude doesn't earn much for himself and he's still paying me an hourly rate and I'm not THAT shameless to do that to him.

I couldn't find a job at the clothing stores, the restaurants were a no go as well and I have zero skills which can help me get literally any other job on this planet.

I'm guessing finding my father still remains our best and only option..or maybe should I just try prostitut-- okay no I can't.

Just like this the entire school day passes by with me racking every nook and cranny of my brain, trying to find a solution.

Soon I'm racing back home and getting ready for my job at the library.
I change out of my school clothes, take a shower, change again and run out while grabbing a banana from the kitchen.

I try to focus on the road instead of being lost inside my head. I cannot end up dead now, that will just be the cherry on top of this shit pile. I make my way carefully to the library, my preety little sanctuary.

As usual I'm greeted by Pramod as soon as I step foot inside the library. I curtsey to him and run straight to the storage where the new books and returned books are kept.

I pile all the boxes on the huge ass trolley and make my way towards the towering shelves. They seem so tall, so high up and away from earthly worries. NOW I'm spewing shit wow!

I shake my head to rid myself of all these ridiculous thoughts, what am I Shakespeare?!? For fucks sake Ava, be more weird.

"You don't look that weird" I jump at the voice that came out of nowhere!
I look around and see a person right accross the shelf I was arranging the books on.

"Holy hades, you scared the living otters out of me" I say to the woman standing accross the shelf and also she made me realise I was talking out loud. I am going mental!

"I'm sorry I'd didn't mean to." She says. She was about my height, brunette, brown eyes, olive skin and looked like a goddess. Well spank my ass call me judy, what are the chances of me meeting yet another beautiful woman causing me to fall deeper into my self pity.

"My name is Vaishnavi, you are?" She says as she makes her way around to where I am standing.

"Nobody" I say as I start to push my trolly in the other direction from her. Call me pathetic or jealous or pathetically jealous but I'd rather eat my own arm than talk with her and develop yet another level of insecurities.

"Well nobody, do you work here?" She asks while chuckling. I wanted to stab her, gods why is she so preety?!?

"No, I just randomly go to libraries and start stocking books on the shelves" I roll my eyes as I look at her with a 'how stupid are you look'.

"Oh don't be so eager to talk to me now" she says laughing at her own pathetic joke. This just made me more annoyed.

"Lady just pick a book and leave me alone. I'm just tryna do my job" I say to her while moving further away from her.

"Ok jeez! Just tryna be friendly" she says with her hands raised in the surrender motion. I roll my eyes and continue doing my work. I don't bother replying to her anymore. Whatever happened to minding our own fucking business?!?

I, once again, occupy my mind with trying to think of ways to get the tuition.
Should I ask Pramod for job openings? I could definitely explain to him why I needed to make tution myself without the fear of being judged and he has got to know something! He's as ancient as anything to be honest which means he has more experience in the outside world than anyone I know. Consulting him would be the best.

I hurriedly complete all my work with a new mission on my mind.

As soon as I complete putting the last book on the shelf, I run to the front desk almost tripping and breaking my neck but we don't have much time. I need something and I need it now!

"Pramod!" I scream as I slide accross the smooth floor of the Library.

"Careful child AND quiet..this is a library after all" he says making the 'shush' motion.

I roll my eyes "old man, there's only you and me here" I say motioning to the empty library.

"Well that is true, what is it? What is making you risk your own life and become so brazen?!?" He asks me.

"I need a job" I tell him. This makes a series of emotions pass on his face. Too fast for me to even read..

"Why do you need a job, you already have this one? Does this mean you're quitting? I tell you child, you cannot backstab me this way, I can't do all this work alone and where will I find a child like you who voluntarily wants to work at a library?!?" he finishes with a disappointed huff.

"Jeez Louis old man, that is not what I meant. I'm not that unfaithful to leave you after like 3 days of working. You hurt me Pramod" I say to him

"Oh, well that's good but does that mean you will be taking up another job alongside this?" He asks me, looking at me as if I've gone bonkers. I might as well have. With school and this job and then studying at home and chores..where would I find the time?!?

"I know it's a lot but circumstances are such that school work will have to wait for a while, I need more money. Enough to make Ray and I's tuition" I tell him, silently begging him with my eyes to help me.

"Tuition? Why do you- did your mother finally...?" He asks me, a look of hopefulness clouding his eyes.

"Nope! He vanished. We don't know where he is and this month is coming to an end which means school fees are due, so..." I say to him shaking my head.

"Oh, that's bad, idk why but it is. I don't know of many jobs but I do know of one which may get you an advance if I put in a special request " he says to me with a smile on his face.

I smile at him too, a bit hopeful about all of this.

"What job is it?!?" I ask him, eager to go and snatch it before anyone else can.

"Well, my niece just moved here and she owns quite a famous line of clothing.. she has just opened two stores in our town and was telling me that she needed a make calls, prepare her schedule, keep track of meeting etc. All easy work I assure you. I can give her a call if you like?"
He asks me. Well bless him and his niece!

I eagerly nod my head several times.

Oh I wish this can save me. For once the universe seems to be on my side!!

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